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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-01Charged Residues in the S1, S2, and S3 Transmembrane Domains affect the Speed, Size and Voltage Response of Genetically-Encoded Fluorescent Sensors of Membrane Potential브래들리 베이커; 김은하; 박홍화; 래리코헨; 정아롱; Lei Jin
2020-08Conserved amino acids residing outside the voltage field can shift the voltage sensitivity and increase the signal size of Ciona based GEVIs.브래들리 베이커; 마소드; 래리코헨
2015-11Developing Fast Fluorescent Protein Voltage Sensors by Optimizing FRET InteractionsUhna Sung; 마소드; Hong Hua Piao; Lei Jin; Thomas Hughes; 래리코헨; 브래들리 베이커
2015-01Development of Novel FRET-Based Fluorescent Voltage Sensor Proteins브래들리 베이커; 마소드; 성은아; 래리코헨; Thomas Hughes
2013-11Fluorescent protein voltage probes derived from ArcLight that respond to membrane voltage changes with fast kinetics브래들리 베이커; 래리코헨; Zhou Han; Lei Jin; Jelena Platisa; Vincent A. Pieribone
2012-07Genetically encoded fluorescent voltage sensors using the voltage-sensing domain of Nematostella and Danio phosphatases exhibit fast kinetics브래들리 베이커; Lei Jin; Zhou Han; 래리코헨; Marko Popovic; Jelena Platisa; Vincent Pieribone
2015Genetically Encoded Protein Sensors of Membrane PotentialDouglas Storace; 마소드; Zhou Han; Lei Jin; 래리코헨; Thom Hughes; 브래들리 베이커; Uhna Sung
2015-01Improving signal dynamics of fluorescent protein voltage sensors by optimizing FRET interactions브래들리 베이커; 마소드; 성은아; 래리코헨; Lei Jin; Thomas Hughes
2015-02In vivo odourant response properties of migrating adult-born neurons in the mouse olfactory bulbYury Kovalchuk; Ryota Homma; Yajie Liang; Anatoliy Maslyukov; Hermes, Marina; Thomas Thestrup; Oliver Griesbeck; Jovica Ninkovic; 래리코헨; Olga Garaschuk
2015-11In Vivo Voltage-Sensitive Dye Imaging of Mammalian Cortex Using "Blue" Dyes브래들리 베이커; Xin Gao; Brian S. Wolff; Lei Jin; 래리코헨; Chun X. Bleau; J.-Y. Wu
2014-11Mechanistic Studies of the Genetically Encoded Fluorescent Protein Voltage Probe ArcLightZhou Han; Lei Jin; Fuyi Chen; Joseph J. Loturco; 래리코헨; Alexey Bondar; Josef Lazar; Vincent A. Pieribone
2015-05Monitoring Brain Activity with Protein Voltage and Calcium SensorsDouglas A. Storace; Oliver Braubach; Lei Jin; 래리코헨; Uhna Sung
2018-05Monitoring voltage fluctuations of intracellular membranes브래들리 베이커; 마소드; 래리코헨; Oliver Braubach
2012-09Single Action Potentials and Subthreshold Electrical Events Imaged in Neurons with a Fluorescent Protein Voltage ProbeJin, Lei; Han, Zhou; Platisa, Jelena; Wooltorton, Julian R. A.); 래리코헨; Pieribone, Vincent A.
2019-04The olfactory bulb contributes to the adaptation of odor responses: the input-output transformation래리코헨; Douglas A.Storace
2019-07Using Genetically Encoded Voltage Indicators (GEVIs) to study the input-output transformation of the mammalian olfactory bulb.래리코헨; 최윤숙; Douglas Anthony Storace
2019-07Using Genetically Encoded Voltage Indicators (GEVIs) to study the input-output transformation of the mammalian olfactory bulb.래리코헨; 최윤숙; Douglas A. Storace
2017-11Voltage and Calcium Imaging of Brain Activity브래들리 베이커; 마소드; 래리코헨; Yunsook Choi; Sheng Zhon; Douglas A. Storace; Oliver R. Braubach
2017-11Voltage and calcium imaging of brain activity브래들리 베이커; 마소드; 래리코헨; Yunsook Choi; Sheng Zhong; Douglas A. Storace; Oliver R. Braubach
2020-08Voltage imaging using transgenic mouse lines expressing the GEVI ArcLight in two olfactory cell types래리코헨; Jelena Platisa; Hongkui Zeng; Linda Madisen; Douglas A. Storace; Vincent A Pieribone
2015-11Voltage-Sensitive Dye Imaging of Population Signals in Brain Slices브래들리 베이커; Xin Gao; Brian S.; Wolff, Lei Jin; 래리코헨; Chun X. Bleau; J.-Y. Wu