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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-08Atomistic Understanding on Friction Behavior of Amorphous Carbon Films Induced by Surface Hydrogenated Modification이광렬; 리 샤오웨이; Aiying Wang
2018-08Comparison of empirical potentials for calculating structural properties of amorphous carbon films by molecular dynamics simulation이광렬; 리 샤오웨이; Aiying Wang
2020-11Cooling rate dependence of Ni-catalyzed transformation of amorphous carbon into graphene in rapid thermal processing: An experimental and reactive molecular dynamics study이광렬; 리 샤오웨이; Hanchao Li; Aiying Wang
2020-04Corrosion Behavior of Diamond-like Carbon Film Induced by Al/Ti Co-doping이광렬; 리 샤오웨이; Xiaowei Su; Yong Zhou; Linlin Liu; Peg Guo; Ping Cui; Aiying Wang
2021-07Exploring the Different Roles of Graphene and its Derivatives as Nano-addtives at Amorphous Carbon Surface through Reactive Molecular Dynamics Approach이광렬; 리 샤오웨이; 장 데컨
2021-04Exploring the Tribological Behavior of Ti/Al-DLC/PAO/Graphene Oxide Nanocomposite System이광렬; 슈 샤오웨이; 구오 펭; 리 샤오웨이; Aiying Wang; Ping Cui
2019-11Fast Synthesis of Graphene with Desired Structure via Ni-Catalyzed Transformation of Amorphous Carbon during Rapid Thermal Processing: Insight from Molecular Dynamics and Experimental Study이광렬; 리 샤오웨이; Zhenyu Wang; Hanchao Li; Aiying Wang
2020-12Fundamental Understanding on Low-friction Mechansim at Amorphous Carbon Interface from Reactive Molecular Dynamics Simulation이광렬; 리 샤오웨이; Aiying Wang
2021-07Insight into Superlow Friction and Instability of Hydrogenated Amorphous Carbon/Fluid Nancomposite Interface이광렬; 리 샤오웨이; Xiaowei Xu; Jianwei Qi; Dekun Zhang; Aiying Wang
2019-09Insights into friction dependence of carbon nanoparticles as oil-based lubricant additive at amorphous carbon interface이광렬; 리 샤오웨이; Xiaowei Xu; Yong Zhou; Aiying Wang
2019-01Insights on low-friction mechanism of amorphous carbon films from reactive molecular dynamics study이광렬; 리 샤오웨이; Aiying Wang
2018-09Mechanism of contact pressure-induced friction at the amorphous carbon/alpha olefin interface이광렬; 리 샤오웨이; Aiying wang
2019-03Microstructure and Property Evolution of Diamond-like Carbon Films Co-doped by Al and Ti with Different Ratios이광렬; 리 샤오웨이; Yong Zhou; Peng Guo; Lili Sun; Linlin Liu; Xiaowei Xu; Wenxian Li; Aiying Wang
2019-11Reactive molecular dynamics simulation of the amorphous carbon growth: Effect of the carbon triple bonds이광렬; 히로시 미즈세키; 리 샤오웨이; 배성진
2020-08Role of Dimple Textured Surface on Tribological Properties of Ti/Al-docoped Diamond-like Carbon Films이광렬; 리 샤오웨이; xiaowei Xua; Peng Guo; Leslie Ching Ow Tiong; Xiao Zuo; Ping Cui; Peiling Ke; Aiying Wang
2019-04Role of the Carbon Source in the Transformation of Amorphous Carbon to Graphene during Rapid Thermal Processing이광렬; 리 샤오웨이; Yong Zhou; Aiying Wang; Xiaowei Xu
2019-04Role of unsaturated hydrocarbon lubricant on the friction behavior of amorphous carbon films from reactive molecular dynamics study이광렬; 리 샤오웨이; Aiying Wang
2020-09Tailoring the Nanostructure of Graphene as Oil-Based Additive: toward Synergistic Lubrication with Amorphous Carbon Film이광렬; 리 샤오웨이; 장 데컨; 슈 샤오웨이
2018-12Transformation of amorphous carbon to graphene on low-index Ni surfaces during rapid thermal processing: a reactive molecular dynamics study이광렬; 리 샤오웨이; Aiying Wang
2019-02Tribo-induced Structural Transformation and Lubricant Dissociation at Amorphous Carbon-Alpha Olefin Interface이광렬; 리 샤오웨이; A. Y. Wang
2018-05Tribological mechanism of diamond-like carbon films induced by Ti/Al codoping이광렬; 리 샤오웨이; CuiCui Kong; Peng Guo; Lili Sun; Yong Zhou; Yunziao Liang; Peiling Ke; Aiying Wang
2020-08Understanding the Effect of Al/Ti Ratio on the Tribocorrosion Performance of Al/Ti Co-doped Diamond-like Carbon Films for Marine Application이광렬; 리 샤오웨이; 구오 펭; 슈 샤오웨이; 주오 샤오; 순 리리; Aiying Wang