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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-122-Anilinoquinoline based arylamides as broad spectrum anticancer agents with B-RAFV600E/C-RAF kinase inhibitory effects: Design, synthesis, in vitro cell-based and oncogenic kinase assessments금교창; 김은경; 이준석; 마무눌 하크; 신상철; Ashraf Kareem Awad Mohammed Eldamasy; 박정우
2021-01A Pyridinyl-Pyrazole BODIPY as Lipid Droplets Probe이준석; 디라제 무라레; 마무눌 하크; 홍경태
2013-09Acute toxicity and tissue distribution of CdSe/CdS-MPA quantum dots after repeated intraperitoneal injection to mice권오승; 우경자; 마흐법하산; 마무눌 하크; 임혜연; 서지은
2013-12Bimolecular Fluorescence Complementation탁혜진; 마무눌 하크; 김민정; 이주현; 백자현; 김영수; 김동진; Regis Grailhe; 김윤경
2014-11Cell-based Models To Investigate Tau Aggregation임성수; 마무눌 하크; 김도희; 김동진; 김윤경
2018-05Chloro-Functionalized Photo-crosslinking BODIPY for Glutathione Sensing and Subcellular Trafficking이준석; 마무눌 하크; 디라제무라레; 홍성철
2019-04Crosstalk between Oxidative Stress and Tauopathy이준석; 김윤경; 디라제 무라레; 마무눌 하크
2010-10Determination of a 5HT2C Agonist, KOPC-20010 (KP10), in Rat Plasma and Urine by Gas-Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry and its Pharmacokinetics in Rats임혜연; 락쉬미 데비 칸다가다라; 마무눌 하크; 양하연; 배애님; 김찬화; 권오승
2017-02Development of a BODIPY-based fluorescent probe for imaging pathological tau aggregates in live cells이준석; 김윤경; 임성수; 김도희; 마무눌 하크; 수동동; 장영태
2018-07Discrimination of Avian Influenza Virus Subtypes using Host-Cell Infection Fingerprinting by a Sulfinate-based Fluorescence Superoxide Probe우덕하; 이석; 이준석; 김윤경; 서민아; 마무눌 하크; 디라제무라레; 홍성철; 장세영; 권정훈; 송창선
2013-10Effects of folic acid and polyethylene glycol coated quantum dots on toxicity and tissue uptake to precision-cut spleen slices of rats마무눌 하크; 임혜연; 서지은; 마흐법하산; 우경자; 권오승
2010-10Effects of Folic Acid and Polyethylene Glycol Conjugated Quantum Dot on Toxicity and Tissue Uptake to Precision-cut Spleen Slices of Rats마무눌 하크; 락쉬미 데비 칸다가다라; 임혜연; 우경자; 권오승
2012-08Evaluation of CdSe/CdS-PEG-FA quantum dots: distribution and observable-adverse-effect-level in mice after intravenous injection마무눌 하크; 임혜연; 서지은; 마흐법하산; Sailendra Nath Sarma; 우경자; 권오승
2015-10Identification of disulfide cross-linked tau dimer responsible for tau propagation Scientific김도희; 임성수; 마무눌 하크; 류나연; 홍현석; 임혜원; 이동은; 장영태; 이준석; 정은지; 김동진; 김윤경
2012-03Immune system change with aging leads to different susceptibility of EAE서지은; 임혜연; 마무눌 하크; 마흐법하산; 강민정; 곽승기; 정병화; 권오승
2012-07In vitro screening of NADPH oxidase inhibitors and in vivo effects of L-leucinethiol on experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis-induced miceLakshmi Devi Kandagaddala; 강민정; 마무눌 하크; 임혜연; 서지은; 정봉철; 정병화; TA Patterson; 권오승
2012-03In vitro screening of NADPH oxidase inhibitors and in vivo effects of L-leucinethiol on experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis-induced miceL. Kandagaddala; 서지은; 마무눌 하크; 임혜연; 강민정; 정병화; T. A. patterson; 권오승
2010-10In Vitro Screening of NADPH Oxidase Inhibitors and its Effects to EAE-Induced Mice락쉬미 데비 칸다가다라; 마무눌 하크; 임혜연; 강민정; 정병화; 정봉철; 권오승
2014-09Inhibition of tau aggregation by a rosamine derivative that blocks tau intermolecular disulfide cross-linking마무눌 하크; 김도희; 유영헌; 임성수; 김동진; 장영태; 하형호; 김윤경
2016-02Intracellular tau modifications and cell-based sensors for monitoring tau aggregation김동진; 김윤경; 마무눌 하크; 김도희; 임성수
2015-08Monitoring of Intracellular Tau Aggregation Regulated by OGA/OGT Inhibitors임성수; 마무눌 하크; 남길수; 류나연; 임혜원; 김윤경
2017-06Photo-affinity labeling (PAL) in chemical proteomics: a handy tool to investigate protein-protein interactions (PPIs)이준석; 마무눌 하크; 디라제무라레; 홍성철
2020-11Role of microRNA and Oxidative Stress in Influenza A Virus Pathogenesis이준석; 디라제 무라레; 마무눌 하크
2010-10Screening of New Synthetic 5HT2C Target Chemicals for Anti-Obesity Effects on Food Intake and Body Weight in mice임혜연; 락쉬미 데비 칸다가다라; 마무눌 하크; 양하연; 배애님; 김찬화; 권오승