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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-05Brownian motion of electrokinetically driven nanoparticles in a curved nanoslit차병준; 맹준호; 신현준; 정재원; 이상엽
2012-06Characteristic of CHO-K1 cells proliferation upon microfluidic media flows맹준호; 정효은; 신현준; 정석; 이상엽
2012-03Characteristics of CHO-K1 cells proliferation upon microfluidic media flows맹준호; 정효은; 신현준; 정석; 이상엽
2015-11Development of High-resolution Interference Pattern System for detection of the single molecule in Nanofluidic Channel남기환; 마정민; 맹준호; 이대웅; 김가영; 이상엽
2015-05Development of high-resolution optical grating system for detecting to the dynamic single molecule in real time남기환; 마정민; 이응장; 한상희; 맹준호; 박승한; 신현준; 이상엽
2015-05DNA translocation characteristcs in nanochannel-combined two dimensional nanopore맹준호; 차병준; 신현준; 이상엽
2015-02DNA translocation in nanochannel-combined two-dimensional nanopore맹준호; 마정민; 차병준; 신현준; 이상엽
2014-05DNA translocation in two dimensional nanopore맹준호; 손근식; 차병준; 한상희; 신현준; 이상엽
2014-08Dynamics of DNA translocation in two dimensional nanopore and nanochannel device맹준호; 손근식; 차병준; 한상희; 신현준; 이상엽
2015-02Electrokinetic particle separation in nanofluidic channel맹준호; 차병준; 신현준; 이상엽
2013-12Electrokinetic transport characteristics of nanoparticles in a curved nanoslit차병준; 맹준호; 정재원; 이상엽
2013-12Firefighter's respiration rate monitoring using piezoelectric polyvinylidene fluoride(PVDF) film손근식; 한상희; 차병준; 맹준호; 신현준; 우덕하; 장재성; 이상엽
2016-01Fluorogenic nanoreactor assembly with boosted sensing kinetics for timely imaging of cellular hydrogen peroxide안대로; 이상엽; 김세훈; 김영선; 허정윤; 이용덕; 임창근; 조홍준; 맹준호; 방준하; 박수영
2015-11Fully automated microfluidic system for multiplexed immunoassay마정민; 맹준호; 이대웅; 안대로; 이상엽
2013-12Hydrophilic and anti-fouling nanochannel fabrication using poly(ethylene glycol)-mediated bonding맹준호; 차병준; 신현준; 이상엽
2015-05Nanoparticle separation using electrophoresis and dielectrophoresis차병준; 맹준호; 신현준; 정재원; 이상엽
2012-05Proliferation Characteristics of CHO-K1 cells Upon Microfluidic Media Flows맹준호; 정효은; 신현준; 이종철; 정석; 이상엽
2013-12Rapid and cost-effective nanochannel fabrication method in ploy(methyl methacrylate) plate using hot-embossing and polyethylene glycol mediated bonding한상희; 맹준호; 박준홍; 신현준; 이상엽
2014-05Single-molecule fluorescence detection using one-dimension interference pattern illumination손근식; 맹준호; 한상희; 차병준; 신현준; 이상엽
2015-07Size-selective microfluidic valve맹준호; 마정민; 이상엽
2015-10Timescale analysis for estimating upper limit perfusion rate in a microfluidic perfusion cell culture platform맹준호; 정효은; 신현준; 김세훈; 이종철; 이재영; 정석; 이상엽
2013-06Tuning Solid-State Fluorescence to the Near-Infrared: A Combinatorial Approach to Discovering Molecular Nanoprobes for Biomedical Imaging아제이싱; 임창근; 이용덕; 맹준호; 이상엽; 고준석; 김세훈
2015-05Understanding dynamic characteristic of biomolecule with alternating current electric field in the nanogrooves한상희; 맹준호; 신현준; 박준홍; 이상엽
2014-02-19관류 세포 배양 장치, 이의 제조 방법 및 세포 배양 방법맹준호; 이상엽
2015-05크기에 따른 선별을 위한 미세유체 밸브맹준호; 마정민; 신현준; 이상엽