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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-02A New Series of Cycloalkane-fused Coumarin Sulfonates: Synthesis and In Vitro Antiproliferative Screening오창현; 모하메드엘가말; 백대진
2014-11A new series of diarylamides possessing quinoline nucleus: Synthesis, in vitro anticancer activities, and kinase inhibitory effect모하메드엘가말; 아쉬라푸딩; 모하메드 사미르; 마흐무드 가말엘딘; 오창현
2013-09Antiproliferative Diarylpyrazole Derivatives as Dual Inhibitors of the ERK Pathway and COX-2모하메드엘가말; 최홍석; 유경호; 백대진; 오창현
2016-05Broad-spectrum antiproliferative activity of a series of 6-(4-fluorophenyl)-5-(2-substituted pyrimidin-4-yl)imidazo[2,1-b]thiazole derivatives오창현; 모하메드 사미르; 마흐무드 가말엘딘; 모하메드엘가말; 곽성신; 김현일
2014-03Broad-Spectrum Antiproliferative Activity of Diarylureas and Diarylamides Possessing Pyrrolo[3,2-c]Pyridine Scaffold아쉬라푸딩; 모하메드엘가말; 모하메드 사미르; 마흐무드 가말엘딘; 유경호; 오창현
2014-09Cell-Based Biological Evaluation of a New Bisamide FMS Kinase Inhibitor Possessing Pyrrolo[3,2-c]pyridine Scaffold모하메드엘가말; 모하메드 사미르; 마흐무드 가말엘딘; 유경호; 백대진; 오창현
2012-05Design and synthesis of an anticancer diarylurea derivative with multiple-kinase inhibitory effect모하메드엘가말; 오창현
2017-02Design and synthesis of new RAF kinase-inhibiting antiproliferative quinoline derivatives. Part 2: Diarylurea derivatives유경호; 오창현; 모하메드 사미르; 마흐무드 가말엘딘; 모하메드엘가말; 아쉬라프; 하마델
2012-07Design, synthesis, and antiproliferative activity of new 1H-pyrrolo[3,2-c]pyridine derivatives against melanoma cell lines. Part 2정명호; 모하메드엘가말; 모하메드 사미르; 심태보; 유경호; 오창현
2012-09Design, synthesis, and preliminary cytotoxicity evaluation of new diarylureas and diarylamides possessing 1,3,4-triarylpyrazole scaffold최원경; 모하메드엘가말; 최홍석; 홍준희; 백대진; 최기항; 오창현
2016-08Design, synthesis, broad-spectrum antiproliferative activity, and kinase inhibitory effect of triarylpyrazole derivatives possessing arylamides or arylureas moieties유경호; 오창현; 모하메드 사미르; Mahmoud Mohamed Gamal El-Din; 모하메드엘가말
2019-01Design, synthesis, in vitro anticancer evaluation,kinase inhibitory effects, and pharmacokinetic profile of new 1,3,4-triarylpyrazole derivatives possessing terminal sulfonamide moiety오창현; 모하메드 사미르; 마흐무드 가말엘딘; 모하메드엘가말
2015-05Design, synthesis, in vitro antiproliferative evaluation, and kinase inhibitory effects of a new series of imidazo[2,1-b]thiazole derivatives모하메드 사미르; 김미령; 모하메드엘가말; 마흐무드 가말엘딘; 태진성; 최홍석; 이경태; 유경호; 오창현
2014-01Diarylureas and Diarylamides with Pyrrolo[2,3-d]pyrimidine Scaffold as Broad-Spectrum Anticancer Agents모하메드엘가말; 오창현
2013-03Discovery of olmesartan hexetil: A new potential prodrug of olmesartan모하메드엘가말; Hanan S. Anbar; 정혜진; 김현일; 조영진; 이봉상; 이선애; 문지윤; 이동진; 권도우; 최원재; 전홍렬; 오창현
2013-05FMS Kinase Inhibitors: Current Status and Future Prospects모하메드엘가말; 하난; 유경호; 오창현
2013-12New diarylamides and diarylureas possessing 8-amino(acetamido) quinoline scaffold: Synthesis, antiproliferative activities against melanoma cell lines, kinase inhibition, and in silico studies고은정; 모하메드엘가말; 오창현; 이소하; 심태보; 김가람; 최홍석; 홍준희; 이상기; 유경호
2013-06New triarylpyrazoles as broad-spectrum anticancer agents: Design, synthesis, and biological evaluation모하메드엘가말; 박이슬; 지대윤; 유경호; 오창현
2013-07Novel Quinolinylaminoisoquinoline Bioisosteres of Sorafenib as Selective RAF1 Kinase Inhibitors: Design, Synthesis, and Antiproliferative Activity against Melanoma Cell Line조혜정; 모하메드엘가말; 오창현; 이소하; 심태보; 김가람; 최홍석; 최정훈; 유경호
2013-06Optimization of the Reaction Conditions for Synthesis of 3-(Aryloxy)quinoline Derivatives via Friedlander's Cyclization ReactionMohammad Ashrafuddin Khan; 모하메드엘가말; 오창현
2012-02Radiosynthesis and Biodistribution of an 125I-labeled Resveratrol Derivative김성규; 이웅산; 한상진; 김은정; 모하메드엘가말; 김병수; 최태현; 최창운; 함인혜; 오창현; 최호연; 조정혁
2013-08Recent Advances in the Research and Development of Marine Antimicrobial Peptides모하메드엘가말; 모하메드 사미르; 오창현
2018-07Recent Advances of Colony-Stimulating Factor?1 Receptor (CSF-1R) Kinase and Its Inhibitors오창현; 모하메드엘가말; 알 아멘; 알 쿠미; 마와다; 자랄
2012-11Synthesis and Antiproliferative Activity of New Aminoisoquinolinylurea Derivatives against Melanoma Cell Line조혜정; 모하메드엘가말; 오창현; 이소하; 김가람; 홍준희; 최홍석; 유경호
2015-04Synthesis and broad-spectrum antiproliferative activity of diarylamides and diarylureas possessing 1,3,4-oxadiazole derivatives마흐무드 가말엘딘; 모하메드엘가말; 모하메드 사미르; 유경호; 오창현
2015-01Synthesis and in vitro antiproliferative activity of new 1,3,4-oxadiazole derivatives possessing sulfonamide moiety마흐무드 가말엘딘; 모하메드엘가말; 모하메드 사미르; 유경호; 오창현
2013-08Synthesis and Preliminary Cytotoxicity Evaluation of New Diarylamides and Diarylureas Possessing 2,3-Dihydropyrrolo[3,2-b]quinoline Scaffold김현진; 모하메드엘가말; 이용섭; 오창현
2016-11Synthesis of NewTricyclic and Tetracyclic Fused Coumarin Sulfonate Derivatives and Their Inhibitory Effects on LPS-Induced Nitric Oxide and PGE2 Productions in RAW 264.7 Macrophages: Part 2오창현; 모하메드엘가말; 이우석; 신지선; 이경태; 최정승; 명노선; 백대진
2014-01Synthesis of tricyclic fused coumarin sulfonates and their inhibitory effects on LPS-induced nitric oxide and PGE2 productions in RAW 264.7 macrophages장현록; 모하메드엘가말; 최혜은; 최호영; 이경태; 오창현
2018-07Synthesis, in vitro antiproliferative activity, and kinase inhibitory effects of pyrazole-containing diarylureas and diarylamides오창현; 박병준; 모하메드엘가말