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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1983-11A research and development programme on steel sheets for Korean automobile industry김순광; 심재동; 문인기; 김인섭
1999-06A study on composition and crystal structure of dispersoids in AlMgSi alloys유재은; Aidang Shan; 문인기; 맹선재
1991-01A study on the anomalous yield behavior of a hyper-stoichiometric Fe//3Al intermetallic compound.박종우; 문인기; 유진
1989-12A study on the B2-DO3 ordering process in Fe3Al intermetallic compound박종우; 문인기
1983-04A study on the desulphurization and morphology change of inclusions in rare earth treated molten steel박종우; 송규섭; 문인기
1982-11A study on the effect of heat treatment on the charpy impact toughness of AISI 4340 steel.이용갑; 문인기; 최종술
1992-01Age hardening behavior of a hypo-stoichiometric Fe3Al intermetallic compound박종우; 문인기
2002-08Al-10%Si-2%Cu-1%Mg-0.5%Mn 합금 주괴의 고온변형장준연; 문인기
1992-12As-cast and heat treated microstructures of gamma-based titanium aluminides문인기; 장준연; 박종우; 고흥석
1999-04Characteristics of shear deformation in the equal channel angular pressing (ECAP)고흥석; 장준연; 최성규; 문인기
1989-10Considerations on bainite transformation mechanism of steel최종술; 최점용; 손영일; 손인진; 문인기
1991-12Damping capacities of nonthermoelastic BCC and HCP martensites of Fe-Mn binary system최종술; 김준동; 문인기; 백승한
1997-12Development of alloy and shaping technology of a compressor component (scroll) utilized in an energy-efficient, low noise air conditioner장준연; 문인기
1999-07Direct observation of shear deformation during equal channel angular pressing of pure aluminum단애당; 문인기; 고흥석; 박종우
1984-01Effect of delamination on the impact toughness and transition temperature.박종우; 김정석; 문인기
1997-12Effect of metalloids on the crystallization temperature and the melting point in Fe-Si-B alloy wires고흥석; 문인기; 장준연; 최종술
1997-01Effect of Mn additions on age behavior and tensile properties of rapidly solidified Al-Zn-Mg-Zr alloy이영호; 장준연; 유재은; 문인기; 맹선재; 최종술
1991-01Effect of order-disorder transformation modes on the anomalous yield behavior of Fe3Al intermetallic compounds박종우; 문인기; 유진
1995-04Effect of post-homogenization cooling methods on the tensile properties of a strip cast 8xxx series Al alloy.문인기; 장준연; 김희수; 박종우; 고흥석; 김종각
1994-11Effect of post-homogenization cooling practice on the annealed structures and tensile properties of an Al-Fe-Si alloy strip장준연; 김희수; 문인기; 박종우; 고흥석; 김종각
1981-12Effect of prior deformation on the martensitic transformation temperature(Ms) in Fe-Ni alloy문인기; 최종술
1996-10Effect of process variables on formation of amorphous wires in Fe//7//7//.//5Si//7//.//5B//1//5 alloy.고흥석; 문인기; 최종술
1992-09Effect of solution treatment temperature and tensile test temperature on the superplasticity of 7475 Al-alloy강길순; 박종우; 문인기; 신동혁; 맹선재
1992-09Effect of thermomechanical treatment on shape memory effect of Fe-15%Mn-6%Si-9%Cr-6%Ni ferrous shape memory alloy정순종; 백승한; 유계현; 문인기; 최종술
1997-02Effect of transition metals on the glass forming ability in Fe-Si-B alloy wires고흥석; 문인기; 최종술
2002-03Estimation of friction during equal channel angular (ECA) pressing of aluminum alloysAidang Shan; 문인기; 박종우
1998-07Evolution of microstructure and tensile strength of rapidly solidified Al-4.7 pct Zn-2.5 pct Mg-0.2 pct Zr-X wt pct Mn alloys장준연; 문인기; 최종술
1992-02Formability of superplastic 8090 alloy sheet박종우; 유재은; 문인기
1997-01Formation of lamellar structure in gamma titanium aluminide장준연; 문인기; 최종술
2001-05Fracture and superplasticity in hyper-eutectic Al-20Si alloy with coarse primary silicon phaseAidang Shan; 문인기; 박종우; Yong-Ho Park