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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-073D-printed low-intensity focused ultrasound(LIFU) guidance system: an accuracy assessment study김형민; 박기주; 조해영
2020-11A local difference in blood-brain barrier permeability in the caudate putamen and thalamus of a rat brain induced by focused ultrasound김형민; 박기주; 박태영; Hyungkyu Huh; Hyeon Seo; Mun Han; Byeongjin Jung; Hyo Jin Choi; Eun-Hee Lee; Juyoung Park
2017-08A novel method to stimulate a small region of interest within the brain using transcranial low intensity focused ultrasound김형민; 박기주; 박태영; 조해영
2018-07A novel numerical approach to stimulation of a specific brain region using transcranial focused ultrasound김형민; 박기주; 박태영
2017-01A review of low-intensity focused ultrasound for neuromodulation김형민; 박기주; 백홍채
2017-08An optimization method to stimulate a small region of interest within the brain using transcranial low intensity focused ultrasound김형민; 박기주; 박태영; 조해영
2019-06Boiling Histotripsy-induced Partial Mechanical Ablation Modulates Tumour Microenvironment by Promoting Immunogenic Cell Death of Cancers김상헌; 김형민; 양유수; 오승자; 박기주; 배인영; 신철희; 박기수
2016-10Boiling Histotripsy-mediated Tissue Decellularisationand Intra-hepatic Cell Delivery in Analbuminemic Rats박기주; Dipok Kumar Dhar; Nader Saffari
2018-12Bubble dynamics in boiling histotripsy김형민; 박기주; Pierre Gelat; Nader Saffari
2021-07Control of the dynamics of a boiling vapour bubble using pressure-modulated high intensity focused ultrasound without the shock scattering effect: A first proof-of-concept study박기주
2021-06Cytoskeleton Rearrangement of Cells in 3D Tissue P hantom Induced by Low Intensity Pulsed Ultrasound김소연; 박기주; 김효준; 최연호
2019-07Development of a subject-specific guide system for Low-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (LIFU) brain stimulation김형민; 박기주; 조해영; 박신석
2017-03Development of low-intensity focused ultrasound (LIFU) based MRI-compatible brain stimulation system김형민; 박기주; 조해영
2021-01Evidence of the formation of the shock scattering induced violent cavitation cluster during boiling histotripsy insonation: A numerical case study박기주
2021-06In-Vivo Liver Tissue Decellularisation by Pressure-Modulated Shockwave Histotripsy박기주; 허정민; 정찬민; 박기수
2021-06Investigation of the long term healing response of the liver to boiling histotripsy treatment in vivo박기주; 허정민; 정찬민; 박기수
2018-10Investigation of the mechanisms involved in boiling histotripsy-induced immune response in vitro김형민; 오승자; 박기주; 신철희
2020-05Investigation of the Potential Immunological Effects of Boiling Histotripsy for Cancer Treatment김광명; 김형민; 양유수; 오승자; 박기주; 남기훈; 김기범; 박현주
2021-06Localised Mechanical Tissue Fractionation by Pressure-Modulated Shockwave Histotripsy: An In-Vivo Study박기주
2017-07Low-intensity focused ultrasound (LIFU) for post-stroke motor rehabilitation with focal ischemic mice model김형민; 박기주; 백홍채; 김민주
2018-10Mechanical damage induced by rectified bubble growth during boiling histotripsy김형민; 박기주; MD de Andrade; P Gelat; N Saffar
2019-05Mechanical damage induced by the appearance of rectified bubble growth in a viscoelastic medium during boiling histotripsy exposure김형민; 박기주; Matheus Oliveira de Andrade; Pierre Gelat; Nader Saffari
2019-10Method to optimize the placement of a single-element transducer for transcranial focused ultrasound김형민; 박기주; 박태영
2018-01Metrics for bubble activity and tissue damage in histotripsy박기주; M. de Andrade; Nader Saffari
2021-07Modelling the Physics of Bubble Nucleation in Histotripsy박기주; Matheus Oliveira de Andrade; Seyyed Reza Haqshenas; Nader Saffari
2018-09Modulation of Cerebellar Cortical Plasticity Using Low-Intensity Focused Ultrasound for Poststroke Sensorimotor Function Recovery윤인찬; 김형민; 박기주; 김민주; 백홍채
2017-11Modulation of human saccade behavior using low-intensity focused ultrasound김형민; 박기주; 여상훈
2016-09MRI-compatible image-guided focused ultrasound brain stimulation system for treating internet and game addiction김형민; 박기주; 최준혁; 백홍채
2017-12Numerical and experimental study of mechanisms involved in boiling histotripsy박기주; Pierre Gelat; David Sinden; Dipok Kumar Dhar; Nader Saffari
2018-01Numerical and experimental study of rectified bubble growth in an optically transparent liver tissue김형민; 박기주; M.O. De Andrade; Nader Saffari