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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-065-Hydroxytryptamine 6 Receptor (5-HT6R)-Mediated Morphological Changes via RhoA-Dependent Pathways임혜원; 추현아; 박미경; 김한나; 김영재; Md. Ataur Rahman; Kang Ho Lee; Hyung-Mun Yun; Jung-Hwa Hong
2006-06Activation of Akt/PKB at serine 473 by N-acetylphytoshingosine (NAPS) and C2-ceramide reduces melanine synthesis in B16F10 mouse melanoma cells이세윤; 한선규; 박미경; 유영숙
2003-05Activation of Akt/PKB at serine 473 by N-acetylphytosphingosine and C2-ceramide reduce melanin synthesis in B16F10 murine melanoma cells박미경; 유영숙; 이세윤
2018-10AMPA Receptor Trafficking for Postsynaptic Potentiation박미경
2018-05Balanced adhesion and cohesion of chitosan based adhesives by controlling with pH and oxidizing agent정윤기; 장윤선; 박미경; 김익환
2020-11Balanced adhesion and cohesion of chitosan matrices by conjugation and oxidation of catechol for high-performance surgical adhesives정윤기; 이미현; 박미경; 여인규; 정재훈; 윤병일
2020-10Ccny knockout mice display an enhanced susceptibility to kainic acid-induced epilepsy고혜영; 박미경; 김수연; 최유리; 서지연; 장재원; 조은실; 황홍익; 손희성; 이아람; 이지영
2017-10Chitosan derivatives functionalized using enzymes for tissue-adhesive matrix정윤기; 장윤선; 박미경; 김익환
2015-07Cyclin Y inhibits plasticity-induced AMPA receptor exocytosis and LTP조은실; 김동현; 허영나; Daniel J. Whitcomb; Philip Regan; 홍정화; 김한나; 서영호; 조광욱; 박미경
2021-03Cyclin Y, a novel actin-binding protein, regulates spine plasticity through the cofilin-actin pathway임혜원; 박미경; 김수연; 서지연; 조은실; 황홍익; 허영나; 손희성; 홍정화; 최유리; 이새봄; 송성은; 이아람; 조동규
2017-02Cyclin Y-mediated transcript profiling reveals several important functional pathways regulated by Cyclin Y in hippocampal neurons박미경; 홍정화; 조이슬; 김종환; 김한나; 김미랑
2011-05CYY-1/Cyclin Y and CDK-5 Differentially Regulate Synapse Elimination and Formation for Rewiring Neural Circuits박미경; Shigeki Watanabe; Vivian Yi Nuo Poon; Chan-Yen Ou; Erik M Jorgensen; Kang Shen
2017-10Dorsal and Ventral Hippocampus Differentiate in Functional Pathways and Differentially Associate with Neurological Disease-Related Genes during Postnatal Development박미경; 이아람; 조은실; Jong-Hwan Kim; Mirang Kim
2018-03Enzymatic conjugation of catechol onto chitosan with balanced cohesion/adhesion force for tissue adhesives정윤기; 장윤선; 박미경; 김익환
2018-04Enzymatic grafting of catechol onto chitosan with balance between cohesive and interfacial adhesive force for tissue adhesive정윤기; 장윤선; 박미경; 김익환
2013-09Growth Factors in Synaptic FunctionVivian Y. Poon; 최소중; 박미경
2020-12Inhibitors of synaptic vesicle exocytosis reduce surface expression of postsynaptic glutamate receptors박미경; 우동호; 허영나; 장민우; 이창준
2013-10Kinetic Modeling of Steam CO2 Reforming Reaction of Methane for Application in GTL-FPSO Process박미경; 양은혁; 이진희; 문동주
2017-10Modification of chitosan with activated catechol derivatives for adhesive materials정윤기; 장윤선; 박미경; 김익환; 한동근
2020-07Molecular crosstalk between cancer and neurodegenerative diseases박미경; 서지연
2002-10N-Acetylphytosphingosine decrease melanin synthesis through inhibition of tyrosinase activity in B16F10 mouse melanoma cells박미경; 유영숙; 이세윤
2021-01O-GlcNAcylation ameliorates the pathological manifestations of Alzheimer’s disease by inhibiting necroptosis박미경; Jinsu Park; Hee-Jin Ha; Eun Seon Chung; Seung Hyun Baek; Yoonsuk Cho; Hark Kyun Kim; Jihoon Han; Jae Hoon Sul; Jeongmi Lee; Eunae Kim; Junsik Kim; Yong Ryoul Yang; Sung Hyun Kim; Thiruma V. Arumugam; Hyemin Jang; Sang Won Seo; Pann-Ghill Suh; Dong-Gyu Jo
2016-06Palmitoylation in Alzheimer's disease and other neurodegenerative diseases박미경; 조은실
2019-05Palmitoylation-mediated synaptic regulation of AMPA receptor trafficking and function박미경; 손희성
2006-12Plasticity-Induced Growth of Dendritic Spines by Exocytic Trafficking from Recycling Endosomes박미경; Jennifer M. Salgado; Linnaea Ostroff; Thomas D. Helton; Camenzind G. Robinson; Kristen M. Harris; Michael D. Ehlers
2017-03Porous matrices of chitosan derivatives for highly adhesive biomaterials한동근; 정윤기; 장윤선; 박미경; Tarek M. Bedair; 이유진; 김익환
2017-06Porous tissue-adhesive matrices based on optimized derivatization of chitosan한동근; 정윤기; 박미경; 장윤선; 이유진; 김익환
2004-09Recycling Endosomes Supply AMPA Receptors for LTP박미경; Esther C. Penick; Jeffrey G. Edwards; Julie A. Kauer; Michael D. Ehlers
2013-10Studies on steam CO2 reforming of methane over high surface perovskite cataylsts for GTL-FPSO application양은혁; 박미경; 이윤주; 김상우; 안병성; 문동주
2013-12Studies on the Production of Glycerol Carbonate from Glycerol박미경; 양은혁; 이승환; 문동주