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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-10A tailored TiO2 electron selective layer for high-performance flexible perovskite solar cells via low temperature UV Process고민재; 박준서; 정희석; 손해정; 정인영; 박민우; 주진; 이진우
2005-02An RNA aptamer that binds to the β-catenin interaction domain of TCF-1 protein이수경; 박민우; 양은경; 유재훈; 정선주
2017-06Flexible and highly efficient perovskite solar cells with a large active area incorporating cobalt-doped poly(3-hexylthiophene) for enhanced open-circuit voltage한일기; 박준서; 정재웅; 이유정; 박철민; 권우성; 박민우
2016-06High-performance flexible and air-stable perovskite solar cells with a large active area based on poly(3-hexylthiophene) nanofibrils한일기; 박준서; 박민우; 오진영
2020-07High-power and flexible indoor solar cells via controlled growth of Perovskite using a greener antisolvent한일기; 강구민; 김소영; 오희윤; 정인영; 박민우
2021-04Highly flexible and stable perovskite/microbead hybrid photodetectors with improved interfacial light trapping강구민; 김진아; 오희윤; 김해진; 김소영; 박민우
2020-12Improved solubility and oral absorption of emodin-nicotinamide cocrystal over emodin with PVP as a solubility enhancer and crystallization inhibitor정병화; 윤나은; 반은미; 안성현; 박부성; 박민우; 김애리
2016-07Improving Performance and Stability of Flexible Planar- Heterojunction Perovskite Solar Cells Using Polymeric Hole-Transport Material한일기; 고민재; 박준서; 손해정; 조제웅; 서명석; 박민우; 김재엽; 안형주; 정재웅; 손병혁
2021-07Influence of a Solvent Trap in ITO/PEN Substrates on the Performance of Flexible Perovskite Solar Cells and Light-Emitting Diodes강구민; 김소영; 오희윤; 정인영; 박민우
2016-08Low-temperature solution-processed Li-doped SnO2 as an effective electron transporting layer for high-performance flexible and wearable perovskite solar cells고민재; 손해정; 김재엽; 박민우; 이철호; 장승순
2015-11Mechanically Recoverable and Highly Effi cient Perovskite Solar Cells: Investigation of Intrinsic Flexibility of Organic-Inorganic Perovskite박민우; 김해진; 정인영; 이진우; 이형석; 손해정; 김대은; 고민재
2019-12Moisture proof hole transport layers based on CISe quantum dots for highly stable and large active area perovskite solar cells한일기; 강구민; Jae-Yup Kim; Woonhyuk Baek; Soyoung Kim; 현택환; 박민우
2016-08Pyrite-Based Bi-Functional Layer for Long-Term Stability and High-Performance of Organo-Lead Halide Perovskite Solar Cells고민재; 정희석; 손해정; 김재엽; 박민우; 구본기; 조진한
2021-09Selective Passivation of Grain Boundaries via Incorporation of a Fluidic Small Molecule in Perovskite Solar Absorbers강구민; 김소영; 이유정; 박준동; 박민우
2017-11Solution-processed indium oxide electron transporting layers for high-performance and photo-stable perovskite and organic solar cells한일기; 박준서; 윤석횬; 김시준; Harrison S. Kim; 정재웅; 박민우
2017-10Solution-Processed Ultrathin TiO2 Compact Layer Hybridized with Mesoporous TiO2 for High-Performance Perovskite Solar Cells정희석; 이필립; 배승환; 박윤희; 정인영; 박민우; 고민재
2006-04Synthesis and Characterization of High-surface-area ZrO2 as a Catalyst Support using Ionic Liquids by Sol-Gel Method최은형; 김대현; 박민우; 유계상; 이현주; 홍석인; 문동주
2006-05Synthesis and Characterization of Zirconia as a Catalyst Support using Ionic Liquids by modified Sol-Gel Method최은형; 김대현; 박민우; 유계상; 이현주; 홍석인; 문동주
2005-01-10TCF-1의 베타 카테닌과 상호작용하는 부위에 대한RNA 앱타머와 그의 용도박민우; 양은경; 이수경; 정선주