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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001-07A study on the economizer performance of a screw compressor using R22 and R407C박상현; 장영수; 김영일; 김용찬; 남임우
2015-04Acutodesmus obliquus KGE 30 as a potential candidate for CO2 mitigation and biodiesel production윤현식; 지민규; 박상현; 박영태; 이홍균; 최재영
2014-08Analysis of surface characteristics of carbon foam derived from phenolic resin이창구; 전준우; 최재우; 박상현; 이상협
2019-12Application Of Geophysical And Geochemical Method For Monitoring After Stabilization최재영; 안용태; 한만호; 박상현; 윤현식; 서승원
2019-10Application of induced polarization method for stabilization treated soil최재영; 안용태; Han man ho; 박상현; 윤현식
2019-04Assessment on heavy metal partitioning in mine-affected soils after solidification최재영; 안용태; 칼리무스 판디; 박상현; 윤현식; 지민규; 이기현
2014-05Bright CuInS2 colloidal quantum dots with core/shell/shell structure박상현; heesun Yang; 장호성
2021-02Calcium carbonate synthesis from waste concrete for carbon dioxide capture: From laboratory to pilot scale최재영; 안용태; 박상현; 이선재
2019-10CO2 capture by inorganic carbonation of waste concrete: A pilot scale-up process하흥용; 정광덕; 최재영; 안용태; 칼리무스 판디; 박상현; 윤성택
2014-04Cultivation of Acutodesmus obliquus using Thermoelectric Power Plant Exhaust fumes and Livestock Wastewater박상현; 윤현식; 지민규; 박영태; 최재영
2015-10Cultivation of microalgae species in mixed wastewater for useful substance production박영태; 윤현식; 박상현; 지민규; 최재영
2015-04Effect of flue gas CO2 on the biomass production and biochemical properties of a green microalga Scenedesmus obliquus for bioenergy generation윤승주; 지민규; 윤현식; 박영태; 박상현; 김동; 김병석; 최재영
2014-10Effect of food wastewater on biomass and bioenergy production by microalgae지민규; 윤현식; 박상현; 박영태; 최재영
2015-03Effect of food wastewater on biomass production by a green microalga Scenedesmus obliquus for bioenergy generation지민규; 윤현식; 박상현; 이홍균; 박영태; 배선영; 함정엽; 최재영
2021-04Estimation on metabolites change in soil microbiology and plant affected from chemical pollution박상현; 이선재; 김나은; 윤성택; 황유식; 정현; 표희수; 이정애; 최재영; 안용태; 조정만; 주영재
2021-04Evaluate natural attenuation promotion in nitrate contaminated bedrock aquifers with acetate최재영; 안용태; 이다원; 박상현; 이금영; 지민규
2021-04Evaluation and monitoring of arsenic contaminated soil for application of stabilization through measurement of electrical resistivity and induced polarization최재영; 안용태; 조정만; 박상현; 이선재; 한만호; 이해석
2019-12Evaluation Of Fluorine Removal Ability Of Fluorine Contaminated Soil최재영; 안용태; 한만호; 박상현; 이선재; 윤현식; 서승원
2019-10Evaluation of Stabilized Soil by Analysis of Heavy Metal Mobility최재영; 한만호; 박상현; 윤현식; 서승원
2019-10Feasibility of soil washing agents to remove fluoride in soils최재영; 안용태; 박상현; 이선재; 서승원; 윤현식
2019-10Feasibility of soil washing agents to remove fluoride in soils최재영; 안용태; 한만호; 이다원; 박상현; 윤현식; 서승원
2017-04Heat treatment temperature optimization of La0.8 Sr0.2 MnO3±δ Electrocatalysts for alkaline anion exchange membrane fuel cell cathode김형준; 장종현; 헨켄스마이어디억; 유성종; 김진영; 박희영; 하민관; 박상현; 박명선; 류지헌
2014-08Heavy metal adsorption test of carbon foam containing the Fe2O3전준우; 이상협; 최재우; 이창구; 조슬기; 박상현
2020-01Heavy metal speciation with prediction model for heavy metal mobility and risk assessment in mine-affected soils최재영; 안용태; 칼리무스 판디; 박상현; 윤현식; 지민규
2015-04Highly Bright Yellow-Green-Emitting CuInS2 Colloidal Quantum Dots with Core/Shell/Shell Architecture for White Light-Emitting Diodes박상현; 홍아라; 김종훈; 양희선; 이광렬; 장호성
2019-09Microalgae Cultivation in Pilot Scale for Biomass Production Using Exhaust Gas from Thermal Power Plants최재영; 안용태; 칼리무스 판디; 박상현; 지민규; 윤현식
2015-04Mixotrophic cultivation of a microalga Scenedesmus obliquus in municipal wastewater supplemented with food wastewater and flue gas CO2 for biomass production지민규; 윤승주; 윤현식; 박영태; 박상현; 김병석; 최재영; 김동
2021-11Monitoring and evaluation of the dissolution characteristics of arsenic-contaminated soil mixed with stabilizers and geophysical exploration method최재영; 안용태; 조정만; 박상현; 이선재; 한만호; 이해석
2019-10Preparation of Iron Sludge Fibrous Filter by Electrospinning Method and Evaluation of Hydrogen Sulfide Removal최재영; 안용태; 이미연; 박상현; 조호영
2014-04Production and harvesting of microalgae for mix wastewater treatment and biofuels박영태; 박상현; 윤현식; 지민규; 이홍균; 최재영