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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-04A bright source of telecom single photons based on quantum frequency conversion송진동; 박석인; Christopher L. Morrison; Markus Rambach; Zhe Xian Koong; Francesco Graffitti; Fiona Thorburn; Ajoy K. Kar; Yong Ma; Nick G. Stoltz; Dirk Bouwmeester; Alessandro Fedrizzi; Brian D. Gerardot
2020-09Cavity quantum electro-dynamics with solidstate emitters in aperiodic nano-photonic spiral devices송진동; 박석인; Oliver J. Trojak; Sean Gorsky; Fabrizio Sgrignuoli; Felipe A. Pinheiro; Luca Dal Negro; Luca Sapienza1
2020-02Cesium-Vapor-Based Delay of Single Photons Emitted by Deterministically Fabricated Quantum Dot Microlenses송진동; 박석인; Lucas Bremer; Sarah Fischbach; Sven Rodt; Tobias Heindel; Stephan Reitzenstein
2021-01Coherent Dynamics in Quantum Emitters under Dichromatic Excitation송진동; 박석인; Z. X. Koong; E. Scerri; M. Rambach; M. Cygorek; M. Brotons-Gisbert; R. Picard; Y. Ma; E. M. Gauger; B. D. Gerardot
2018-05Combined metallic nano-rings and solid-immersion lenses for bright emission from single InAs/GaAs quantum dots송진동; 박석인; Oliver Joe Trojak; Christopher Woodhead; Robert James Young; Luca Sapienza
2019-10Current-reversal operation for a singleparameter electron pump by control of semiconductor-based cryo-switch gate potentials송진동; 박석인; Byeong-Sung Yu; Bum-Kyu Kim; Hyung-Kook Choi; Sung-Un Cho; Ju-Jin Kim; Wan-Seop Kim; Nam Kim; Myung-Ho Bae
2018-08Engineering of AlON interlayer in Al2O3/AlON/In0.53Ga0.47As gate stacks by thermal atomic layer deposition송진동; 김성근; 박석인; 조철진; 이우철; Dong-Hwan Jun; Cheol Seong Hwang
2017-08Experimental triple-slit interference in a strongly driven V-type artificial atom송진동; 박석인; Adetunmise C. Dada; Ted S. Santana; Antonios Koutroumanis; Yong Ma; Brian D. Gerardot
2019-10Fundamental Limits to Coherent Photon Generation with Solid-State Atomlike Transitions송진동; 박석인; Z. X. Koong; D. Scerri; M. Rambach; T. S. Santana; E. M. Gauger; B. D. Gerardot
2018-11High-Quality 100 nm Thick InSb Films Grown on GaAs(001) Substrates with an InxAl1-xSb Continuously Graded Buffer Layer송진동; 심철휘; 박석인; 강수석; 신상훈; Suk-Ho Choi
2017-10Indistinguishable and efficient single photons from a quantum dot in a planar nanobeam waveguide송진동; 박석인; Gabija Kirsanske; Henri Thyrrestrup; Raphael S. Daveau; Chris L. DreeBen; Tommaso Pregnolato; Leonardo Midolo; Petru Tighineanu; Alisa Javadi; Søren Stobbe; Rudiger Schott; Arne Ludwig; Andreas D. Wieck; Andreas V. Kuhlmann; Immo Sollner; Matthias C. Lobl; Richard J. Warburton; Peter Lodahl
2019-10Indistinguishable Photons from Deterministically Integrated Single Quantum Dots in Heterogeneous GaAs/Si3N4 Quantum Photonic Circuits송진동; 박석인; Peter Schnauber; Anshuman Singh; Johannes Schall; Sven Rodt; Kartik Srinivasan; Stephan Reitzenstein; Marcelo Davanco
2016-03Indium-tin-oxide/GaAs Schottky barrier solar cells with embedded InAs quantum dots최원준; 송진동; 김상현; 김호성; 박석인; 박민수; 박정호
2017-07Metallic nanorings for broadband, enhanced extraction of light from solid-state emitters송진동; 박석인; Oliver Joe Trojak; Luca Sapienza
2021-03Nanomechanical Microwave Bolometry with Semiconducting Nanowires송진동; 박석인; Jihwan Kim; Jinwoong Cha; Minjin Kim; Younghun Ryu; Junho Suh
2019-01Photoelectrochemical Characterization of p-type InAlP on GaAs for Solar Water Splitting Application송진동; 박석인; Mostafa Afifi Hassan; Jin-Ho Kang; Santosh S. Patil; Muhammad Ali Johar; Sang-Wan Ryu
2020-04Precision current measurement with thermal-drift-minimized offset current for single-parameter electron pumps based on gate-switching technique송진동; 박석인; Bum-Kyu Kim; Hyung-Kook Choi; Wan-Seop Kim; Nam Kim; Myung-Ho Bae
2020-10Precision measurement of single-electron current with quantized Hall array resistance and Josephson voltage송진동; 박석인; Myung-Ho Bae; Dong-Hun Chae; Mun-Seog Kim; Bum-Kyu Kim; Takehiko Oe; Nobu-Hisa Kaneko; Nam Kim; Wan-Seop Kim
2021-05rf-Signal-induced heating effects in single-electron pumps composed of gate-tunable quantum dots송진동; 박석인; Sungguen Ryu; H.-S. Sim; Young-Seok Ghee; Bum-Kyu Kim; Myung-Ho Bae; Nam Kim