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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-04A Cuff-Shaped Enzymeless Glucose Sensor Integrated with Chronically Implantable Peripheral Nerve Cuff Electrode for Inflammation Monitoring이이재; 박성진; 강지윤; 이수현
2010-10A fluorescent rosamine compound selectively stains pluripotent stem cells임창님; 강남영; 하형호; Bi Xuezhi; 이제정; 박성진; 이상연; Marc Vendrell; 김윤경; 이준석; Li Jun; 안영훈; Feng Bo; Huck-Hui Ng; 윤성욱; 장영태
1999-11A new approach for super-resolution material김원목; 송기봉; 이택성; 정병기; 정문교; 조성훈; 박성진
2001-04A novel approach to obtain GeSbTe-based high speed crystallizing materials for phase change optical recording이태연; 정병기; 이택성; 박성진; 김원목; 이경석; 김기범; 김순광
2006-07A Paddling Based Locomotive Mechanism for Capsule Endoscopes박석호; 박현준; 박성진; 김병규
2007-07A Reliable Data Transport Protocol for Internet-accessible Wireless Sensor Networks윤지원; 박성진; 이석; 김형석
2015-04A Study for the Stimulus Cuff Electrode with Conducting Polymer이이재; 박성진; 강지윤; 이수현
2014-04A study on the neural signal recording efficiency of nerve cuff electrode using conductive polymers박성진; 임성환; 송강일; 추준욱; 강지윤; 윤광석; 이수현
2021-08Anticoagulation therapy promotes the tumor immune-microenvironment and potentiates the efficacy of immunotherapy by alleviating hypoxia김인산; 최정욱; 이나경; 서형석; 정승우; Taslim A Al-Hilal; 박성진; 권세호; 민누리; 김상균; 안서현; 김욱일; 박우진; 강창율; 김상윤; 김경진; 변영로
2021-08Caspase-cleavable peptide-doxorubicin conjugate in combination with CD47-antagonizing nanocage therapeutics for immune-mediated elimination of colorectal cancer김인산; 이나경; 최정욱; 김하린; 정승우; 고윤건; 조영석; 박성진; 이은정; 김상윤; 변영로
1998-05Characterization of Ge-Sb-Te Films for Phase-Change Optical Memory박성진; 이순일; 오수기; 김원목; 정병기; 정문교; 김순광
2015-03Charge-selective membrane protein patterning with proteoliposomes김희석; 이길용; 유수련; 정광환; 안태규; 이연희; 권오선; 박성진; Kevin Kit Parker; 신관우
2015-02Charge-selective membrane protein patterning with proteoliposomes김희석; 이길용; 유수련; 정광환; 안태규; 이연희; 권오선; 박성진; Kevin Kit Parker; 신관우
2014-04Diversity Oriented Fluorescence Library Approach (DOFLA) for Live Cell Imaging Probe Development윤성욱; 강남영; 박성진; 하형호; 김윤경; 이준석; 장영태
2008-07Domain Name Autoconfiguration in IP-based Wireless Sensor Networks박성진; 오성균; 이석; 김선호; 김형석
2018-11Effect of substrate on photo-induced persistent photoconductivity in InAs nanowires송진동; 강항규; 박성진; 정광식; 배정민; 조만호; Taeok Kim
2016-01Enzymeless glucose sensor integrated with chronically implantablenerve cuff electrode for in-situ inflammation monitoring이이재; 박성진; 윤광석; 강지윤; 이수현
2002-01FCCP depolarizes plasma membrane potential by activating proton and Na+ currents in bovine aortic endothelial cells박규상; 조인호; Youngmi Kim Pak; 배성원; 임혜원; 서석효; 박성진; Mei Hong Zhu; 서인석; 김기환
2015-08Functional nerve cuff electrode with controllable anti-inflammatory drug loading and release by biodegradable nanofibers and hydrogel deposition박성진; 이이재; 허동녕; 권일근; 윤광석; 강지윤; 이수현
2021-04Highly Sensitive On-Skin Temperature Sensors Based on Biocompatible Hydrogels with Thermoresponsive Transparency and Resistivity이현정; 정영미; 김선호; 박태현; 박성진; 박상운; 이준석; 유승건
2018-03Identification of Tumor Initiating Cells with a Small-Molecule Fluorescen tProbe by Using Vimentin as a Biomarker이준석; 장세영; 이용안; 김종진; 이정열; Jia Hui Jane Lee; Srikanta Sahu; 권화영; 박성진; Zhenxun Wang; Wai Leong Tam; Bing Lim; 강남영; 장영태
2012-10Implantable nerve cuff electrode deposited with electrospun nanofiber to control drug release for long-term implantation이수현; 박성진; 임성환; 황교선; 강지윤
2015-01Implantable Nerve Cuff Electrode with Conductive Polymer for Improving Recording Signal Quality at Peripheral Nerve박성진; 이이재; 윤광석; 강지윤; 이수현
2014-05Mechanistic elements and critical factors of cellular reprogramming revealed by stepwise global gene expression analyses박성진; Hock Chuan Yeo; 강남영; 김한조; Joyce Lin; 하형호; Marc Vendrell; 이준석; Yogeswari Chandrana; 이동엽; 윤성욱; 장영태
2016-07Multifunctional hydrogel coatings on the surface of neural cuff electrode for improving electrode-nerve tissue interfaces강지윤; 이수현; 이이재; 허동녕; 송수진; 김한준; 고완규; 이상진; 이동현; 박성진; Lijie Grace Zhang; 도선희; 권일근
2014-05Nerve Cuff Electrode Integrated with Micro-holes to Reduce Apoptosis for Long-term Implantation박성진; 임성환; 강지윤; 윤광석; 도선희; 이수현
1997-01Optical and mechanical properties of amorphous CN films이순일; 박성진; 오수기; 김원목; 배장환; 정병기; 김순광
1996-10Optical properties of amorphous CN films.박성진; 이순일; 오수기; 배장환; 김원목; 정병기; 김순광
2000-12Optical properties of Au nanocluster embedded dielectric films조성훈; 이순일; 오수희; 박성진; 김원목; 정병기; 정문교; 송기봉; 이택성; 김순광
1996-10Optical properties of carbon nitride films deposited by combined ion-beam and laser-ablation method.박성진; 이순일; 오수기; 배장환; 김원목; 정병기; 김순광