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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-04A comparative study of low- and high-band-gap CIxG1-xSySe2-y thin-film solar cell via solution process박세진; 조윤애; 김동욱; 민병권
2016-03A Comparative Study of Nanoparticle-Ink-Based CIGSSe Thin Film Solar Cells on Different Back Contact Substrates박세진; 조진우; 박기순; 정재승; 김지현; 고두현; 황윤정; 민병권
2011-10A comparative study of solution based CIGS thin film growth on different glass substrates박세진; 이은주; 전효상; 안세진; 오민규; 민병권
2014-04A comparative study of solution-processed low- and high-band-gap chalcopyrite thin-film solar cells박세진; 조윤애; 문성환; 김지은; 이도권; 곽지혜; 김지현; 김동욱; 민병권
2015-03A monolithic and standalone solar-fuel device having comparable efficiency to photosynthesis in nature전효상; 고재현; 박세진; 지신천; 고두현; 황윤정; 민병권
2020-01A perspective on practical solar to carbon monoxide production devices with economic evaluation주오심; 김홍곤; 민병권; 황윤정; 이웅; 이시영; 채상윤; 한성규; 고종원; 박세진; 김동환; 강윤묵
2015-12A simple chemical route for composition graded Cu(In,Ga)S2 thin film solar cells: multi-stage paste coating박세진; 안상희; 김지은; 전효상; 윤석구; 황윤정; 김지현; 김동욱; 민병권
2013-04Bifacial CuInGaS2 thin film solar cells by a low cost paste coating method전효상; 박세진; 민병권
2012-02Bulk Heterojunction Formation between Indium Tin Oxide Nanorods and CuInS2 Nanoparticles for Inorganic Thin Film Solar Cell Applications조진우; 박세진; 김재훈; 김웅; 박후근; 도영락; 민병권
2015-12Chalcogenization derived band-gap grading in solution processed CuInxGa1-x(Se,S)2 thin film solar cells박세진; 전효상; 조진우; 황윤정; 박경수; 심형섭; 송재규; 조윤애; 김동욱; 김지현; 민병권
2019-02Charge Transportation at Cascade Energy Structure Interfaces of CuInxGa1-xSeyS2-y/CdS/ZnS for Spontaneous Water Splitting주오심; 민병권; 황윤정; 채상윤; 박세진
2014-01Cocktails of Paste Coatings for Performance Enhancement of CuInGaS2 Thin-Film Solar Cells안희상; 조윤애; 박세진; 전효상; 황윤정; 김동욱; 민병권
2017-04Continuously deposited anti-reflection double layer of silicon nitride and silicon oxynitride for selective emitter solar cells by PECVD민병권; 박성근; 박효민; 김동섭; 남정균; 양정엽; 이동호; 김경남; 박세진; 김성택; 서동철; 김동환; 이해석; 강윤묵
2015-09Defect Analysis of Solution Processed CIGSSe Thin Films with Different S/Se Distribution Based on Surface Photovoltage Using KPFM박세진; 김해리; 민병권
2011-05Demonstration of a 20 W class high-temperature polymer electrolyte fuel cell stack with novel fabrication of a membrane electrode assembly이혜진; 김병각; 이동훈; 박세진; 김용민; 이증우; 헨켄스마이어디억; 남석우; 김형준; 김화용; 김주용
2013-08Electrolytic Hydrogen Production Using Solution Processed CIGS thin Film Solar Cells전효상; 박세진; 민병권
2015-05Enhanced performance of band-gap graded CIGSSe solar cells by selenization박세진; 민병권
2016-12Enhanced Photocurrents with ZnS Passivated Cu(In,Ga)(Se,S)2 Photocathodes Synthesized Using a Nonvacuum Process for Solar Water Splitting주오심; 민병권; 황윤정; 한성규; 채상윤; 정혜진; 박세진; 김재웅; 정채환
2015-08Enhanced photovoltaic performance of Cu(In,Ga)S2 and CuInS2 stacked thin film solar cells by multi-stage paste coating박세진; 안희상; 김지은; 김동욱; 민병권
2015-04Enhanced power conversion efficiency of solution based CIGSSe solar cells by band-gap grading박세진; 전효상; 고재현; 민병권
2015-04Fabrication of a transparent glass based CuInGaS2 thin film solar cell by a solution process추 반 벤; 박세진; 박기순; 정재승; 민병권
2013-04Fabrication of an artificial leaf for solar-fuel production전효상; 박세진; 민병권
2012-07Fabrication of nanocrystal ink based superstrate-type CuInS2 thin film solar cells조진우; 박세진; 김웅; 민병권
2014-03Fabrication of solution processed 3D nanostructured CuInGaS2 thin film solar cells추 반 벤; 조진우; 박세진; 황윤정; 박후근; 도영락; 민병권
2012-04Highly efficient printable carbon free CIGS thin film for solar cell applications박세진; 전효상; 민병권
2016-08Highly stable tandem solar cell monolithically integrating dye-sensitized and CIGS solar cells주오심; 민병권; 황윤정; 채상윤; 박세진; 전용석
2019-03Impact of Buffer Layer Process and Na on Shunt Paths of Monolithic Series-connected CIGSSe Thin Film Solar Cells민병권; 모찬빈; 박세진; 배수현; 임미화; 남정규; 김동섭; 양정엽; 서동철; 김동환; 강윤묵; 김영수; 이해석
2018-02Investigation of Surface Sulfurization in CuIn1-xGaxS2-ySey Thin Films by Using Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy민병권; 황윤정; 김병우; 김해리; 박세진
2014-04Liquid carbon dioxide based deposition of CuInS2 on to mesoporous TiO2 film에듀아더스; 박세진; 민병권
2012-10Liquid carbon dioxide coating of CdS quantum-dots on mesoporous TiO2 film for sensitized solar cell applications장원호; Eduardus Budi Nursanto; 김재훈; 박세진; 민병권; 유기풍