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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005-06A Comparative Study of Two Shear Deforming Processes in Texture Evolution한준현; 윤진국; 박종우; 오규환; 이재철
2019-06A Generative Neural Network for Learning Coordinated Reach-Grasp Motions김형민; 정은석; 박진혁; 박종우
2016-04A Stochastic Global Optimization Algorithm for the Two-Frame Sensor Calibration Problem강동훈; 하준형; 박종우
1991-01A study on the anomalous yield behavior of a hyper-stoichiometric Fe//3Al intermetallic compound.박종우; 문인기; 유진
1989-12A study on the B2-DO3 ordering process in Fe3Al intermetallic compound박종우; 문인기
1983-04A study on the desulphurization and morphology change of inclusions in rare earth treated molten steel박종우; 송규섭; 문인기
2014-09Achieving elastic stability of concentric tube robots through optimization of tube precurvature하준형; 박종우; Pierre E. Dupont
1992-01Age hardening behavior of a hypo-stoichiometric Fe3Al intermetallic compound박종우; 문인기
2005-10An Analysis of Accumulated Deformation in Equal Channel Angular Rolling (ECAR) process정영훈; 박종우; 이경환
2006-08An analysis of accumulated deformation in the Equal Channel Angular Rolling (ECAR) process정영훈; 박종우; 이경환
2008-10An Architecture and Motion Description Language for Mobile Manipulation of Service Robots이소희; 전창묵; 김정동; 박종우
1999-09Analysis of deformation behavior in equal-channel angular pressing김희수; 서진유; 박종우
1999-08Anomalous temperature dependence of yield stress in a hyper-stoichiometric Fe3Al intermetallic compound박종우
2002-07Anomalous yield behavior of hypo- and hyper-stoichiometric Fe3 Al intermetallic compounds박종우
1992-12As-cast and heat treated microstructures of gamma-based titanium aluminides문인기; 장준연; 박종우; 고흥석
1999-02-12B, Zr의 복합첨가에 의한 결정립 미세화가 이루어진 합금강박종우; 정우상; 정원용; 지광구
2006-08Boss formability of nano-structured aluminum alloys at elevated temperatures박종우; 정영훈; 이경환
2005-10Consolidation of Cu-based amorphous particles강은영; 정영훈; 박종우; 유호근
2002-01Continuous ECA process for microstructure control of steel plate박종우; 정영훈; 지광구; 김진원
2007-02Controlling the thickness uniformity in Equal Channel Angular Rolling (ECAR)정영훈; 박종우; 이경환
2006-10Controlling the thickness uniformity in Equal Channel Angular Rolling (ECAR)정영훈; 박종우; 이경환
2019-09Correlation study between A 3 adenosine receptor binding affinity and anti-renal interstitial fibrosis activity of truncated adenosine derivatives유진하; 김규동; Dnyandev B. Jarhad; 이혁우; 이지윤; 박종우; 하헌주; 정낙신
2004-10Deformation Behavior Analysis in ECAP Using arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian Formulation한준현; 장형준; 윤진국; 지광구; 박종우; 오규환
2001-08Design and analysis of a redundantly actuated parallel mechanism for rapid machining김종원; 박종우; 류선중; 김진욱; 황재철; 박창범; Cornel Iurascu
2019-01Design and Fabrication of Long-Term Stable Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells: Effect of Water Contents in Electrolytes on the Performance이필립; 박종우; 고민재
2001-10Direct kinematic analysis of 3-RS parallel mechanisms.김진욱; 박종우
1999-07Direct observation of shear deformation during equal channel angular pressing of pure aluminum단애당; 문인기; 고흥석; 박종우
2013-11Dynamically optimal trajectories for earthmoving excavators하준형; 김영범; 강혁; 김판영; 박종우; Jinsoo Park
2019-02EEG-based Gait State and Gait Intention Recognition Using Spatio-Spectral Convolutional Neural Network김형민; 최준혁; 박상우; 박종우
1984-01Effect of delamination on the impact toughness and transition temperature.박종우; 김정석; 문인기