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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-11A Comparative Evaluation of Pre-treatment Processes of Capacitive De-Ionization for Cooling water reuse최재우; 진용쉰; 최예슬; 홍승관; 박찬혁
2014-09A multi-point electrical resistance measurement system for characterization of foam drainage regime and stability박찬혁; Slawomir W. Hermanowicz
2016-04A next generation technology for renewable energy production from wastewater treatment by porous ceramic membranes이상협; 박찬혁; 정영미
2013-06A novel technique for evaluating foam dynamics in anaerobic digesters박찬혁; Slawomir W. Hermanowicz; Domenec Jolis
2008-06A Pilot Study on Air Flotation Processes for Retrofitting of Conventional Wastewater Treatment Facilities박찬혁; 홍석원; 이상협; 최용수
2008-08A Study of Pretreatment Methods for the Control of Microfiltration Membrane Fouling in Wastewater Reuse박찬혁; 홍석원; 안세혁; 최용수
2006-11A Study on the Adsorption Characteristics of EDC/PhAC Compounds in NF Membranes장혜원; 박찬혁; 정진영; 정윤철; 홍승관; 윤여민
2015-08Applicability and toxicity evaluation of an adsorbent based on jujube for the removal of toxic heavy metals안병렬; 이창구; 송미경; 류재천; 이순재; 박성직; Dongye Zhao; 김성배; 박찬혁; 이상협; 홍석원; 최재우
2016-06Application of carbon foam for heavy metal removal from industrial plating wastewater and a toxicity evaluation of the adsorbent류재천; 이상협; 박찬혁; 최재우; 송미경; 이창구
2007-08Characteristics of Adsorption on the RO Membrane Surface by Coagulant Types정영미; 박찬혁; 이상협; 권지향
2006-08Combined Effects of Metal Coagulants and Monochloramine on Polyamide RO Membrane Performance김경화; 홍승관; 박찬혁; 윤성로; 홍성표; 이종화
2016-06Comparative analysis of filtration performance of polymeric and ceramic membranes in anaerobic membrane bioreactors이상협; 박찬혁; 정영미; 홍승관
2016-03Degradation of Microcystin-LR by Fenton Oxidation이상협; 박찬혁; 박정안; 정성목; 남혜림; 양보람
2007-11Development of New Membrane Fouling Index for Desalination홍승관; 박찬혁; 김하나; 최승일
2016-05Development of pyrophyllite-based ceramic membranes and their applications to anaerobic membrane bioreactors박찬혁
2007-04Effect of Cake Layer Structure on Colloidal Fouling in Reverse Osmosis Membranes박찬혁; 이영행; 이상협; 홍승관
2008-02Effect of Cake Layer Structure on Colloidal Fouling in Reverse Osmosis Membranes박찬혁; 이영행; 이상협; 홍승관
2007-04Effect of Physicochemical Properties on Cake Layer Structure and Colloidal Fouling in Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membranes박찬혁; 이영행; 이상협; 홍승관; 최용수
2015-10Effective regeneration of an adsorbent for the removal of organic contaminants developed based on UV radiation and toxicity evaluation이순재; 이재상; 송미경; 류재천; 안병렬; 이창구; 박찬혁; 이상협; 최재우
2015-04Effective treatment of nutrients by adsorption onto the surface of a modified clay and a toxicity evaluation of the adsorbent이순재; Kyu-Sang Kwon; 류재천; 송미경; Stephan Pflugmacher; 박찬혁; 이상협; Chul-Hwi Park; 최재우
2018-05Effects of changes in temperature on treatment performance and energy recovery at mainstream anaerobic ceramic membrane bioreactor for food waste recycling wastewater treatment이석헌; 조경진; 서규원; 정영미; Adam L. Smith; 신승구; 조시경; 박찬혁
2007-11Effects of Membrane Surface Characteristics and Operational Conditions on Fouling of Reverse Osmosis Membrane by Metal Coagulants정영미; 정선형; 박찬혁; 이영행; 이상협
2017-05Elimination of microcystin-LR and residual Mn species using permanganate and powdered activated carbon: Oxidation products and pathways박현미; 홍석원; 박찬혁; 김은주; 오민석; 정보영
2017-11Evaluating the feasibility of pyrophyllite-based ceramic membranes for treating domestic wastewater in anaerobic ceramic membrane bioreactors박찬혁; 조경진; 정영미; Eilhann E. Kwon; Yiu Fai Tsang; Jorg Rinklebe
2007-09Evaluation and Application of Air Flotation Process for Retrofitting of Conventional Sedimentation Tank in Wastewater Treatment박찬혁; 홍석원; 맹주원; 이상협; 최용수
2007-05Evaluation of Organic Matter Fouling Potential by Membrane Fouling Index박찬혁; 김하나; 홍승관; 이상협; 최승일; 최용수
2007-12Evaluation of Organic Matter Fouling Potential by Membrane Fouling Index박찬혁; 김하나; 홍승관; 이상협; 최승일
2009-04Evaluation of resin-supported nanoscale zero-valent iron (nZVI) for the reduction of nitrate이상협; 박희수; 유경민; 박찬혁; 이영행
2009-05Fundamental Study of Ballast Water Treatment Processes by Membrane Filtration김소라; 이상협; 박찬혁; 홍승관