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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-08A comparative first-principles study of the lithiation, sodiation, and magnesiation of black phosphorus for Li-, Na-, and Mg-ion batteries이광렬; 이헌주; 한상수; 배성진; 여병철; K.P.S.S.Hembram; 정현
2018-08Activity, Selectivity, and Durability of Ruthenium Nanoparticle Catalysts for Ammonia Synthesis by Reactive Molecular Dynamics Simulation: The Size Effect한상수; 김성엽; 배성진; 이홍우
2016-01Development of the ReaxFFCBN reactive force field for the improved design of liquid CBN hydrogen storage materials배성진; 여병철; 한상수
2006-08Enhancement of barrier properties using ultrathin hybrid passivation layer for organic light emitting diodes배성진; 이주원; 박정수; 김동영; 황성우; 김재경; 주병권
2005-11Enhancement of Efficiency for White-Organic Light-Emitting Diode with a Thin Electron-Blocking Layer박정수; 이주원; 김영민; 배성진; 장진; 김재경; 주병권
2019-05Facile control of defect site density and particle size of UiO-66 for enhanced hydrolysis rates: insights into feasibility of Zr(IV)-based metal-organic framework (MOF) catalysis황승상; 백경열; 한상수; 서진영; 후이 도 쑤언; 조계룡; 김현지; 배성진; 윤호규
2017-11Highly selective and sensitive detection of Cr6+ ions using size-specific label-free gold nanoparticles이강봉; 남윤식; 한상수; 배성진; Rajalakshmi Kanagaraj
2019-11Improved Description of a Coordinate Bond in the ReaxFF Reactive Force Field한상수; 배성진; 이홍우
2006-08Improvement of the permeation properties with a thin hybrid - passivation layer to apply the Large-sized Organic Display Devices이주원; 배성진; 박정수; 이영훈; 진병두; 김재경; 장진; 주병권
2019-11Reactive molecular dynamics simulation of the amorphous carbon growth: Effect of the carbon triple bonds이광렬; 히로시 미즈세키; 리 샤오웨이; 배성진
2017-04ReaxFF Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Water Stability of Interpenetrated Metal-Organic Frameworks한상수; 배성진; Xiu Ying Liu
2017-12SE2 reaction in noncarbon system: Metal-halide catalysis for dehydrogenation of ammonia borane한상수; 배성진
2017-06Simulation Protocol for Prediction of a Solid-Electrolyte Interphase on the Silicon-based Anodes of a Lithium-Ion Battery: ReaxFF Reactive Force Field이광렬; 한상수; 배성진; 여병철; 윤강섭; 김선재
2006-11The effect of interfacial layer with polymer on the performance of Organic light-emitting Diode이주원; 배성진; 진병두; 김재경; Jin-Jang; 최진환; 주병권
2015-07Unraveling the Atomistic Sodiation Mechanism of Black Phosphorus for Sodium Ion Batteries by First-Principles CalculationsKailash Pati Shiva Sankar Hembram; 정현; 여병철; 배성진; 김승철; 이광렬; 한상수