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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008-11Adsorption Characteristics of As(V) onto Cationic surfactant-Modified Activated Carbon최현덕; 조정민; 류병곤; 양중석; 백기태
2010-05Adsorption of As(III), As(V), Cd(II), Cu(II), and Pb(II) from aqueous solutions by natural muscovite양중석; 이주영; 박영태; 백기태; 최재영
2009-11Adsorption of chlorinated solvents in nonionic surfactant solutions with activated carbon in a fixed bed양중석; 백기태; 권태순; 양지원
2009-07Adsorption of Cr(VI) onto cationic surfactant-modified activated carbon최현덕; 정우성; 조정민; 류병곤; 양중석; 백기태
2010-12Assessment of metals contamination of soils in Ulaanbaatar, MongoliaTserennyam Batjargal; Enktur Otgonjargal; 백기태; 양중석
2010-06EDTA and NaOH enhanced electrokinetic remediation of mine tailing contaminated with multiple metals양중석; 이주영; 박영태; 백기태; 최재영
2007-12Effect of Surfactant on Reductive Dechlorination of Trichloroethylene by Zero-Valent Iron신민철; 최현덕; 양중석; 백기태
2012-08Electrode Configuration for Electrokinetic Restoration of Greenhouse Saline Soil조정민; 김도형; 양중석; 백기태
2013-12Electrokinetic Extraction of Metals from Marine Sediment김경조; 유종찬; 양중석; 백기태
2009-09Electrokinetic remediation of contaminated soil with waste-lubricant oils and zinc박성우; 이재영; 양중석; 김경조; 백기태
2009-01Electrokinetic remediation of fluorine-contaminated soil: Conditioning of anolyte김도형; 전칠성; 백기태; 고성환; 양중석
2012-09Electrokinetic Restoration of Saline Agricultural Land조성웅; 김도형; 양중석; 정근욱; 백기태
2009-01Electrolyte conditioning-enhanced electrokinetic remediation of arsenic-contaminated mine tailing백기태; 김도형; 박성우; 류병곤; Tserennyam Bajargal; 양중석
2013-03Evaluation of Electrolyte and Electrode Spacing for Application of Electrokinetic Remediation박근용; 김우승; 김도형; 양중석; 백기태
2009-11Extraction behavior of As, Pb, and Zn from mine tailings with acid and base solutions양중석; 이주영; 백기태; 권태순; 최재영
2013-07Extraction characteristics of heavy metals from marine sediments유종찬; 이차돌; 양중석; 백기태
2015-04Extractive and oxidative removal of copper bound to humic acid in soil황보람; 김은정; 양중석; 백기태
2008-12Feasibility Study on Acid-enhanced Electrokintic Remediation of Zn and Ni-contaminated Soil박성우; 조정민; 류병곤; 김경조; 백기태; 양중석
2012-08Hexagonal two dimensional electrokinetic systems for restoration of saline agricultural lands: A pilot study김도형; 조성웅; 최정희; 양중석; 백기태
2009-01Influence of cationic surfactant on adsorption of Cr(VI) onto activated carbon최현덕; 조정민; 백기태; 양중석; 이재영
2011-04Influence of mixed-surfactant on reductive dechlorination of trichloroethylene by zero-valent iron신민철; 양중석; 박근용; 백기태
2009-09Multiple extraction of metals from mine tailing with hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide solutions양중석; 이주영; 박영태; 백기태; 최재영
2012-12Pulse-enhanced electrokinetic restoration of sulfate-containing saline greenhouse soil조성웅; 김도형; 양중석; 백기태
2009-07Pulsed Electrokinetic Decontamination of Agricultural Lands around Abandoned Mines Contaminated with Heavy Metals류병곤; 박성우; 백기태; 양중석
2007-06Remediation of Pb-Contaminated SoiI by Soil Washing using Hdrochloric Acid백기태; 김도형; 서창일; 양중석; 이재영
2011-05Removal Characteristics of Cd(II), Cu(II), Pb(II), and Zn(II) by Natural Mongolian Zeolite through Batch and Column ExperimentsTserennyam Batjargal; 양중석; 김도형; 백기태
2009-07Removal of As(V) from aqueous system using steel-making by-product전칠성; Tserennyam Batjargal; 서창일; 양중석; 백기태
2008-11Removal of As(V) from aqueous system using steel-making by-product전칠성; 서창일; 양중석; 백기태
2010-04Removal of binary metal ions from aqueous solutions using sawdust modified with citric acid양중석; 이주영; 박영태; 최재영; 백기태
2010-08Removal of Metal Ions From Aqueous Solutions Using Sawdust Modified with Citric Acid or Tartaric Acid양중석; 박영태; 백기태; 최재영