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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003-06A study on the characteristics of plasma blacks prepared by plasma pyrolysis over metals coated honeycomb catalysts박수엽; 이중기; 유경선; Wonihl Cho; 백영순
2002-05A study on the electrochemical characteristics of LiCoO ₂ -plasma black composite electrodes for Li-ion battery윤세라; 이중기; 백영순; Wonihl Cho; 주재백; 손태원; 조병원; 박달근
2003-11Accumulation of the carbonaceous species on the Ni/Al₂O₃ catalyst during CO₂ reforming of methane.이재희; 주오심; 백영순; 유용호; 정광덕
2003-11An attempt to solve plugging problem during thermal decomposition of natural gas장훈; 임종성; 이병권; 최대기; 백영순
2003-04An electrochemical study on the carbon black conductor prepared by plasma pyrolysis of methane윤세라; 이중기; Wonihl Cho; 백영순; 주재백; 조병원
2003-05Carbon deposition on Ni/Al₂O₃ catalysts during CO₂ reforming이재희; 주오심; 백영순; 정광덕
2004-07Characteristcis of Plasma Blacks Prepared by Plasma Pyrolysis Over Metals Coated Honeycomb Catalysts박수엽; 이중기; 조병원; 유경선; 조원일; 백영순
2002-09Characteristics of carbon blacks prepared from plasma pyrolysis as a conductor of electrodes for lithium secondary battery윤세라; 이중기; 백영순; 조원일; 주재백; 손태원; 조병원; 박달근
2002-06Characteristics of hydrogen and carbon production in tubular reactor by thermal decomposition of methane이병권; 임종성; 최대기; 박정근; 이영환; 백영순
2004-12Conversion of natural gas to hydrogen and carbon black by plasma and application of plasma carbon black조원준; 이승호; 주우성; 백영순; 이중기
2003-03Experimental and theoretical study of H₂ separation using PSA process최병욱; 홍성철; 최대기; 이병권; 백영순; 이창하
2002-03Hydrogen production by pyrolysis of natuaral gas : Thermodynamic analysis윤영호; 박노국; 장원철; 이태진; 허탁; 이병권; 백영순
2001-10Hydrogen production by pyrolysis of natuaral gas : Thermodynamic analysis윤영호; 박노국; 장원철; 이태진; 허탁; 이병권; 백영순
2002-04Hydrogen production by pyrolysis of natural gas : experiments of shock tube reactor윤영호; 박노국; 류시옥; 이태진; 장원철; 허탁; 이병권; 백영순
2005-11Roles of activated carbon black as support of electrocatalyst layers in the proton exchange membrane fuel cell박영숙; 이중기; 주재백; 이경하; 김형준; 이승호; 조원일; 백영순