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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1991-01A study on the relationship between doping agents and Korean traditional medicines.표희수; 박종세; 노동석; 박송자; 김연제; 김미숙; 백형기; 김승기; 이정애; 김영림
1996-01Comparisons in pharmacokinetic profiles of new platinum coordination complexes, KBP31705-C127 and KBP30603-901 with cisplatin and carboplatin.정인숙; 이주선; 허수정; 김진숙; 진창배; 김동현; 김명수; 박경수; 손연수; 백형기; 조양하; 박종세
1990-04Determination of phenolalkylamines, narcotic analgesics, and beta-blockers by gas chromatography/mass spectrometry노동석; 홍종기; 백형기; 이정애; 박종세
1999-01Functionalization of organophosphazene trimers: synthesis and characterization of hexakis(dicarboxylic amino acid ester)cyclotriphosphazenes and their salt derivatives조양하; 백형기; 손연수
1996-01Melt polymerization of hexachlorocyclotriphosphazene in the presence of aluminum trichloride and diethyltin(IV) dichloride.조양하; 백형기; 정옥상; 전무진; 손연수
1991-01Simultaneous analysis of stimulants and narcotic analgesics by capillary column gas chromatography with nitrogen phosphorus detector노동석; 신호상; 강보경; 백형기; 김승기; 이정애; 김영림; 박종세
2000-12Synthesis and antitumor activity of cyclotriphosphazene-(diamine)platinum(II) conjugates백형기; 조양하; 이종옥; 손연수
1997-01Synthesis and antitumor activity of novel polyphosphazene-(diamine) platinum(II) conjugates손연수; 이영아; 조양하; 정옥상; 백형기; 이종옥; 김윤수
1992-01Synthesis and characterization of poly(alkoxy- and aryloxyphosphazene) copolymers.손연수; 백형기; Yong Kiel Sung
1995-01Synthesis and properties of low molecular weight polyphosphazenes.손연수; 정옥상; 조양하; 백형기
1995-01Synthesis and properties of novel Pt(II)-containing polyphosphazenes.손연수; 정옥상; Yong Kiel Sung; 백형기
1999-01Thermal polymerization of hexakis(pyridinoxy)cyclotriphosphazenes: ring-opening polymerization of ring-strain-free cyclic trimers fully substituted by organic groups조양하; 백형기; 손연수
1999-03-26포스파젠 삼합체에 도입된 백금 착물, 그의 제조방법 및 그를 유효성분으로 하는 항암제백형기; 손연수; 이정옥