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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005-031/f noise of GaAs Schottky diodes embedded with self-assembled InAs quantum dots송진동; 최원준; 한일기; 조운조; 이정일; 유병용; 변종홍; 김정훈; 송종인; Chovet, Alain
2000-08Application of neural network in rare earth separation flow sheets processes with three outletsJiangtao Jia; Sheng Wu; Yawen Zhang; Chunsheng Liao; 오종기; 변종홍; 김창홍
1998-09Automation of the solvent extraction process for high purity rare earth elements오종기; 이진영; 유병용; 권영수; 변종홍; 김창홍
1996-08Blue electroluminescence mechanism of polyester derivative blend films.변종홍; 김창홍; 유병용; Junbiao Peng; 진정일
1999-08Continuous solvent extraction of rare earthsRizhen Jin; 오종기; 이홍선; 권영수; 김창홍; 변종홍; 유병용; 이진영
1999-04Controllable color of Eu ² **+ in Ba ₂ //-// α Sr// α 2SiO ₄박철희; 유병용; 배현숙; 권태운; 권일억; 황영주; 김창홍; 변종홍
1999-11Controllable color of Eu2+ in Ba2-α Srα 2SiO4박철희; 유병용; 권일억; 배현숙; 황영주; 김창홍; 변종홍
1997-04Crystal structure of Ca1-xSrxTiO3박철희; 유병용; 전채익; 배현숙; 최한; 변종홍; 김창홍
2000-09Displacement and Luminescence of Eu3+ in CaYBO4Zeng, X.-q.; Hong, G.-y.; You, H.-p.; 김창홍; 변종홍
2000-06Displacement and luminescence of Eu3+ ion in CaYBO4Zeng Xiao-qing; Hong Guang-yan; You Hong-peng; 김창홍; 변종홍
1998-01Effects of aluminum fluoride on formation of BaMgAl//1//0O//1//7 : Eu박철희; 유병용; 배현숙; 박소정; 권일억; 김창홍; 변종홍; Hong Guang-Yan
2002-08Enhanced luminescence of SrTiO ₃ :Pr ³ + by incorporating with Li+ or Na+ ionLianhua Tian; Sun-il Mho; 배현숙; 유병용; 변종홍
2004-12Enhanced PL and VUV absorption of BaZr(BO3)2:Eu3+ by Al3+ incorporation전연화; 모선일; 유병용; 변종홍
1999-04Evolution of Sr ₂ CeO ₄ phosphor from Sr ₂ Ce ₂ O ₂ (O**iPr)//8 complex김홍렬; 최철호; 박철희; 변종홍; 김창홍; 윤호섭; 채희권
2000-11Fast luminescence decay processes of photoexcited Eu3+ in CaS : Eu,LaAra Cho; So Yeon Kim; Minyung Lee; Sung-Jin Kim; 김창홍; 변종홍
1999-08How to choose the best percentage of praseodymium induced from the third outlet for bastnasite separationJia Jiangtao; Wu Sheng; Zhang Yawen; Liao Chunsheng; Yan Chunhua; 김창홍; 변종홍
1996-01Investigation on a potash-glass bead unearthed from Pyoungra-ri of around 5th century BC.최주; 변종홍; 정동찬; 이융조; 김수철; 송종한; H. S. Hong; Y. H. Yun
2000-10Localization of Eu3+ in SrY2O4:Eu with the 5D0 → 7F0 transition박철희; Young-Il Kim; 박소정; 유병용; 배현숙; 변종홍; 김창홍; 최진호
2001-08Luminescence characteristics of ZnGa2O4 incorporated with Li+ and Na+ ion이경규; 박경호; 모선일; 유병용; 변종홍; 김창홍
2001-10Luminescence characteristics of ZnGa₂O₄ incorporated with monovalent ions이경규; 박경호; 모선일; 유병용; 변종홍; 김창홍
1999-01Luminescence of (Ca, La)S : Dy최한; 김창홍; 변종홍; 김성진
1997-04Luminescence of Ca1-xLaxS:Eu김창홍; 유병용; 전채익; 배현숙; 최한; 변종홍; 박철희
1999-03Luminescence of CaS:Bi김창홍; 변종홍; 최한; 김성진
2000-03Luminescence of Sr2CeO4박철희; 김창홍; 변종홍; 최진호
1999-08Luminescence of Sr2CeO4박철희; 김창홍; 변종홍; 최진호
1999-08Luminescence of SrY2O4 :Eu박철희; 박소정; 유병용; 배현숙; 황영주; 권일억; 김창홍; 변종홍
2000-07Luminescence of SrY2O4:Eu3+변종홍; 박철희; 박소정; 유병용; 배현숙; 김창홍
2000-08Luminescence of SrY2O4:Eu3+변종홍; 박철희; 박소정; 유병용; 배현숙; 김창홍
1997-10Luminescence of the Pr**3**+ ion in ATiO//3 (A=Ca, Sr, Ba)박철희; 유병용; 배현숙; 박소정; 권태운; 김창홍; 변종홍
1997-10Luminescence of the Pr**3**+ ion in ATiO//3 (A=Ca, Sr, Ba)박철희; 유병용; 전채익; 배현숙; 최한; 변종홍; 김창홍