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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-07Arsenic removal by magnetic nanocrystalline barium hexaferrite변지혜; Hasmukh A. Patel; Cafer T. Yavuz
2017-04Carbon Dioxide Capture Adsorbents: Chemistry and Methods변지혜; Hasmukh A. Patel; Cafer T. Yavuz
2022-02Changes in levels of N-nitrosamine formed from amine-containing compounds during chloramination via photocatalytic pretreatment with immobilized TiO2: Effect of source water and pH홍석원; 변지혜; 민기; Wooyul Kim; Kangwoo Cho
2016-11Charge specific size-dependent separation of water-soluble organic molecules by fluorinated nanoporous networks변지혜; Hasmukh A. Patel; Damien Thirion; Cafer T. Yavuz
2018-05CO2-Triggered Switchable Hydrophilicity of Heterogeneous Conjugated Polymer Photocatalyst for Enhanced Catalytic Activity in Water변지혜; Wei Huang; Di Wang; Run Li; Kai A. I. Zhang
2019-05Conjugated Polymer Hydrogel Photocatalysts with Expandable Photoactive Sites in Water변지혜; Katharina Landfester; Kai A. I. Zhang
2018-10Controllable Homogeneity/Heterogeneity Switch of Imidazolium Ionic Liquids for CO2 Utilization변지혜; Kai A. I. Zhang
2021-01Controllable porous membrane actuator by gradient infiltration of conducting polymers정성필; 변지혜; 이승헌; 임주은; K. A. I. Zhang
2020-01Designing conjugated porous polymers for visible light-driven photocatalytic chemical transformations변지혜; Kai A. I. Zhang
2019-11Development of small-scale desalination process for Mekong delta area, Vietnam송경근; 정성필; 조경진; 변지혜; 김현호; 김영재; 김혜원; 히엔 티 뉴옌; 베르카이 우멋 에실다글리; 양하연; 윤현욱; 임주은
2013-05Highly stable nanoporous sulfur bridged covalent organic polymers for carbon dioxide removal변지혜; Hasmukh A. Patel; Ferdi Karadas; Joonho Park; Erhan Deniz; Ali Canlier; Yousung Jung; Mert Atilhan; Cafer T. Yavuz
2021-03Hydrophilic photocatalytic membrane via grafting conjugated polyelectrolyte for visible-light-driven biofouling control홍석원; 변지혜; 볼로마 바이야쿠; 정은후
2014-12Magnetic BaFe12O19 nanofiber filter for effective separation of Fe3O4 nanoparticles and removal of arsenic변지혜; Hasmukh A. Patel; Cafer T. Yavuz
2020-05Magnetic conjugated polymer nanoparticles with tunable wettability for versatile photocatalysis under visible light변지혜; 볼로마 바이야쿠; Can Yang; Wenyan Wang; Kai A. I. Zhang
2018-11Molecular Design of Donor­Acceptor­Type Organic Photocatalysts for Metal­free Aromatic C­C Bond Formations under Visible Light변지혜; Lei Wang; Run Li; Wei Huang; Kai A. I. Zhang
2020-10N-Rich Carbon Catalysts with Economic Feasibility for the Selective Oxidation of Hydrogen Sulfide to Sulfur변지혜; Can Yang; Hanfeng Ye; Yidong Hou; Xinchen Wang
2014-04Nanoporous covalent organic polymers incorporating Tr?ger’s base functionalities for enhanced CO2 capture변지혜; Sang-Hyun Je; Hasmukh A. Patel; Ali Coskun; Cafer T. Yavuz
2015-06Nanoporous networks as caging supports for uniform, surfactant-free Co3O4 nanocrystals and their applications in energy storage and conversion변지혜; Hasmukh A. Patel; Dong Jun Kim; Chan Ho Jung; Jeong Young Park; Jang Wook Choi; Cafer T. Yavuz
2018-06Poly-benzothiadiazoles and their derivatives as heterogeneous photocatalysts for visible light-driven chemical transformations변지혜; Run Li; Wei Huang; Cyrine Ayed; Lei Wang; Kai A. I. Zhang
2019-09Processing nanoporous organic polymers in liquid amines변지혜; Damien Thirion; Cafer T. Yavuz
2020-04Quantitative evaluation of the antibacterial factors of ZnO nanorod arrays under dark conditions: Physical and chemical effects on Escherichia coli inactivation홍석원; 김은주; 변지혜; 이지호; 김형은; 정은후; Chan Ul Kim; Kyoung Jin Choi
2016-04Rapid extraction of uranium ions from seawater using novel porous polymeric adsorbents변지혜; Y. H. Sihn; Hasmukh A. Patel; W. J. Lee; Cafer T. Yavuz
2017-09Reversible water capture by a charged metal-free porous polymer변지혜; H. A. Patel; D. Thirion; C. T. Yavuz
2020-11-19다공성 고분자 액추에이터 및 그 제조방법변지혜; 정성필