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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-113D electrode fabrication for measurement of neurospheroid differentiation state according to impedance change진주영; 유진; 정진우; 박정열; 황유식; 서준교; 김진석
2010-123D real-time facial recognition and speech system using 2 pair stereo camera고혜승; 한성민; 추준욱; 황도식; 서준교; 최귀원; 윤인찬
2010-08-163차원 골 영상 시뮬레이션 기술을 이용한 본 플레이트 제작 방법권익찬; 김광명; 박종웅; 서준교; 윤인찬; 최귀원; 추준욱
2014-11A 3-D co-culture system of peripheral motor neurons and Schwann cells demonstrates the myelination process in vitro형수진; 최나라; 박종철; 김진석; 서준교
2013-08A fully implantable wireless system for sciatic nerve recording and stimulation손안세; 송강일; 추준욱; 서준교; 최귀원; 윤인찬
2015-04A Neural Probe with Integrated Light Emitting Diodes Using Batch Process for Optogenetic Stimulation최원석; 김옥철; 이부용; 김태형; 진주영; 정진우; 신현준; 서준교; 김진석
2014-11A Real-Time ENG Pattern Recognition System based Sensory Event detection for Closed-Loop Control한성민; 추준욱; 최귀원; 서준교; 박종웅; 윤인찬
2010-09A study on the utilization of information and communication assistive devices for bridging the digital devide of the disabled김정호; 서준교; 구교준
2015-05A time-course study of behavioral and electrophysiological characteristics in a mouse model of different stages of Parkinson's disease using 6-hydroxydopamine박성희; 송강일; 서준교; 황도식; 윤인찬
2011-06A Wireless and Simultaneous Transmission Method for Both Power and Data into Implantable Medical Devies안혜린; 정상훈; 조성은; 서준교; 김용준
2013-02Active control of dielectrophoretic force at nanowire electrode for ultrahigh single nanoparticle manipulation yield김진식; 이상엽; 서준교; 박정호; 신현준
2010-05An Implantable Low-Noise Amplifier for Nerve Cuff Electrodes송강일; 추준욱; 윤인찬; 권일근; 유선국; 최귀원; 서준교
2015-08An Implantable Wireless Optogenetic Stimulation System for Peripheral Nerve Control송강일; 박성희; 김명수; 주철민; 김용준; 서준교; 황도식; 윤인찬
2011-07Assessment of Laser Retina Stimulation System for Optogenetic Vision Restoration문혁준; 김진모; 진준효; 전성민; 신현준; 서준교
2011-07Biomechanical changes in the sclera of monkey eyes exposed to chronic IOP elevationsMichael J.A. Girard; 서준교; Michael Bottlang; Claude F. Burgoyne; J. Crawford Downs
2010-08Bionics emerges as a new rehabilitation technology for the next generation서준교
2014-04Cardiomyocyte Contractile Force Changes in Response to Chemical Environments유진; 문효원; 이부용; 진주영; 장지은; 서준교; 박정열; 황유식; 김진석
2015-08Characteristics of the Neuronal Firing Patterns in the Subthalamic Nucleus with Graded Dopaminergic Cell Loss in the Nigrostriatal Pathway박성희; 송강일; 서준교; 윤인찬
2010-12CMC-Based Transcutaneous Wireless Power Transmission System for Implantable Neuroprostheses정상훈; 조성은; 김용준; 서준교
2015-10Coculture of Primary Motor Neurons and Schwann Cells as a Model for In Vitro Myelination형수진; 이보윤; 박종철; 김진석; 허은미; 서준교
2015-10Control of bladder function by optogentic modulation on membrane potential of smooth muscle박재홍; 장자윤; 홍진기; 문혁준; 이헌휘; 신현준; 서준교
2019-02Dedifferentiated Schwann cells secrete progranulin that enhances the survival and axon growth of motor neurons이철주; 서준교; 신지혜; 형수진; 이보윤; 임선경; 박종철; 허은미
2011-11Dental derived neural stem cell based-optogenetic method for treatment of neurodegeneration전성민; 김진모; 문혁준; 진준효; 김병철; 신현준; 이창준; 황유식; 서준교
2010-09Dental papilla stem cell and adipose tissue derived stem cell tailored to neural and cartilage tissue engineering김병철; 김진석; 서준교; 황유식
2010-08Design of a Low-Noise Amplifier for Nerve Cuff Electrode Recording추준욱; 송강일; 윤인찬; 이수현; 강지윤; 최귀원; 서준교
2010-05Development of a Low-Noise Amplifier for Recording Peripheral Nerve Signals송강일; 추준욱; 윤인찬; 최귀원; 서준교
2011-03Development of a Low-Noise Amplifier System for Nerve Cuff Electrodes송강일; 추준욱; 서준교; 최귀원; 유선국; 윤인찬
2012-10Development of implantable neural signal acquisition system손안세; 송강일; 추준욱; 서준교; 최귀원; 윤인찬
2010-11Development of improving directional problem and reducing cap distance between stimulation and recording sites in optical neural probe for deep brain stimulation박형달; 송혜정; 김태훈; 신현준; 윤의성; 서준교; 김진석
2014-11Development of Neurospheroid using Microwell for Degenerative Brain Diseases유진; 진주영; 장지은; 양기석; 황유식; 박정열; 조승우; 서준교; 김진석