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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006-123D Gaze Estimation and Interaction Technique기정석; 전경원; 조상우; 권용무; 김성규; 손광훈
2007-103D Gaze Tracking and Analysis for Attentive Human Computer Interaction기정석; 전경원; 권용무; 김성규; 손광훈
2001-08A full parallax three-dimensional imaging system based on a point light source array김성식; 손광훈; Vladimir Savaljev; Eugene F. Pen; 손정영; 전주환
2001-07Bidirectional dyamic programming based disparity estimation and its application th the intermediate view reconstruction of 3D images배진환; 김성식; 손정영; 손광훈
2017-06Correlation between projector calibration error and depth expression range for autostereoscopic optical display system using LASER beam scanning projector김성규; 강민구; 윤기혁; 김여훈; 손광훈
2010-11Development of an autonomous candy serving robot using UPnP based robot middleware임기웅; 송의규; 안상철; 권용무; 손광훈
2001-02Edge-preserving disparity estimation and disparity-compensated intermediate view reconstruction for stereo images김성식; 손정영; Young Huh; 이철희; 손광훈
2015-05Effect of parallax distribution and crosstalk on visual comfort in parallax barrier autostereoscopic display김동현; 이형; 김성규; 손광훈
2009-10Efficient UPnP SOAP transmission using IP matching임기웅; 안상철; 손광훈
2001-06Feature-based disparity estimation for intermediate view reconstruction of multiveiw images김한성; 김성식; 손정영; 손광훈
2000-07Forward disparity estimation and intermediate view reconstruction of 3D images using irregular triangle meshes김성식; 김미현; 임정은; 손정영; 손광훈
2016-06Fringe periods of color moires in contact-type 3-D displays김성규; 이형; 손정영; 손광훈; Oleksii O. Chernyshov
2006-03Gaze tracking system using feature points of pupil and glints center박진우; 권용무; 손광훈
2005-12Gaze Tracking System using Single Camera and Purkinje Image박진우; 권용무; 손광훈
2012-04Method of crosstalk reduction using lenticular lens이형; 이광훈; 김성규; 손광훈
2012-08Optical Approach for Increasing the Resolution of Displayed Multi-view Image from Projection Type of Auto-stereoscopic 3D Display System by Adopting a Commercial Spherical Lenticular Lens Sheet손영섭; 김성규; 손광훈; 이광훈
2015-12Parallax adjustment for visual comfort enhancement using the effect of parallax distribution and cross talk in parallax-barrier autostereoscopic three-dimensional display김성규; 이형; 김동현; 손광훈
2001-03Printed 3D multi-view images김성식; 손광훈; V.V. Saveljev; 손정영
2007-10Research on Bridging between Virtual URS and Physical URS기정석; 권용무; 손광훈
2011-10Robot component connection mechanism using IP based permission assignment임기웅; 안상철; 권용무; 손광훈
2009-08UPnP robot middleware for dynamic services임기웅; 안상철; 권용무; 고희동; 김형곤; 손광훈
2010-10UPnP single event mechanism for OPRoS robot S/W platform임기웅; 안상철; 권용무; 손광훈