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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-09A Development of Simulation Model for End-of-Life Vehicle Dismantling System손영태; 임석진; 박면웅
2010-11A Development of the Context-Based Information Service Agent Considering Contextual Change over Time임재권; 이수홍; 박면웅; 손영태; 김재관; 배일주; 안원빈; 이태우
2014-01A Monitoring System Architecture and Calculation of Practical Recycling Rate for End-of-Life Vehicle Recycling in Korea박정환; 이화조; 박면웅; 손영태
2014-10A Research about Generating and Utilizing the Generalized Surgical Process with Surgical Workflow Manager황현태; 이수홍; 양웅; 박면웅; 권규현; 손영태; 김재관; 정다희
2012-12A study on Monitoring System Architecture for Calculation of Practical Recycling Rate of End of Life Vehicle박정환; 이화조; 박면웅; 손영태
1994-01A system for recognition and modification of machining features on prismatic components.박면웅; 손영태; 고희동; 강호진
1992-05Acquiring spatial data of sculptured surfaces and polyhedral machining.손영태; 최영
2008-03Adaptive Information Provisioning in an Agent-Based Virtual Organization-ontologies in the SystemMichal Szymczak; Grzegorz Frackowiak; Maciej Gawinecki; Maria Ganzha; Marcin Paprzycki; 박면웅; 한요섭; 손영태
2012-05Adaptive system for dismantling End-of-Life Vehicle박면웅; 손영태
2015-03An IT Solution Framework for Supporting ELV Recycling Loop손영태; 박면웅
2001-06Ball screw selection for intelligent design using genetic algorithms손영태; 박면웅; 이홍철
2004-09Conceptual Design of ELV Dismantling System Based on Simulation박면웅; 손영태
2005-10Conceptual Design of ELV Dismantling system based on Simulation손영태; 박면웅; 표정호
2010-03Design and Distribution of ELV Dismantling System for enhancing the Recycling rate박면웅; 손영태
1993-05Determination of cutting condition based on heuristic mapping.손영태; 박면웅; 박병태; 김성근; 맹희영
2011-10Development of a Context-Aware Information System for Baseball Service손영태; 김재관; 박면웅; 임재권; 이수홍
2011-07Development of a System for Proactive Information Service박면웅; 이수홍; 손영태; 김재관; 배일주; 임재권
2013-11Development of an Adaptive Design Supporting System for Dismantling Plant of End-of-Life Vehicles손영태; 박면웅
2014-02Development of an Adaptive Layout Design System for ELV(End-of-Life Vehicle)Dismantling Plant손영태; 박면웅
1997-02Development of data structure and manager for surface modeler박세형; 손영태; 이윤영
2009-11Development of ELV(End-of-Life-Vehicle) Dismantling System for Maximizing Recyclability of ELV박면웅; 손영태
2004-05Development of Integrated Design System for Structural Design of Machine Tool박면웅; 손영태
2003-01Development of integrated design system for structural design of machine tools박면웅; 손영태; 조성원
1991-06Development of interactive modeling and cutting path generation system for manufacturing of automobile mirrors.손영태; 박세형
1991-06Development of the tool management system for CIMS implementation : On the application of milling operation.손영태; 강무진; 이재원; 김광만
2005-08ELV Dismantling System for Recycling박면웅; 손영태
2001-05Engineering data management for intelligent design강무진; 손영태; 박면웅; 정승환
2010-12Extracted Page Log based Web Site Evaluation정용진; 김재관; 손영태; 박면웅
2008-05Generic Framework for Agent Adaptability and Utilization in a Virtual Organization - Preliminary ConsiderationsMaria Ganzha; Maciej Gawinecki; Michal Szymczak; Grzegorz Frackowiak; Marcin Paprzycki; 박면웅; 한요섭; 손영태
2008-09Infrastructure for Ontological Resource Matching in a Virtual OrganizationMichal Szymczak; Grzegorz Frackowiak; Maria Ganzha; Marcin Paprzycki; 이상근; 박면웅; 한요섭; 손영태; 이지혜; 김재관