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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998-083 차원 동영상 정보처리용 영상 입출력 기술손정영; 천유식
-3D Display and Image Processing System for Metal Bellows WeldingPark, Min Chul; 손정영
-3D Display Simulator based on Mixed RealityPark, Min-Chul; LEE HO DONG; 손정영
-3D TV Interface by an intelligent remote controllerPark, Min Chul; KIM, SUNG KYU; 손정영
1996-073차원 영상 기술손정영
-A Networked Viewpoint Controller Based on a Spatiotemporal Attention Module for the Future 3D TVPark, Min Chul; Choi Won Hyuk; KIM, SUNG KYU; 손정영
1992-01A new observation on optical phase conjugation using barium titanate: Dark hole effect.전형욱; 손정영; 이임걸; 엄용식
2007-04A perceptive remote-control for 3D TV interface박민철; 김성규; 손정영
2008-03An Intelligent Remote Controller for Multi-view 3D TV박민철; 김만배; 박상주; 손정영
2001-07Bidirectional dyamic programming based disparity estimation and its application th the intermediate view reconstruction of 3D images배진환; 김성식; 손정영; 손광훈
1991-03Characterization of microscale objects based on the diffraction pattern analysis.전형욱; 손정영; 강기호; 오명환
1993-03Dependence of optical phase conjugation on incident beam position and intensity.전형욱; 손정영; 이임걸; 손동환; 임동건
1998-12Designing a multiview 3D display system based on a spatiotemporal multiplexing손정영; 김재순; 전호인
-Development of monocular and binocular multi-focus 3D display systems using LEDsKIM, SUNG KYU; Kim, Dong Wook; 손정영; Kwon, Yong-Moo
1992-01Double-pass image transmission through optical fiber using self-pumped phase conjugation and effects of system parameters.전형욱; 이임걸; 손정영
1998-07Fabricating a dichromated gelatine (DCG) photoplate and the drying stress of a DCG plate이혁수; 조동현; 전형욱; 최용진; 손정영; 박승한
2000-08Fabrication of neutral density (ND) filter using silver halide photo film이혁수; 손정영; 김상천; 박승한
-Generation of illumination pattern by IFTA methodKIM, SUNG KYU; 손정영; 남동석; 한우성; 이호찬; 이재현; 김재순
2000-03Investigation of viewing zone parameters for full color transmission type holographic screens반지은; 신상훈; 최용진; V. I. Bobrinev; 손정영; 전명석
1996-09-06LDV방식과 시차방식을 결합 이용한 유체속도 측정장치 및 방법손정영; 최용진; 전형욱
2008-04LED를 PLS 배열로 사용한 시역 형성 광학계가 없는 3차원 영상의 시역에 대한 연구최규환; 김성규; 손정영
1991-04Measurement of total light attenuation in the particle laden lubricating oil.안효석; 손정영; 강기호; 전형욱
-Mobile Phone StereoscopyLee Kwang Hoon; 손정영; Lee Hyoung; KIM, SUNG KYU
-Monocular Depth Cue in MF 3D 3DisplayKIM, SUNG KYU; Dong-Wook Kim; Kwon, Yong-Moo; 손정영
2000-03Multi-viewing zone screen for multiview 3-D displays손정영; Vadim V. Smirnov; 천유식
1996-09Performance evaluation of parallel acquisition in cellular DS/CDMA reverse link.손정영; 박형래; 강법주; 강창언
1996-01Performance evaluation of the single-dwell and double-dwell detection schemes in the IS-95 reverse link.손정영; 강법주; 박형래; 강창언
-Pixel pattern for voxels in rhomb shape pixel cell손정영; Vladmir Saveljev; KIM, SUNG KYU; 신상훈; 최용진; 김경태
2001-03Printed 3D multi-view images김성식; 손광훈; V.V. Saveljev; 손정영
1997-01Real-time reconstruction of complex holograms using LCDs김수길; 손정영; 김규태; 이병호; 김은수