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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007-11A case study on the operational characteristics of wastewater treatment plant in combined sewer system during storm event조강우; 송경근; 김태균; 조영무; 안규홍
1995-01A comparison study on the membrane fouling control between pulsating feed and air bubbling method.김형수; Kenji Fujita; 안규홍; 송경근
2010-09A comprehensive analysis of storm water pollutants generation from urban roadway in Korea조강우; 송경근; 안규홍
2007-05A Comprehensive Study on Bioretention for Urban Storm Runoff Management in Korea송경근; 조강우; 안규홍
2007-04A Comprehensive Study on Bioretention to Establish a Management Strategy of Nonpoint Source pollution조강우; 송경근; 김창균; 김태균; 안규홍
2007-05A development of Coagulation/Filtration process for reuse of WWTP effluent using Synthetic permeable media and Coagulant김기팔; 송경근; 안규홍; 팽기정
2009-10A pilot Scale Study on a Layered Biofilter System to Control Urban Road Runoff in Korea조강우; 윤민혁; 원세연; 송경근; 안규홍
2009-10A Pilot-scale Filtration Device using Polymeric Media for Control of Heavy Metals and Alkylphenols in Urban Storm Runoff조강우; 송경근; 윤민혁; 안규홍
2012-03A study of T-P removal of P-CAP system by floc monitoring device최충호; 심재휘; 송경근; 차호영
2012-09A study on the applicability of PDA technique in the P-CAP system for T-P removal of STP effluent최충호; 맹승규; 심재휘; 최진호; 송경근; 이병하; 차호영
1994-11A study on the improvement of permeate Flux and water quality in UF process coupling with PAC송경근; 박준홍; 안규홍; 김형수
2001-07Acetate injection into anaerobic settled sludge for biological p-removal in an intermittently aerated reactor안규홍; 유형석; 이재우; 맹승규; 박기영; 송경근
2000-09Acetate injection into anaerobic settled sludge for biological p-removal in an intermittently-aerated feactor안규홍; 유형석; 이재우; 맹승규; 박기영; 송경근
2000-09Acetate injection into anaerobic settled sludge for biological p-removal in an intermittently-aerated reactor-I. dependency of p removal on do, nitrification and nitrate안규홍; 유형석; 이재우; 맹승규; 박기영; 송경근
2019-11Adsorption and mechanistic study for phosphate removal by rice husk-derived biochar functionalized with Mg/Al-calcined layered double hydroxides via co-pyrolysis송경근; 최재우; 정경원; 이선용; 최근수; 이영재
2011-05Adsorption of aluminum ion from water on alginate-modified polyurethane김기팔; Zubair Ahmed; 송경근; Saleh F. Magram; Maged H. H. Daoud; 안규홍; 팽기정
2011-08Alginate 변형된 폴리우레탄을 이용한 암모니아 이온 제거 특성신재원; 김기팔; 윤민혁; 송경근; 안규홍
2005-01Analysis of attached algae and microbial community structure in sedimentation basin of water and wastewater treatment plants임병란; 안규홍; 송경근; 박유정; 전대영
2000-08Application of microfiltration with a novel fouling control method for reuse of wastewater from a large-scale resort complex안규홍; 송경근
1998-10Application of nanofiltration for recycling of paper regeneration wastewater and characterization of filtration resistance안규홍; 차호영; 염익태; 송경근
1998-06Application of tubular ceramic membrane for building wastewater reuse안규홍; 송지현; 차호영; 송경근; 유형석
1997-09Application of ultrafiltration process for municipal wastewater reuse송경근; 안규홍
2001-03Batch procedure for evaluation of biological phosphorus removal in the intermittently decanted extended aeration process박기영; 안규홍; 송경근; 이재우
2008-02Biodegradation of 2,4-dichlorophenol and Bisphenol A in a pre-anoxic/anaerobic nutrient removing membrane bioreactor김기팔; 주베르; 송경근; 안규홍; 팽기정
2013-06Biogas generation from domestic wastewater using media implied anaerobic bioreactor신재원; 김혜민; 홍승관; 송경근
2008-01Biological nitrogen and phosphorus removal and changes in microbial community structure in a membrane bioreactor: Effect of different carbon sources주베르; 임병란; 조진우; 송경근; 김기팔; 안규홍
2009-11Bioretention 이용한 도로 강우 유출수 중 알킬페놀류 저감 연구이병하; 조강우; 윤민혁; 송경근; 안규홍
1998-03Characteristics of backwashing factors in ultrafiltration for wastewater reclamation안규홍; 송경근
2012-10Characteristics of flux and gel layer on microfilter and non-woven fabric filter surface based on anoxic-aerobic MBRs이정열; 최보경; 안규홍; 맹승규; 송경근
2004-09Characteristics of nitrogen and phosphorus removal in a sequencing anoxic/anaerobic membrane bioreactor (SAM) process송경근; 조진우; 윤호준; 고은택; 안규홍