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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1996-013-(6-Methoxy-2-benzimidazoly1)benzothiazolin-2-imine.송충의; 진병우; 정종화
1994-015-Aminolevulinic acid dehydratase: inhibition and active-site requirements.송충의; 하현준
1996-016-Benzamidobenzimidazo[2,1,b][1,3,5] benzothiazepine.송충의; 진병우; 정종화
1999-01A cautionary tale about the enantioselective oxirane synthesis by means of dimethylsulfonium methylyilide and chral phase-transfer catalysts.송충의; 이상효; 김수창; 황태섭; 문치장
1997-01A new C//2-symmetric chiral bisphosphone ligand containing a bioxazole backbone : highly enantioselective hydrosilylation of ketones이상기; 임청우; 송충의; 김인오
1998-01A new synthetic route to (3R,4S)-3-hydroxy-4-phenylazetidin-2-one as a taxol side chain precursor송충의; 이성우; 노은주; 이상기; 이원구
2003-09A ruthenium( Ⅱ ) complex with a tetradentate C ₂ -symmetric bis(phosphino)-bis(oxazoline) ligand for asymmetric transfer hydrogenation of aromatic ketones.이상기; 정효령; 김관묵; 송충의; 조천규
2003-03Acceleration of the Baylis-Hillman reaction in the presence of ionic liquids.김은진; 고수영; 송충의
2000-01Alkaloids as chirality transmitters in asymmetric catalysis송충의
2001-06Asymmetric dihydroxylation of trans-cinnamates under high-pressure conditions: substantial increase of turnover number송충의; 오천림; 노은주; 최정훈
1999-09Asymmetric dihydroxylation under high pressure conditions : substantial increase of enantioselectivity and turnover number송충의; 오천림; 최정훈
1999-01Asymmetric dihydroxylation under high pressure conditions : substantial increase of enantioselectivity and turnover number.송충의; 오천림; 최정훈
1994-01Aymmetric hydrocyanation of 3-phenoxybenzaldehyde catalyzed by polymer-bound cyclic dipeptides.송충의; 김인오; Young Jae Chun
2000-09Beckmann rearrangements of 1-indanone oxime derivatives using aluminum chloride and mechanistic considerations이병세; 추소영; 이인영; 이본수; 송충의; 지대윤
2002-05Bromination of activated arenes by oxone and sodium bromide이기정; 조혜경; 송충의
2001-12Catalysis in ionic liquids송충의
2002-12Catalysis in ionic liquids송충의
2003-09Catalytic asymmetric hydrogenation in a room temperature ionic liquid using chiral Rh-complex of ionic liquid grafted 1,4-bisphosphine ligand.이상기; 장용건; Jing Yu Piao; 윤희원; 송충의; 최정훈; 홍종기
2003-05Chiral Co( Ⅲ )(salen)-catalysed hydrolytic kinetic resolution of racemic epoxides in ionic liquids.오천림; 주동준; 심우호; Dong-Hoon Lee; 노은주; 이상기; 송충의
1993-01Chromatographic resolution of racemic apla-halocarboxylic acisds and O-substituted alpa-hydroxycarboxylic acids via diastereomeric N-acyloxazolidinones.김인오; 이상기; 송충의; 이교철; 정종화
1996-01Chromosomal aberration assay of taxol and 10-deacetyl baccatin III in chinese hamster lung cells in vitro.류재천; 김경란; 류은경; 김현주; 권오승; 송충의; 마응천; 장일무
1999-09Cocrystallization of two conformers of (2S,3S,9S,10S)-2,3,9,10-tetraphenyl-1,4,8,11-tetraoxacyclotetradecane-6,13-dione송충의; 김양희; 김관묵; 지대윤; 정종화
2000-01Cr(salen) catalysed asymmetric ring opening reactions of epoxides in room temperature ionic liquids송충의; 오천림; 노은주; 주동준
1999-06C₂-symmetric bisphosphinobioxazoline as a chiral ligand. Highly enantioselective palladium-catalyzed allylic substitutions and formation of P,N,N,P tetradentate palladium (II) complexes이상기; 임청우; 송충의; 김관묵; 전철호
1999-07Design and synthesis of binaphthol-derived chiral ketone catalysts for dioxirane-mediated asymmetric epoxidation of olefins김양희; 이교철; 지대윤; 이상기; 송충의
1995-01Di(equa)bis[( η **5-cyclopentadienyl)tris-(dimethylphosphito-P)cobalt- Ο , Ο ', Ο "]-lanthanium(III)송충의; Yeung Cho Lee; 정종화; Hwan Jin Yeo
1996-01Efficient and practical polymeric catalysts for heterogeneous asymmetric dihydroxylation of olefins.송충의; 이상기; 양정운; 하현준
1999-01Electrochemical alkyl transfer reactions of organoboranes prepared by hydroboration to the carbonyl compounds.최정훈; 최보성; 김경성; 송충의
2004-05Enantioselective chemo- and bio-catalysis in ionic liquids송충의
1996-01Formation of stable solvent-trapped carbonyl oxide from the ozonolysis of indole derivatives.송충의; 이상기; 임청우; 박두한