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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006-10-191,2-디[2-메톡시-4-(2-카르복실비닐)]페녹시에탄 화합물을유효성분으로 함유하는 파킨슨병 예방 및 치료용 약학적조성물김동진; 신계정; 황온유
2013-112-Phenylbenzofuran derivatives alleviate mitochondrial damage via the inhibition of β-amyloid aggregation이윤석; 김혜연; 윤혜미; 서재홍; 김영수; 신계정
2011-023D QSAR pharmacophore model based on diverse IKKβ inhibitors샨티; 아시프; 추현아; 조용서; 오광석; 이병호; 신계정; 배애님
2000-08-255'-헤테로아릴티오메틸피롤리딘-3'-일티오기를 갖는 신규 1-베타메틸카바페넴 유도체 및 그의 제조방법김동진; 김동찬; 박상우; 신계정; 유경호
1998-08A concise approach to the antiviral nucleoside (1R,2S,4S,5S)-1-hydroxymethyl-2-hydroxy-4-(6-amino-9-purinyl)bicyclo[3.1.0]hexaneRandolph Alonso; 신계정; Victor E. Marquez
2005-01A hybrid molecule that prohibits amyloid fibrils and alleviates neuronal toxicity induced by β-amyloid (1-42)이경현; 신병희; 신계정; 김동진; 유재훈
1996-01A new synthetic route to 6,7-Dichloro-5,8-quinoxalinedione and synthesis of its derivatives.박상우; 한균희; 신계정; 김동찬; 유경호; 김동진
1995-01A stereoselective route to a cyclopentanoid natural product synthon via intramolecular ester enolate alkylation.신계정; 박상우; 김득준
1993-01A stereoselective synthesis of ( ± )-elemol via an intramolecular Sn 2' ester enolate alkylation.신계정; 김득준; 임중인; 김학성
1994-01A stereospecific synthesis of ( ± )-grandisol via an intramolecular lactone enolate alkylation: a remarkable regiodivergence in C- vs O-alkylation.신계정; 곽영신; 김득준
1994-01A total synthesis of (-)-reiswigin a via sequential claisen rearrangement-intramolecular ester enolate alkylation.신계정; 박상우; 김득준; 김익연
2007-01An approach to cyclic α-amino acids by a novel hetero Diels-Alder/intramolecular hydantoin enolate alkylation strategy: an approach to halichlorine김형수; 서재홍; 신계정; 김동진; 김득준
2004-02An Approach To Enhance Specificity against RNA Targets Using Heteroconjugates of Aminoglycosides and Chloramphenicol (or Linezolid)이종국; 권미윤; 이경현; 정선주; 현순실; 신계정; 유재훈
1995-01An efficient construction of 4-oxo-1,3-diazabicyclo[3.3.0]octanes via thiohydantoins.유경호; 김동진; 김인종; 신계정; 박상우
1995-01Artificial blood.유경호; 김동진; 김동찬; 신계정; 박상우
1997-01Basicities of thiazole heterocyclic compounds and the reaction of 3-methyl-2-methylimino- Δ **4-thiazolines with ethyl bromoacetate and 2-bromoacetophoenone박상우; 김동진; 김동찬; 유경호; 신계정
1996-10Basicities of thiazole heterocyclic compounds and the reaction of 3-methyl-2-methylimino-Δ⁴-thiazolines with ethyl bromoacetate and 2-bromoacetophenone김동찬; 유경호; 신계정; 박상우; 김동진
2008-12Biomimetic Asymmetric Total Synthesis of (-)-Laurefucin via an Organoselenium-Mediated Intramolecular Hydroxyetherification김병숙; 이미선; 김미정; 이현주; 김상희; 김득준; 고민섭; 박승범; 신계정
2007-03Bis-styrylpyridine and Bis-styrylbenzene Derivatives as Inhibitors for Aβ Fibril Formation변성림; 이지훈; 손지훈; 김동찬; 신계정; 유경호; 묵인희; 이원구; 김동진
1998-08Conformationally constrained carbocyclic analogues of S-adenosylmethionine and S-adenosylhomocysteine신계정; Victor E. Marquez
1999-04Conformationally constrained carbocyclic analogues of S-adenosylmethionine and S-adenosylhomocysteine신계정; 박상우; Victor E. Marquez
1999-01Conformationally restricted nucleosides. The reaction of adenoside deaminase with substrates built on a bicyclo[3.1.0]hexane templateVictor E. Marquez; Pamela Russ; Randolph Alonso; Maqbool A. Siddiqui; 신계정; Clifford George; Marc C. Nicklaus; Fang Dai; Harry Ford, Jr.
2000-04Construction of the bicyclo[3.1.0]hexane template of a conformationally locked carbocyclic adenosine via an olefin keto-carbene cycloaddition신계정; 문형룡; Clifford George; Victor E. Marquez
2018-09Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of novel thiazolidinedione derivatives as irreversible allosteric IKK-β modulators노은주; 허우영; 김남윤; 박정은; Elkamhawy Ahmed; Ahmed H.E. Hassan; 양정은; 오광석; 이병호; 이미영; 신계정; 이경태
2010-10Dimeric and tetrameric forms of enoyl-acyl carrier protein reductase from Bacillus cereus김수진; 하병학; 김국한; 홍승곤; 신계정; 서세원; 김은경
1999-09Dipolar cycloaddition of 5,6-dihydroimidazo[2,1-b]thiazolium betaines김동진; 유경호; 김동찬; 신계정; 박상우
2011-05Discovery of piperidinyl aminopyrimidine derivatives as IKK-2 inhibitors김소라; 정진교; 이효선; 김영재; 김지윤; 최기항; 백두종; 문봉진; 오광석; 이병호; 신계정; 배애님; 남길수; 노은주; 조용서; 추현아
2012-09Discovery of potent and selective rhodanine type IKKβ inhibitors by hit-to-lead strategy송혜승; 이윤석; 노은주; 서재홍; 오광석; 이병호; Hogyu Han; 신계정
2007-07Ferulic acid and benzothiazole dimer derivatives with high binding affinity to β-amyloid fibrils변성림; 진윤정; 임수정; 이지훈; 유경호; 신계정; 오승준; 김동진
2000-09IH201, A new parenteral carbapenem, in vitro antibacterial activity and convulsive activity김동진; 신계정; 유경호; 박상우; 박승용; 고봉석; 이상주; 진창배