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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-10A Characteristic Study of Single-dielectric Barrier Discharge Plasma Actuators Including Body Force Estimation아담 제라드 쿨롱; 이해욱; 신유환
2019-02A new type of heat storage system using the motion of phase change materials in an elliptical-shaped capsule신유환; 강상우; 신동호; 박진수; 최성호; 고한서
2018-06A Scale-Determining Model with a Focus on Low-Reynolds Number and Near-Wall Turbulence신유환; 정조순; 강민호
2005-04A study of heat transfer fluids for refrigeration system using direct contact method홍주희; 신유환; 김영일; 이연희; 김강진
2016-12A Study on Polytropic Parameter of Real gas using Schultz Compressibility Factor신유환; 박주훈; 정진택
2002-09A study on the flow characteristics of an axial flow fan by unsteady pressure measurement강창식; 신유환; 김광호; 이두열
2002-08A study on the unsteady flow phenomena in an axial flow fan김광호; 신유환; 강창식
2009-12Aerodynamic Design and Estimation of a Centrifugal Multi-Blade Fan for Ventilation박준건; 강경준; 신유환; 김광호; 이윤표; 정재구; 김정환
2012-12Aerodynamic Design and Flow Analysis of Middle Size Turbo Refrigerant Compressor for Ice Thermal Storage박주훈; 신유환; 이윤표; 정진택; 조용훈
2011-11Aerodynamic Design and Flow Analysis of Propane Turbo-Compressor박주훈; 신유환; 이윤표
2010-05Aerodynamic Design and Numerical Analysis of Propane Refrigerant Centrifugal Compressor for LNG Plant박주훈; 이원석; 강경준; 신유환; 이윤표; 김광호; 정진택
2009-12Aerodynamic Design and Numerical Analysis of R134a Centrifugal Compressor for Ice Storage System박주훈; 강경준; 신유환; 김광호; 이윤표; 정진택; 김종성
2011-08Aerodynamic Design and Numerical Study of a Propane-Refrigerant Centrifugal Compressor for LNG Plant박주훈; 이원석; 신유환; 김광호; 이윤표; 정진택
2016-12Aerodynamic Design of Centrifugal Compressor for Low GWP Refrigerant신유환; 박주훈; 곽승용; 하헌우; 조용훈
2017-07Aerodynamic Design of Centrifugal Compressor in Turbo-chiller for Global Warming신유환; 박주훈; 곽승용; 하헌우; 김종성
1998-01An experimental study on rotating stall in vaneless diffuser of a centrifugal compressor신유환; 김광호; 손병진
1996-01An experimental study on rotating stall in vaneless diffuser of a centrifugal compressor.김광호; 신유환; 이용희; 조강래
1998-01An experimental study on the development of a reverse flow zone in a vaneless diffuser신유환; 김광호; 손병진
1998-02An experimental study on the flow behavior in vaneless diffuser under rotating stall신유환; 김광호; 손병진
2006-08Analysis and hazard evaluation of heat-transfer fluids for the direct contact cooling system홍주희; 이연희; 신유환; 강상우; 김영일; 김서영
2018-05Analysis of Flow Characteristics of Micro Pelton Turbine for PRO systems according to Variation of Operating Conditions신유환; 김영수; 정인혁; 박주훈; 정진택
2019-06Analysis of heat transfer in latent heat thermal energy storage using a flexible PCM container신유환; 강상우; 신동호; 박진수
2018-02Analysis of Micro-Pelton Turbine Loss Modeling신유환; 김영수; 정인혁; 정진택
2018-04Analysis of thermal flow around bimetal fin using PIV신유환; 신동호; 김선욱; 고한서
2019-05Analysis on jet flow characteristics of nozzle through visualization and unsteady simulation신유환; 신동호; 김영수; 정인혁; 김선욱; 정진택
2021-05Application of PCM to building walls for heating/cooling electric load reduction신유환; 강상우; 채명선; 김현지; 윤용태
2003-02Blade-to-blade flow at centrifugal impeller exit under rotating stall신유환; 김광호
2009-08Boil-Off Gas Reliquefaction System for LNG Carriers with BOG-BOG Heat Exchange이윤표; 신유환; 이상훈; 김광호
2003-06Boundary layer measurement on the blade surface of a multi-stage axial flow compressor신유환; Robin L. Elder; Lan Bennett
2015-04Brine recovery using reverse electrodialysis in membrane-based desalination processesKilsung Kwon; Jaesuk Han; Byung Ho Park; 신유환; Daejoong Kim