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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-08Entropy formula of N­-body system심재완
2013-06How to obtain higher-order multivariate Hermite expansion of Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution by using Taylor expansion?심재완; 르네 가티뇰
2005-04Improvement of linearity and Resolution in Capacitive Micro Tilt Sensor by Using Modified Comb Finger Shape손준혁; 이승훈; 정일진; 김형원; 김광호; 심재완; 신현준; 황성우; 문성욱
2008-06Microchannel flow simulation with lattice gas cellular automata심재완; 르네 가티뇰
2008-07Microchannel flow with lattice gas cellular automata and lattice Boltzmann method심재완; 르네 가티뇰
2008-12Microchannel flow with lattice gas cellular automata and lattice Boltzmann method심재완; 르네 가티뇰
2009-10Microchannel Flow with Lattice Gas Cellular Automata and Lattice Boltzmann Method심재완; 르네 가티뇰
2021-01Minimal number of discrete velocities for a flow description and internal structural evolution of a shock wave심재완
2013-11Multidimensional on-lattice higher-order models in the thermal lattice Boltzmann theory심재완
2017-03Parametric Lattice Boltzmann Method심재완
2012-09Reduced Number of Discrete Velocities for a Flow Description by Lattice Boltzmann Theory심재완
2010-07Robust Thermal Boundary Condition Using Maxwell-Boltzmann Statistics and its Application심재완; 르네 가티뇰
2010-04Robust thermal boundary conditions applicable to a wall along which temperature varies in lattice-gas cellular automata심재완; 르네 가티뇰
2011-06Stability and accuracy of thermal lattice Boltzmann theory심재완
2011-04Thermal lattice Boltzmann method based on a theoretically simple derivation of the Taylor expansion심재완; 르네 가티뇰
2010-07Thermal Lattice Boltzmann Method Based on Taylor Expansion with Applications심재완; 르네 가티뇰
2012-09TREK-1 and Best1 Channels Mediate Fast and Slow Glutamate Release in Astrocytes upon GPCR Activation우동호; 한경석; 심재완; 윤보은; 김은주; Bae, Jin Young; 오수진; 황은미; Marmorstein, Alan D.; Bae, Yong Chul; Park, Jae-Yong; 이창준
2019-10Ultrasonic Neuromodulation via Astrocytic TRPA1오수진; 심재완; 윤인찬; 조일주; 홍규상; 한성민; 이정무; 김현범; 이정표; 배진영; 고우현; 권재; 황은상; 우동호; 배용철; 이성온; 박지호; 이창준
2019-10Ultrasonic neuromodulation via astrocytic TRPA1오수진; 심재완; 윤인찬; 조일주; 홍규상; 한성민; 이정표; 이정무; 김현범; 배진영; 고우현; 권재; 황은상; 배용철; 이성온; 박지호; 이창준
2012-07Uniform Polynomial Equations Providing Higher-order Multi-dimensional Models in Lattice Boltzmann Theory심재완
2013-01Univariate polynomial equation providing on-lattice higher-order models of thermal lattice Boltzmann theory심재완
2014-02-03래티스 볼츠만 이론을 이용한 유체 유동 시뮬레이션 방법 및 이를 실현하기 위한 기록 매체심재완
2022-11-30시력 증강 목적을 갖는 자일라진의 용도심재완; 우동호; 이홍수
2021-03-17영상 영역 밖의 정보를 생성하는 영상 처리 장치 및 방법심재완; 하헌필