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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001-04A hybrid-process of piggery wastewater treatment to enhance nitrogen removal efficiency이상민; 정진영; 신정훈; 안대희; 정윤철
1994-01A study on degradation of trichloroethylene and perchloroethylene using PAN film.안대희; 유영제; 정윤철
1997-01A study on leachate treatment using coagulation and natural zeolite pretreatment process안대희; 장원석; 정윤철
1997-01Addition effects of Zoogloea and Zooglan to form macrostructure of activated sludge안대희; 정윤철
2004-10Anammox bacteria enrichment in upflow anaerobic sludge blanket (UASB) reactorThuan, Tran Hung; 장덕진; 정진영; 김동진; 김원경; 박영주; 김지은; 안대희
2001-09Biological ion exchange process for ammonium ion removal from piggery wastewater손대희; 정윤철; 안대희; 유명진
1992-01Biopolymer production of Zoogloea ramigera in batch, fed-batch and continuous culture processes안대희; 정윤철
1998-01Biosorption of heavy metal ions by immobilized zoogloea and zooglan안대희; 정윤철; 박대원
1996-01Biosorption of heavy metals from water by microbially produced polymer안대희; 정윤철
1998-01Development of two phase anaerobic reactor with membrane separation system정윤철; 정진영; 안대희; 김동하
1999-08Dyestuff wastewater treatment using chemical oxidation, physical adsorption and fixed bed biofilm process안대희; 장원석; 윤태일
1999-12Effect of powdered zeolite on the nitrogen removal process of landfill leachate정윤철; 안대희; 손대희; 정진영
1998-11Enhanced performance of two-phase anaerobic reactor with modified membrane separation system정윤철; 정진영; 안대희
1998-06Experiences on biotreatment of high ammonia landfill leachate using natural zeolite정윤철; 안대희
2007-01Factors affecting the activity of anammox bacteria during start up in the continuous culture reactor정진영; 강신현; 정윤철; 안대희
2005-11Factors affecting the activity of anammox bacteria during start-up in the continuous culture reactor정진영; 강신현; 정윤철; 안대희
2000-01High strength nitrogen wastewater treatment using natural zeolite손대희; 정윤철; 안대희; 신정훈
1997-01Improved treatment of leachate using coagulation and natural zeolite pretreatment process정윤철; 안대희; 장원석
1996-08Improved treatment of tannery wastewater using Zoogloea ramigera and its extracellular polymer in an activated sludge process안대희; 정윤철; 유영제; 박대원; 장원석
1997-02Increased removal of nickel and organics in the upflow anaerobic sludge bed filter reactor using sulfate and sulfide additions정진영; 정윤철; 안대희
1997-01Model of activated sludge floc development by the addition of floc forming bacteria and its producing polymer안대희; 정윤철; 유영제
2000-10Nitrogen and organics removal from industrial wastewater using natural zeolite media정윤철; 손대희; 안대희
1999-01Nitrogen removal in wastewater using natural zeolite powder as a biofilm media정윤철; 손대희; 안대희; 김동욱
1993-01Removal/recovery of heavy metals using biopolymer안대희; 정윤철
2004-06Study of sewage treatment using multi-soil-layering system손대희; 정윤철; 신정훈; 정진영; 안대희
1997-01Study on macrostructure of activated sludge after addition of Zoogloea ramigera and its producing polymer안대희; 정윤철
1992-01The production of biopolymer by zoogloea ramigera.안대희; 권해수; 정윤철
1996-01Use of bacterial culture for enhancing activated sludge treatment안대희; 정윤철; 박대원; 유영제
1996-01Use of microorganism producing polymer to upgrade activated sludge process박대원; 장원석; 안대희; 정윤철
1997-01Use of zoogloeal culture for enhancing tannery wastewater treatment : high organic loading and unbalanced nutrient condition안대희; 정윤철; 유영제; 정진영