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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1992-011.8wt.% ThO2-텅스텐의 재결정화 거동안성욱; 유정하; 최주
1996-05A study on manufacturing process of single crystal cast blade for gas turbine.안성욱; 임옥동; 정우상; 김창효; 허무영
1999-07A study on microstructural changes during directionally solidified casting on superalloys안성욱; V. Larionov; I. Grafas; 임옥동; 김승호; 김일호; 김재철; 오재명
1999-01A study on microstructure after compressive deformation in nickel-based single crystal superalloy안성욱; 진영훈; 허무영; 임옥동; 서동이; 최종수
1992-01A study on microstructures of Rene 80 cast blades before and after 2150 hours service.안성욱; 유정하
1998-09A study on the high temp. tensile properties of B1914 Ni-base superalloy according to crystal structures of poly-, directionally solidified- and single crystal casts안성욱; 장용석; 윤동한; 임옥동; V. Larionov; I. Grafas; 진영훈; 이재훈; 서동이; 오제명; 이상준; 임대순
1998-12Analysis of precipitates structures on a nickel based cast single crystal of CMSX 6안성욱; V. Larionov; I. Grafas; 김수철; 임옥동; 김승호; 진영훈; 최종수; 이재훈; 이상준; 서동이; 이진훈; 허무영
1998-01Changes in microstructure during primary creep of a Ti-47Al-2Nb-1Mn-0.5W-0.5Mo-0.2Si alloyD.Y. Seo; T.R. Bieler; 안성욱; D.E. Larsen
1995-01Comparison of activation area measurements of IN 617 at 1073 K by dip-test and TEM obervation안성욱; W. Blum
1993-01Determination of lattice parameters and observation of lattice misfits on Rene 80 cast blades.안성욱
1994-01Dislocation loop models for plastic deformation of the Al-5.5 at.% Mg alloy.안성욱; 정승부
1995-01Dislocation loop models for the high temperature creep of Al-5.5 at.% Mg alloy.안성욱; W. Blum
1993-03Effect of the reduction degree on the formation of earings in the low carbon steel sheet.곽재현; 허무영; 안성욱
1996-05Electron microscopy study of single crystal blade임옥동; 정우상; 김창효; 김수철; 안성욱; 허무영
1994-01Estimation of machinability of lead brass based on in-situ observation in scanning electron microscope.정승부; 임옥동; 안성욱
1995-05Mechanical properties of an investment cast poly-XL nickel base superalloys임옥동; 안성욱; 박해성; 서창제; 허무영
2000-09Microstructural changes of superalloys during directional solidification안성욱; V. Larionov; V. Monastyrski; E. Monastyrskaia; I. Grafas; 오제명; 임옥동; 김승호; 이재훈; 서동이
1996-01Microstructural observation on single crystal cast blade of NiCrCoW alloy안성욱; 김수철; 임옥동; 서동이; V. Larionov; 배영일; 허무영
1996-05Microstructural study on single crystal cast blade for gas turbine.정우상; 임옥동; 김창효; 김수철; 안성욱; 허무영
1993-01Microstructure and wear behavior of nitrogen implanted titanium한전건; 안성욱
1998-05Microstructure of compressive deformation on nickel-based single crystal superalloy진영훈; 허무영; 안성욱; 임옥동; 김승호
1995-01Observation and analysis of dislocation spacing in the subgrain boundary on IN 617.안성욱; Jong Min Lee
1995-01Observation of dislocation structures in IN 617 during cyclic and stress reduced deformation at 1073K.안성욱
1997-01On the strengthening mechanisms of INCONEL 690허무영; 박용수; 안성욱
2000-11Oxidation of Ni-based superalloys at 1100℃김승호; 김미현; 안성욱; 이자영; 이동복
1992-01Primary creep and microstructure of Inconel 617 at 1073K.안성욱
1998-10The influence of the silica contents for high temperature strength for single crystal casting mold of superalloys안성욱; V. Larionov; I. Grafas; 임옥동; 진영훈; 서동이; 이재훈; 김병호; 오제명
2000-11The microstructural change of directional solidified casting by temperature gradient and velocity임옥동; 안성욱; 김승호
1993-01The wear properties of the precipitation hardened Al-Pb-Cu bearing alloys.홍택기; 허무영; 임대순; 안성욱
1990-01Verification of the effective stress model for creep of NiCr22Co12Mo at 800 ℃안성욱; H. Wolf; S. Vogler; W. Blum