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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-06A Piezoelectric Actuator with a Motion-decoupling Amplifier for Optical Disk Drives양우성; 이승엽; 유범재
2014-08Biologically Inspired Control Algorithm for an Unified Motion of Whole Robotic Arm-Hand System권재성; 양우성; 이호선; Ji-Hun Bae; 오용환
2009-10Biologically Inspired Control for Robotic Arm using Neural Oscillator Network양우성; 배지훈; 오용환; 정낙영; 유범재
2010-01Biologically Inspired Robotic Arm Control Using an Artificial Neural Oscillator양우성; 권재성; 정낙영; 오용환
2010-10CPG based Self-adapting Multi-DOF Robotic Arm Control양우성; 배지훈; 오용환; 정낙영; 유범재; 오상록
2006-08Entrainment-enhanced Neural Oscillator for Imitation Learning양우성; 정낙영; 유범재
2008-09Entrainment-enhanced Neural Oscillator for Rhythmic Motion Control양우성; 정낙영; 김창환; 유범재
2007-08Entrainment-enhanced Neural Oscillator for Rhythmic Motion Control양우성; 정낙영; 김창환; 유범재
2006-10Locomotion Imitation of Humanoid Using Goal-directed Self-adjusting Adaptor양우성; 정낙영; 김창환; 유범재
2007-08Optimizing Neural Oscillators for Rhythmic Movement Control양우성; 정낙영; 김창환; 유범재
2008-10Robot Arm Control Using Entrainment Property of Central Pattern Generator권재성; 양우성; 박귀태; 유범재
2011-05Robotic Arm Control Inspired by Human Muscle Tension Effect under the Gravity배지훈; 양우성; 김도익; 오용환; 유범재; 오상록
2007-10Self-adapting Humanoid Locomotion Using a Neural Oscillator Network양우성; 정낙영; 김창환; 유범재
2009-10Self-adapting Robot Arm Movement Employing Neural Oscillators양우성; 배지훈; 권재성; 정낙영; 오용환; 유범재
2008-12Self-stabilizing Bipedal Locomotion Employing Neural Oscillators양우성; 정낙영; 나성권; 김창환; 유범재
2008-09Self-sustaining Rhythmic Arm Motions Using Neural Oscillators양우성; 정낙영; 권재성; 유범재
2015-04Task space control considering passive muscle stiffness for redundant robotic arms배지훈; Park, Jae-Han; 오용환; 김도익; 최영진; 양우성
2016-10The Enhanced Performance of a Robotic Arm Control Based on Neural Oscillator Networks오용환; 권재성; 양우성; 김형주; 배지훈; 강현덕
2018-10Weighted Hybrid Admittance-Impedance Control with Human Intention based Stiffness Estimation for Human?Robot Interaction유범재; 오용환; 김효민; 권재성; 양우성