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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-02Chemically tuned, bi-functional polar interlayer for TiO2 photoanode of fiber-shaped dye-sensitized solar cells이중기; 엥가르; 민 후안 트란; Manxiang Wang; Guicheng Liu
2019-02Enhanced adhesion between liquid metal ink and the wetted printer paper for direct writing electronic circuits이중기; 왕만상; 엥가르; Guicheng Liu; Lei Wang; Jinrong Lu; Jing Lu
2019-11Hierarchical hollow dual CoreeShell carbon nanowall-encapsulated pen SnO/SnO2 heterostructured anode for high-performance lithium-ion-based energy storage이중기; 신현진; 김지영; 엥가르; A-Young Kim; Guicheng Liu; Dongjin Byun
2018-07Hierarchically structured photoanode with enhanced charge collection and light harvesting abilities for fiber-shaped dye-sensitized solar cells이중기; 유현진; 엥가르; Guicheng Liu; Manxiang Wang; Hui Wang; Dechun Zou
2021-04Metal-Semiconductor Ohmic and Schottky Contact Interfaces for Stable Li-Metal Electrodes이중기; 엥가르; Guicheng Liu
2020-12Plasma-polymerized C60-coated CNT interlayer with physical and chemical functions for lithium?sulfur batteries이중기; 김지영; 엥가르; 민 후안 트란; Guicheng Liu
2016-11Preparation of Sn-C Nanocomposite Level Thin Film Anode Active Material for High-Performance Lithium-Ion Batteries이중기; 김지영; 마틴 할림; 엥가르; Chairul Hudaya
2016-11Preparation of Sn-C Nanocomposite Thin-Film Electrode by Plasma Combined Thermal Evaporation for Lithium-Ion Batteries이중기; 김지영; 마틴 할림; 엥가르; Chairul Hudaya
2017-06Pseudocapacitive Characteristics of Low-Carbon Silicon Oxycarbide for Lithium-Ion Capacitors이중기; 이상협; 김아영; 엥가르; Guicheng Liu; Martin Halim; Chairul Hudaya; Ongky Wijaya
2018-07Self-Relaxant Superelastic Matrix Derived from C60 Incorporated Sn Nanoparticles for Ultra-High-Performance Li-Ion Batteries이중기; 유현진; 김지영; 엥가르; 민 후안 트란; Guicheng Liu; Chairul Hudaya
2018-03Study on a stretchable, fiber-shaped, and TiO2 nanowire array-based dye-sensitized solar cell with electrochemical impedance spectroscopy method이중기; 엥가르; Guicheng Liu; Hui Wang; Manxiang Wang; Wenbing Liu; Dechun Zou
2018-12Synergistic Performance Improvement of Fiber-shaped Dye-sensitized Solar Cells through Photoanode Interfacial Engineering이중기; 엥가르; 민 후안 트란; Guicheng Liu
2019-05Synthesis and characterization of a hierarchically structured three-dimensional conducting scaffold for highly stable Li metal anodes이중기; 김지영; 엥가르; 민 후안 트란; 리우구쳉; 김한성
2020-08-25아연금속 전극, 그 제조 방법 및 이를 포함하는 이차전지김지영; 렌렌; 민 후안 트란; 심가영; 엥가르; 우주만; 이중기
2022-01-03탄소체-전도성폴리머 복합체의 제조 방법김지영; 렌렌; 민 후안 트란; 심가영; 엥가르; 우주만; 이중기