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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-09An ab initio approach on the asymmetric stacking of GaAs <111> nanowires grown by a vapor-solid method최정혜; 여인원; 한규승; 황철성
2021-01Atomistic prediction on the configuration- and temperature-dependent dielectric constant of Be0.25Mg0.75O superlattice as a high-κ dielectric layer.이승철; 최정혜; 여인원; 한규승; 예건희; 황철성
2021-05Atomistic Understanding of the Ferroelectric Properties of a Wurtzite-Structure (AlN)n/(ScN)m Superlattice최정혜; 여인원; 한규승; 예건희; 황철성
2021-01Effect of local strain energy to predict accurate phase diagram of III-V pseudobinary systems: case of Ga(As,Sb) and (In,Ga)As이승철; 최정혜; 여인원; 한규승; 예건희; 박재홍; 황철성
2019-02Equilibrium crystal shape of GaAs and InAs considering surface vibration and new (111)B reconstruction: ab-initio thermodynamics최정혜; 박재홍; 여인원; 한규승; 황철성
2019-10Ferroelectric switching in bilayer 3R MoS2 via interlayer shear mode driven by nonlinear phononics최정혜; 여인원; 한규승; 박재홍; 황철성
2020-01Initial oxidation and surface stability diagram of Ge(100) as a function of the temperature and oxygen partial pressure through ab initio thermodynamics최정혜; 여인원; 류카이; 황철성
2021-11InterPhon: Ab initiointerface phonon calculations within a 3D electronic structure framework최정혜; 여인원; 한규승; 예건희; 황철성
2019-05Optical Control of the Layer Degree of Freedom through Wannier-Stark States in Polar 3R MoS2최정혜; 장차운; 곽준영; 박재홍; 여인원; 한규승; 황철성
2019-07Reduction of the Hysteresis Voltage in Atomic-Layer-Deposited p-Type SnO Thin-Film Transistors by Adopting an Al2O3 Interfacial Layer최정혜; 여인원; 장윤진; 김준식; 한정환; 황철성
2016-02Resistance switching behavior of atomic layer deposited SrTiO3 film through possible formation of Sr2Ti6O13 or Sr1Ti11O20 phases이웅규; 유시정; 윤경진; 여인원; 장혜정; 최정혜; Susanne Hoffmann-Eifert; Rainer Waser; 황철성
2019-08Role of the short-range order in amorphous oxide on MoS2/a-SiO2 and MoS2/a-HfO2 interfaces최정혜; 박재홍; 여인원; 한규승; 황철성
2021-09Surface morphology evolution and underlying defects in homoepitaxial growth of GaAs (110)구현철; 김형준; 최정혜; 주건우; 여인원; 김한성; 한규승; 이윤중; 신영훈
2017-09Surface reconstruction of InAs (001) depending on the pressure and temperature examined by density functional thermodynamics최정혜; 박재홍; 여인원; 한규승; 황철성
2020-10Theoretical understanding of the catalyst-free growth mechanism of GaAs <111>B nanowires최정혜; 여인원; 한규승; 박재홍; 황철성