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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-08Acetate decreases PVR/CD155 expression via PI3K/AKT pathway in cancer cells김상헌; 오승자; 나 리 트란; 최정균; 이인규
2014-05Activating FGFR3 mutations cause mild hyperplasia in human skin, but are insufficient to drive benign or malignant skin tumors오승자; Elizabeth K Duperret; Andrew McNeal; Stephen M Prouty; Todd W Ridky
2016-04Amelioration of sepsis by TIE2 activation-induced vascular protection오승자; Sangyeul Han; Seung-Jun Lee; Kyung Eun Kim; Hyo Seon Lee; Nuri Oh; Inwon Park; Eun Ko; Yoon-Sook Lee; David Kim; Seungjoo Lee; Dae Hyun Lee; Kwang-Hoon Lee; Su Young Chae; Su-Jin Kim; Hyung-Chan Kim; Seokkyun Kim; Sung Hyun Kim; Chungho Kim; Yoshikazu Nakaoka; Yulong He; Hellmut G. Augustin; Junhao Hu; Paul H. Song; Yong-In Kim; Pilhan Kim; Injune Kim; Gou Young Koh; Jung-Hoon Lee
2018-07Artificial Rod and Cone Photoreceptors with Human-Like Spectral Sensitivities우덕하; 전영민; 이석; 김재헌; 이택진; 김철기; 서민아; 최재빈; 박현서; 오승자; 유용상; 이동규; 김효석; 박병호; 조영호; 오주영; Heehong Yang; Tai Hwan Ha; Seok Hwan Kim; Hyuk-Jae Lee; Seong Chan Jun; Hyun Seok Song; Tai Hyun Park
2019-06Boiling Histotripsy-induced Partial Mechanical Ablation Modulates Tumour Microenvironment by Promoting Immunogenic Cell Death of Cancers김상헌; 김형민; 양유수; 오승자; 박기주; 배인영; 신철희; 박기수
2017-11Cancer-derived exosomes as a delivery platform of CRISPR/Cas9 confer cancer cell tropism-dependent targeting양유수; 장미희; 오승자; 김승민; 홍연선; 서민구
2020-07Combinatorial Inhibition of Cell Surface Receptors Using Dual Aptamer-Functionalized Nanoconstructs for Cancer Treatment김수현; 이관희; 정영미; 김상헌; 장미희; 오승자; 정지홍; 이효진; 김태희; 박대찬
2010-05Differential effects of cytohesins 2 and 3 on beta1 integrin recycling오승자; Lorraine C. Santy
2019-02Effect of chain flexibility on cell adhesion: Semi-flexible model based analysis of cell adhesion to hydrogels김상헌; 박귀덕; 오승자; 정지홍; 이주영; 송보아; Ramesh Subbiah; 최우혁
2020-12Exosomal miRNA-19a and miRNA-614 Induced by Air Pollutants Promote Proinflammatory M1 Macrophage Polarization via Regulation of RORα Expression in Human Respiratory Mucosal Microenvironment김상헌; 박귀덕; 오승자; 신철희; 나 리 트란; 변준형; 이기정; 김병재; 노용권; 김태훈
2020-02Fabrication of 3D plotted scaffold with microporous strands for bone tissue engineering김상헌; 오승자; Ji Min Seok; Thanavel Rajangam; Jae Eun Jeong; Sinyoung Cheong; Sang Min Joo; Heungsoo Shin; Su A Park
2021-08FGF2-primed 3D spheroids producing IL-8 promote therapeutic angiogenesis in murine hindlimb ischemia김상헌; 오승자; 최우식; 정하은; 주윤지; 김도균
2014-11Gln-362 of Angiopoietin-2 Mediates Migration of Tumor and Endothelial Cells through Association with alpha 5 beta 1 Integrin오승자; 이효선; 이광훈; 이윤숙; 고은; 김경은; 김형찬; Seokkyun Kim; Paul H. Song; Yong-In Kim; Chungho Kim; Sangyeul Han
2017-04Human lung fibroblast-derived matrix facilitates vascular morphogenesis in 3D environment and enhances skin wound healing김상헌; 박귀덕; 오승자; 수하에리; 두핑; 하상수
2019-11Identification of urban particulate matter-induced disruption of human respiratory mucosa integrity using whole transcriptome analysis and organ-on a chip옥명렬; 김상헌; 전호정; 오승자; 이경우; 황혜원; 변준형; 송보아; 김병재; 이기정; 백승국; 김태훈
2018-10Investigation of the mechanisms involved in boiling histotripsy-induced immune response in vitro김형민; 오승자; 박기주; 신철희
2020-05Investigation of the Potential Immunological Effects of Boiling Histotripsy for Cancer Treatment김광명; 김형민; 양유수; 오승자; 박기주; 남기훈; 김기범; 박현주
2015-09IQGAP1 and IQGAP3 Serve Individually Essential Roles in Normal Epidermal Homeostasis and Tumor Progression오승자; Christine L. Monteleon; Andrew McNeal; Elizabeth K.Duperret; Emily Schapira; Todd W.Ridky
2020-05Machine learning-based design strategy for 3D printable bioink: elastic modulus and yield stress determine printability김상헌; 오승자; 이주영; 안상현; 김완두
2016-12Normalization of Tumor Vessels by Tie2 Activation and Ang2 Inhibition Enhances Drug Delivery and Produces a Favorable Tumor Microenvironment오승자; Jin-Sung Park; Il-Kug Kim; Sangyeul Han; Intae Park; Chan Kim; Jeomil Bae; Seungjoo Lee; Jeong Hoon Kim; Dong-Cheol Woo; Yulong He; Hellmut G. Augustin; Injune Kim; Doheon Lee; Gou Young Koh
2017-01Novel platform of cardiomyocyte culture and coculture via fibroblast-derived matrix-coupled aligned electrospun nanofiber김상헌; 김종현; 박귀덕; 오승자; 김수현; Ramesh Subbiah; Muhammad Suhaeri
2018-10Novel skin patch combining human fibroblast-derived matrix and ciprofloxacin for infected wound healing박귀덕; 오승자; 이종호; 하상수; Muhammad Suhaeri; 노미희; 문지회; 김인걸
2016-08Novel strategy for a bispecific antibody: induction of dual target internalization and degradation오승자; JM Lee; SH Lee; J-W Hwang; B Kim; S Jung; S-h Shim; PW Lin; SB Lee; M-Y Cho; YJ Koh; SY Kim; S Ahn; J Lee; K-m Kim; KH Cheong; J Choi; K-A Kim
2012-07Phosphoinositide specificity determines which cytohesins regulate beta 1 integrin recycling오승자; Lorraine C. Santy
2005-02Plastic changes in interhemispheric inhibition with practice of a two-hand force production task: a transcranial magnetic stimulation study오승자; Jae Kun Shim; Sun Wook Kim; Ning Kang; Vladimir M. Zatsiorsky; Mark L. Latash
2020-06RORα Regulates Cholesterol Metabolism of CD8+ T Cells for Anticancer Immunity김상헌; 오승자; 이인규; 나 리 트란; 송혜린; 김혜림; 김익수; 이지민
2020-07Self-Organized Liver Microtissue on a Bio-Functional Surface: The Role of Human Adipose-Derived Stromal Cells in Hepatic Function김상헌; 오승자; 홍석헌; 최동호; 황용성
2018-08Simple in Vivo Gene Editing via Direct Self-Assembly of Cas9 Ribonucleoprotein Complexes for Cancer Treatment김은경; 김상헌; 박귀덕; 장미희; 오승자; 김승민; 신상철
2018-04Synergistic Therapeutic Effect of Three-Dimensional Stem Cell Clusters and Angiopoietin-1 on Promoting Vascular Regeneration in Ischemic Region오승자; 강정미; 윤정기; 김병수; 김상헌
2019-10Therapeutic Effect of a Xeno-Free Three-Dimensional Stem Cell Mass in a Hind Limb Ischemia Model김상헌; 오승자; Thanavel; 문경식; 김도균; 강정미; 이선영