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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008-05Ablation of Ca2+ Channel β3 Subunit Leads to Enhanced N-Methyl-D-aspartate Receptor-dependent Long Term Potentiation and Improved Long Term Memory전대종; 송인선; William Guido; 김가람; 김은준; 오우택; 신희섭
2019-06ANO1/TMEM16A regulates process maturation in radial glial cells in the developing brain오수진; 황은미; 홍규상; 오우택; 김형섭; 최재혁; 이성훈; 이병준; 장용우; 정주영; 김인범
2019-08Anoctamin 1/TMEM16A controls intestinal Cl?secretion induced by carbachol andcholera toxin황은미; 홍규상; 오우택; 김아정; Byeongjun Lee; Sung Hoon Lee; Hyungsup Kim; Jiyoon Kim; Min Goo Lee; Jin-Young Yang; Mi-Na Kweon; Chung-Ming Tse; Donowitz Mark
2018-05Anoctamin 9/TMEM16J is a cation channel activated by cAMP/PKA signal오우택; 이병준; 정주영; 김형섭; 김혜수; Jesun Lee; Hee-Ryang Kim; Mi-Ock Lee
2020-02Cytoskeleton Dependent Activation of Tentonin3/TMEM150C, a Novel Mechanosensitive Channel홍규상; 오우택
2017-04Evidence for Mechanosensitive Channel Activity of Tentonin 3/TMEM150C홍규상; 오우택; Byeongjun Lee
2007-06Impaired long-term memory and long-term potentiation in N-type Ca2+ channel-deficient mice전대종; 김찬기; 양유미; 임혜원; 임은주; 오우택; 신희섭
2019-02Korea Brain Initiative: Emerging Issues and Institutionalization of Neuroethics조일주; 오우택; Sung-Jin Jeong; In Young Lee; Bang Ook Jun; Young-Joon Ryu; Jeong-woo Sohn; Sung-Phil Kim; Choong-Wan Woo; Ja Wook Koo; Kyungjin Kim; Pann-Ghill Suh
2004-05N-type Ca2+ channel is critical for normal hippocampus-dependent learning and memoryg전대종; 김찬기; 양유미; 임은주; 임혜원; 오우택; 신희섭
2008-05Na+/Ca2+ exchanger 2 is neuroprotective by exporting Ca2+ during a transient focal cerebral ischemia in the mouse전대종; Kon Chu; Keun-Hwa Jung; 김만호; 윤병우; 이창준; 오우택; 신희섭
2007-07NCX2 plays a neuroprotective role in ischemia-reperfusion injury in the mouse brain전대종; Chu K; Jung K-H; Kim M; 윤보은; 이창준; 오우택; 신희섭
2020-06Tentonin 3/TMEM150C senses blood pressure changes in the aortic arch홍규상; 오우택; 김형섭; 김혜수; 응웬티엔루안; 박성민; Huan-Jun Lu; 김동윤; 김성연; 류판동; 이미옥
2020-02TMEM16A expression in cholinergic neurons of the medial habenula mediates anxiety­related behaviors이상준; 임혜인; 황은미; 오우택; 정현국; 김아정; Chang­Hoon Cho; Oleg Yarishkin; Kanghyun Ryoo; Young­Sun Lee; Esther Yang; Da Yong Lee; Byeongjun Lee; Hyun Kim; Jae-Yong Park
2019-05Trpm2 Ablation Accelerates Protein Aggregation by Impaired ADPR and Autophagic Clearance in the Brain오우택; 이병준; 김형섭; Yongwoo Jang; Seungmoon Jung; Sung Hoon Lee; Ji Hyun Jeon; In-Beom Kim; Seo-Ho Lee; Byung-Ju Kim; Uh-Hyun Kim; Yunjong Lee; Sung Min Kim; Daejong Jeon; So-Young Lee