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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-042D reentrant micro-honeycomb structure of graphene-CNT in polyurethane: High stretchability, superior electrical/thermal conductivity, and improved shape memory properties손정곤; 강태형; 오진우; 강슬기; 박상우; 김병수; 최인석; 이종휘
2021-033D Quantitative Light-intensity Dispersion Index of Polymer Nanocomposites Based on Optical Microscopy박민; 박종혁; 김재우; 장지운; 오진우; 김성륜
2020-04Buckling Instability Control of 1D Nanowire Networks for a Large-Area Stretchable and Transparent Electrode이상수; 박종혁; 손정곤; 홍수영; 오진우; 권현정; 차국헌; 하정숙; 김병수; 권효원; 표준범
2021-11Chiral Plasmonic Nanowaves by Tilted Assembly of Unidirectionally Aligned Block Copolymers with Buckling-Induced Microwrinkles손정곤; 조정현; 조진한; 오진우; 황명후; 신민경; 염봉준
2018-10Coaxial struts and microfractured structures of compressible thermoelectric foams for self-powered pressure sensors김희숙; 손정곤; 조기영; 오진우; 박경태; 김종호; 이종찬
2017-04Dispersion of graphene-based nanocarbon fillers in polyamide 66 by dry processing and its effect on mechanical properties박민; 오진우; 김종원; 이경열; 정인화
2015-08Effect of antioxidant grafted graphene oxides on the mechanical and thermal properties of polyketone composites임민영; 오진우; 김희중; 김가영; 이상수; 이종찬
2019-12Fabrication of a MoS2/Graphene Nanoribbon Heterojunction Network for Improved Thermoelectric Properties김희숙; 손정곤; 정승준; 오진우; 김영우
2020-11Facile Modification of LiAlCl4 Electrolytes for Mg-Li Hybrid Batteries by the Conditioning-Free Method이재균; 하정훈; 오진우; 이수빈; 조재현; 김광범; 이관영
2017-08Flexible and robust thermoelectric generators based on all-carbon nanotube yarn without metal electrodes김희숙; 손정곤; 조기영; 최재유; 오진우; 정연수; 양승재; 오준영; 문승언; 박종래
2017-04Highly Ordered Nanoconfinement Effect from Evaporation-Induced Self-Assembly of Block Copolymers on In Situ Polymerized PEDOT:Tos이상수; 김희숙; 손정곤; 이연혁; 오진우
2020-01Improved electrical performance and transparency of bottom-gate, bottom-contact single-walled carbon nanotube transistors using graphene source/drain electrodes손정곤; 오진우; 신현우; 김영진; 이창희; 신근영
2019-12Multiple Transfer of Layer-by-Layer Nanofunctional Films by Adhesion Controls손정곤; 오진우; 정아름; 하나리; 김나연; 임형규; 염봉준
2014-05Nitrogen-Doped Graphene Nanosheets from Bulk Graphite using Microwave Irradiation이광훈; 오진우; 손정곤; 김희숙; 이상수
2021-05Shear-Rolling Process for Unidirectionally and Perpendicularly Oriented Sub-10-nm Block Copolymer Patterns on the 4 in Scale김재경; 손정곤; 김인수; 오진우; 신민경; 서효선; 김용주; 방준하; 염봉준
2017-05Significantly reduced thermal conductivity and enhanced thermoelectric properties of single- and bi-layer graphene nanomeshes with sub-10 nm neck-width이상수; 박종혁; 김희숙; 김명종; 손정곤; 이동수; 오진우; 유호연; 최재유; 김정윤; 이종찬; 김우년; Jeffrey C. Grossman
2018-12Strategic Design of Highly Concentrated Electrolyte Solutions for Mg2+/Li+ Dual-Salt Hybrid Batteries김광범; 이관영; 이재균; 오진우; 김수진; 하정훈; 조재현
2019-10Stretchable conductive adhesives with superior electrical stability as printable interconnects in washable textile electronics이상수; 김희숙; 임정아; 고영표; 오진우; 박경태; 김수진; 허완수; 성봉준
2020-03Stretchable Lithium-Ion Battery Based on Re-entrant Micro-honeycomb Electrodes and Cross-Linked Gel Electrolyte박민; 이상수; 정경윤; 손정곤; 홍수영; 오진우; 강슬기; 김나연; 이종휘
2019-07Universal perpendicular orientation of block copolymer microdomains using a filtered plasma손정곤; 오진우; 고영표; 나윤서; 서효선; 이종찬; 염봉준; 차국헌; Caroline A. Ross