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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007-03Annealing Behavior of Bi2Te3 Thermoelectric Semiconductor Electrodeposited for Nanowire Applications김민영; 오태성; 김진상
1999-04Band-gap energy and thermoelectric properties of 90% Bi2Te3-10% Bi2Se3 single crystals하헌필; 현도빈; 황종승; 오태성
1998-05Comparison of the thermoelectric properties of (Bi,Sb)//2Te//3 alloys prepared by powder metallurgy with single crystals김항종; 이준수; 오태성; 현도빈; N. V. Kolomoets
1997-08Comparison of the thermoelectric properties of n-type PbTe fabricated with different powder processing methods최재식; 김희정; 김항종; 현도빈; 오태성
1996-05Crystalline phases and mechanical properties of hydroxyapatitie/Ti fabricated by mechanical milling and mechanical alloying processes.박주동; 오영제; 오태성
1992-01Dielectric properties and leakage current characteristics of Ta2O5 thin film prepared by sol-gel process오태성; 이창봉; 이병찬; 오영제; 김윤호
1992-01Dielectric properties and microstructural behavior of B-site Ca doped barium titanate ceramics박재관; 오태성; 김윤호
1992-11Dielectric properties of A-site Sr and B-site Ca-doped BaTiO//3 ceramics.김윤호; 박재관; 오태성
2001-03Effect of excess Te addition on the thermoelectric properties of the 20% Bi₂Te₃-80% Sb₂Te₃ single crystal and hot-pressed alloy현도빈; 오태성; 황종승; 심재동; Dow-Bin Hyun
1997-08Effects of a reduction treatment and Te doping on thermoelectric properties of (Bi1-xSbx)2Te3 fabricated by mechanical alloying김항종; 최재식; 김희정; 현도빈; 오태성
1991-09Effects of A-site Sr and B-site Ca substitution on the dielectric properties of BaTiO3 ceramics박재관; 오태성; 김윤호
1993-01Effects of Al//2O//3 addition on the sinterability and ionic conductivity of nasicon.김준홍; 오태성; 이미숙; 박재관; 김윤호
1990-11Effects of calcination process and ZrO//2 addition on the electrical properties of BaTiO//3 ceramics.차진이; 박재관; 오태성; 김윤호
2000-01Effects of excess Te addition and growth rate on thermoelectric properties of 22.5% Bi2Te3-77.5% Sb2Te3 single crystals현도빈; 하헌필; 황종승; 오태성
2001-08Effects of excess Te on the thermoelectric properties of p-type 25% Bi2Te3-75% Sb2Te3 single crystal and hot-pressed sinter황창원; 현도빈; 하헌필; 오태성
2000-01Effects of Sb2Se3 addition on the electrical and properties of the 2 wt% excess Te-doped 25% Bi2Te3-75% Sb2Te3 single crystals현도빈; 하헌필; 황종승; 오태성
2006-09Effects of the Additives and Current Densities on the Electrodeposition of the Ni-SiC Composite Coating오택수; 이재호; 변지영; 오태성
2007-05Effects of the additives and current density on the electrodeposition behavior and mechanical properties of the Ni-SiC composite coatings오택수; 이재호; 변지영; 오태성
1999-11Electrical and thermoelectric properties of (100-x)% Bi2Te3-x% Sb2Te3 (x≥66.7) single crystals현도빈; 하헌필; 한동균; 심재동; 오태성
1998-08Electrical and thermoelectric properties of 0.2 wt% SbI3-doped 90% Bi2Te3-(10-x)% Sb2Te3-x% Sb2Se3 alloys현도빈; 황종승; 심재동; 오태성; V. A. Barabash
1999-01Electrical and thermoelectric properties of 90% Bi₂Te₃-5% Sb₂Te₃-5% Sb₂Se₃ single crystals doped with SbI₃현도빈; 오태성; 황종승; 심재동; N. V. Kolomoets
1999-08Electrical and thermoelectric properties of SbI3-doped 25% Bi2Te3-75% Sb2Te3 and 15% Bi2Te3-85% Sb2Te3 single crystals현도빈; 하헌필; 심재동; 황종승; 오태성
1998-05Electrical and thermoelectric properties of SbI3-doped 85% Bi2Te3-15% Bi2Se3 thermoelectric semiconductors현도빈; 황종승; 오태성; 유병철; 황창원
1999-02Electrical and thermoelectric properties of SbI₃-doped 33.3% Bi₂Te₃-66.7% Sb₂Te₃thermoelectric semiconductors현도빈; 황종승; 심재동; 오태성; 황창원
1998-04Electrical properties of CuBr-doped n-type 85% Bi2Te3-15% Bi2Se3 thermoelectric materials황종승; 현도빈; 오태성; 이희웅; 심재동
1998-07Electrical properties of the 85% Bi//2//Te//3-15%Bi//2Se//3 thermoelectric material doped with SbI//3 and CuBr현도빈; 황종승; 오태성; 심재동; N. V. Kolomoets
2005-09Electrical Resistivity and Solder-Reaction Characteristics of Ni Films Fabricated by Electroplating이광용; 원혜진; 전성우; 오택수; 변지영; 오태성
2008-06Electrodeposition and mechanical properties of Ni-carbon nanotube nanocomposite coatingsY.S. Jeon; 변지영; 오태성
1998-05Evaluation of the micro-phase diagram near the stoichiometric composition of the Bi//2Te//3-Sb//2Te//3 alloys.현도빈; 황종승; 심재동; N. V. Kolomoets; 오태성
2007-05Fabrication of diamond dispersed nickel composite coating by electroplating method to enhance the mechanical property of coating문윤성; 이재호; 오태성; 변지영