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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-09A facile general route for ternary Fe2O3@TiO2@nanometal (Au, Ag) composite as a high-performance and recyclable photocatalyst이중기; 우재영; Sung-Eun Kim; Soo-Yeon Kang; Byoung Koun Min; Sang-Wha Lee
2018-06A novel flexible micro-ratchet/ZnO nano-rods surface with rapid recovery icephobic performance이중기; 리우 구쳉; 우재영; Manxiang Wang; Wenbo Yu; Yupei Zhang; Yu Chen; Yanbin Yun; Lei Wang; Bo Wang
2017-04Cu3Si-doped porous-silicon particles prepared by simplified chemical vapor deposition method as anode material for high-rate and long-cycle lithium-ion batteries이중기; 이상협; 우재영; 김아영; Guicheng Liu; Min Kyu Kim; Yang-Kook Sun
2017-07Design of 3-electrode system for in situ monitoring direct methanol fuel cells during long-time running test at high temperature이중기; 우재영; 김지영; Guicheng Liu; Xinyang Li; Hui Wang; Xiuying Liu; Ming Chen; Xindong Wang
2016-11Electrochemical Analysis of Polystyrene Coated Porous Silicon as an Anode Material of Lithium Ion Batteries이중기; 우재영; 김아영; Thuy-An Nguyen; 이상화; 선양국
2015-11Electrochemical Characteristics of Termite Nest Mimicked Copper Silicide as Anode materials prepared by Chemical Vapor Deposition우재영; 김아영; 김민규; 이중기
2016-06Employment of SnO2:F@Ni3Sn2/Ni nanoclusters composites as an anode material for lithium-ion batteries김민규; 김아영; 우재영; 임종주; 전법주; 이중기
2015-11Li-ion capacitor based on CuO/Cu2O/C anode and carbon cathode materials synthesized from single metal-organic framework김아영; 김민규; Keum Nam Cho; 우재영; Sung-Hwan Han; 변동진; 이중기
2018-03Li4SiO4 Based Artificial Passivation Thin Film for Improving Interfacial Stability of Li Metal Anodes이중기; 우재영; 김아영; 김지영; Guicheng Liu; 김한성
2016-08One-Step Catalytic Synthesis of CuO/Cu2O in a Graphitized Porous C Matrix Derived from the Cu-Based Metal?Organic Framework for Liand Na-Ion Batteries이중기; 최원창; 우재영; 김아영; 이용호; 김민규; Keumnam Cho; Sung-Hwan Han; Dongjin Byun
2015-11Porous CuO/Cu2O/C anode and carbon cathode materials derived from metal-organic framework for lithium-ion capacitor김아영; 김민규; 조금남; 우재영; 한성환; 변동진; 이중기
2016-11Preparation of Ti/TiO2 micron-cone array electrode as anode for lithium ion battery이중기; 우재영; 김아영; 김지영; Gui-Cheng Liu
2018-06Soft, Highly Elastic, and Discharge-Current-Controllable Eutectic Gallium?Indium Liquid Metal?Air Battery Operated at Room Temperature이중기; 우재영; 김지영; Guicheng Liu; Manxiang Wang; Lei Wang; Dechun Zou
2016-11Surface modification of porous silicon by thermolytic grafting for the anode materials of lithium-ion batteries이중기; 우재영; Thuy-An Nguyen; 이상화; 선양국
2015-11Surface modified carbonaceous fluorine doped tin oxide particles as an anode material of lithium secondary batteries김민규; 김아영; 우재영; 임종주; 전법주; 이중기
2020-09Thermolytically grafted silicon particles with ultrathin carbonaceous coating rich of phenyl moieties as lithium-storage anode material이중기; 민 후안 트란; 우재영; Thuy-An Nguyen; Sang-Wha Lee
2016-05화학기상증착법으로 Cu-Cu3Si가 코팅된 흰개미집 형상의 실리콘 리튬이차전지 음극 활물질의 전기화학적 특성우재영; 김아영; 김민규; Gui-Cheng Liu; 선양국; 이중기