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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998-011,5-hydride shift in the aluminum chloride promoted allylsilylation of 5-silyl-1-alkenes최근묵; 유복렬; 이호진; 이강봉; 정일남
2014-11Advanced metal oxide (supported) catalysts: Synthesis and applications이동원; 유복렬
2016-06Advanced Silica/Polymer Composites: Materials and Applications유복렬; Dong Won Lee
2017-06Advanced Silicon Chemistry in Australia: Forming Strong Links with Asia유복렬; Neil Trout; Janis Matisons; Agus Hadi Santosa Wargadipura; Sudirman Habibie; Stephen Clarke; Kim-Anh Thi Nguyen; Elda Markovic; Milena Ginic-Markovic; Michael Owen; Daniel Graiver; Dwi Gustiono; Joe Mifsud
1997-01Aluminum chloride catalyzed intramolecular cyclization and allylsilylatin of diallylsilanes조봉관; 최근묵; 진정일; 유복렬; 정일남
1995-01Aluminum chloride catalyzed regioselective allylsilylation of alkenes: convenient route to 5-silyl-1-alkenes.정일남; 연승호; 이봉우; 유복렬; 석미연
1997-01Aluminum chloride catalyzed stereoselective [3+2] cycloaddition of allylsilanes with simple conjugated dienes최근묵; 연승호; 진정일; 유복렬; 정일남
2004-10Aluminum Chloride-Catalyzed Intramolecular Allyl-Migration Reaction of Allyl(chloromethyl)silanes and Trapping of the Intermediate with Allyltrimethylsilane정훈이; 황영애; 유복렬; Tamao, Kohei; 정일남
2009-12Anionic Indicators on the Surface of Submicrospheres Consisting of Ionic Palladium(II) Complex김초롱; 노태환; 유경호; 유복렬; 정옥상
2009-04Application of Simple Cycloalkylsilanetriols as Surface Modifier for Inorganic Particles유복렬; 정동의; 한준수
2010-05Color tunable synthesis and array of silica nanoparticles강현지; 한준수; 이중석; 유복렬
2012-10Controlled synthesis of Cyclopentyl-substituted Oligosiloxanes박은경; 한준수; Kyung Kang; 유복렬
2011-05Core-shell 구조의 ZnS@silica, Silica@ZnS@Silica 제조와 발광특성에 관한 연구강민수; 한준수; 황영애; 유복렬
2008-11Dechlorinative Si-Si coupling reaction of 1,1-dichlorosilacyclopentene이동원; 황영애; 한준수; 유복렬
2011-04Dehydrochlorinative Si-C Coupling Reaction of Alkenyl Chloride with Trichlorosilane이동원; 한준수; 유복렬; 이명의
2016-10Deoxygenative silylation of aromatic carbonyl compounds with HSiCl3 in the presence of quaternary phosphonium chloride: A facile route to arylmethyltrichlorosilane유복렬; 한준수; 강승현
2009-10Dephenylation of Decaphenylcyclopentasilane with HCl Catalyzed by Aluminum Chloride: Facile Synthetic Route to Cyclopentasilane이동원; 황영애; 한준수; 유복렬
1997-01Direct synthesis of tris(chlorosilyl)methanes containing Si-H bonds정일남; 한준수; 연승호; 유복렬
2006-01Double Silylation of Olefin with HSiCl3 in the Presence of Bu4PCl. New Synthetic Method for α,β-Bis(trichlorosilyl)alkanes강승현; 한준수; 임원철; 정일남; 이명의; 유복렬
2000-07Effect of the substituents at the silicon of (ω-chloroalkyl)silanes on the alkylation to benzene유복렬; 김정현; 이호진; 이강봉; 정일남
1996-01Effects of hydrogen chloride addition to the direct reaction of methylene chloride with elemental silicon.정일남; 연승호; 한준수; 유복렬
2001-04Facile generation of bimetallic titanium alkoxides with silacycloalkyl- or silacycloalkenyldiamide ligands: oxo-insertion involving dimerization or rearrangement김성준; 정일남; 유복렬; 조성일; 고재중; 김상헌; 강상욱
2013-12Facile Modification of Surface of Silica Particles with Organosilanepolyol and Their Characterization이중석; 한준수; 유복렬
2001-09Friedel-crafts alkylation of benzene with (polychloromethyl)silanes유복렬; 김정현; 조봉관; 정일남
2002-09Friedel-crafts alkylation of polychlorobenzenes with (1,2-Dichloroethyl)trichlorosilane한준수; 임원철; 유복렬; 진정일; 정일남
1994-01Friedel-crafts alkylation of substituted benzenes by allyldichlorosilane.정일남; 유복렬; 이봉우; 김선일
2001-04Friedel-crafts alkylations with silicon compounds정일남; 유복렬
2005-01Friedel-crafts Peralkylation of Benzene with w-chloroalkyltrichlorosilanes: One-Pot Synthesis of Polyfunctionalized Hexakis[w-trichlorosilyl)alkyl]benzenesKyung Mi Kim; Jeong Hyun Kim; Do Hyun Moon; Myoung Soo Lah; Il Nam Jung; 유복렬
1997-01Friedel-crafts polyalkylation of alkylbenzenes with dichloromethylvinylsilane정일남; 조은정; Vladimir Lee; 유복렬
2002-09Friedel-crafts type alkylation of 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8-octahydroanthracene with vinylchlorosilanes: Synthesis of mono, bis[2-(chlorosilyl)ethyl]-1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8-octahydroanthracenes공성덕; 이창엽; 유복렬; 이명의; 정일남