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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998-03A glycosidase antibody elicited against a chair-like transition state analog by in vitro immunization유재훈; 최수영; 문경덕; 정현호; 윤현주; 정선주; 박호군; Peter G. Schultz
2005-01A hybrid molecule that prohibits amyloid fibrils and alleviates neuronal toxicity induced by β-amyloid (1-42)이경현; 신병희; 신계정; 김동진; 유재훈
2000-01A study on the screening of toxic materials by HPTLC and GC/MS박성우; 장성길; 박유신; 이진훈; 이상기; 유재훈; 김동환; 진광호; 김기욱; 김유나; 노동석
2004-02An Approach To Enhance Specificity against RNA Targets Using Heteroconjugates of Aminoglycosides and Chloramphenicol (or Linezolid)이종국; 권미윤; 이경현; 정선주; 현순실; 신계정; 유재훈
2005-02An RNA aptamer that binds to the β-catenin interaction domain of TCF-1 protein이수경; 박민우; 양은경; 유재훈; 정선주
2007-12An RNA aptamer that recognizes a specific conformation of the protein calsenilin이경현; 정선주; 양은경; 박용근; 유재훈
2004-10Analysis of binding between HIV-1 Rev and RRE by capillary electrophoresis with laser-induced fluorescence detection한기철; 유재훈; 양은경
2001-09Analysis of toxic materials in plasma by gas chromatography박성우; 박유신; 이진훈; 김유나; 임미애; 이상기; 유재훈; 진광호; 신호상; 노동석
1997-01Antibody-catalysed glycosyl transfer reactions from in vitro immunization유재훈; 최소영; 이성수; 윤현주; 정선주; 문한서; 박호군; Peter G. Schultz
1990-04Apical-equatorial orientation of the six-membered ring in P(V) models of enzymatically formed cAMP-nucleophile adducts. relationship to the basic hydrolysis of cAMP.유재훈; Alan E. Sopchik; Atta M. Arif; Wesley G. Bentrude*
2000-05Asymmetric [3+2] cycloadition reactions of chiral cyclic nitron for the discovery of new inhibitors of glycosidases이상기; 김영윤; 유재훈; 이재균
2002-04Betulinic acid inhibits growth factor-induced in vitro angiogenesis via the modulation of mitochondrial function in endothelial cellsHo Jeong Kwon; Joong Sup Shim; Jin Hee Kim; Hyun Young Cho; Young Na Yum; Seung Hee Kim; 유재훈
1995-06catalytic antibody and ribozyme.유재훈; 정선주
1999-01Cholesterol esterase activity by in vitro selection of RNA against a phosphate transition state analogueSung-Min Chun; Sunjoo Jeong; 김종만; Byong-Oh Chong; Young-Keun Park; 박호군; 유재훈
1999-11Cholesterol esterase activity by in vitro selection of RNA against a phosphate transition state analogueSung-Min Chun; Sunjoo Jeong; 김종만; Byong-Oh Chong; Young-Keun Park; 박호군; 유재훈
2004-08Comparison of properties of polyclonal anti-N-acetylchitooligosaccharides and anti-chitooligosaccharides antibodies produced for ELISA심윤영; 손동화; 곽보연; 유재훈; 지규만
1991-02Conformational properties of cyclic pentaalkoxy phosphoranes: apical-equatorial attachment and nonchair conformation of the phosphorus-containing six-membered ring.유재훈; Alan E. Sopchik; Atta M. Arif; Wesley G. Bentrude*
1990-01Conformations of P(V) cyclic nucleotide model compounds.Wesley G. Bentrude*; 유재훈; Alan E. Sopchik
1999-01Dendrimer recognition by polydiacetylene liposomes.조재택; 양기중; 안동준; 유재훈; 한동근; 안광덕; 김종만
2002-06Enzymatic characterization of glycosidase antibodies raised against a chair transition state analog and the retained catalytic activity from the expressed single chain antibody fragmentsSo-Young Choi; Hyun Joo Youn; 유재훈
1988-11¹H NMR evidence for a non-chair conformation for the six-membered ring attached apical equatorial to pentacovalent phosphorus. potential implications for enzyme-catalyzed reactions of cyclic nucleot유재훈; Wesley G. Bentrude
2009-05Histone H3 N-terminal peptide binds directly to its own mRNA: a possible mode of feedback inhibition to control translation이경현; 이남주; 현순실; 박용근; 양은경; 이준규; 정선주; 유재훈
2002-02Identification of hNopp140 as a binding partner for doxorubicin with a phage display cloning methodYoungnam Jin; 유재훈; 유연규
2001-06In vitro selection of RNA against kanamycin BMiyun Kwon; Seong-Min Chun; Sunjoo Jeong; 유재훈
2001-02In vitro selection of the RNA aptamer against the sialyl lewis X and its inhibition of the cell adhesionSungjoo Jeong; Tae-Yeon Eom; Se-Jin Kim; Seong-Wook Lee; 유재훈
2005-02Library construction of neomycin-dipeptide heteroconjugates and selection against RRE RNA안대로; 유재훈
2002-11Mimicry of tandem repeat peptides against cell surface carbohydrates권미윤; Sunjoo Jeong; 이경현; Yong-Keun Park; 유재훈
1989-05Pentacovalent phosphorus-containing model of a P(V) cyclic nucleotide intermediate. non-chair conformation of the phosphorus-containing ring.유재훈; Wesley G. Bentrude*
1990-05Pentacovalent phosphorus-containing models of P(V) H//2O- or enzyme-cAMP adducts. nonchair conformations of the phosphorus-containing rings as determined by 1H NMR spectroscopy and x-ray crystallography유재훈; Atta M. Arif; Wesley G. Bentrude*
1999-01Picomolar scale determination of carbohydrates covalently immobilized on activated beads using hydroxyl functionality유재훈; 전성민; 박호군; 박용근; 정선주