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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-08A continuum mechanics based 3-D beam finite element with warping displacements and its modeling capabilities윤경호; 이윤규; 이필승
2018-02A new concept for blast hardened bulkheads with attached aluminum foam윤경호; 김성호; 우희규; 최걸기
2017-10An efficient warping model for elastoplastic torsional analysis of composite beams윤경호; 이필승; 김도년
2020-05Ballasting plan optimization for operation of a 2D floating dry dock윤경호; 김효진; 여승균; 홍영화; 차지혜; 정현
2021-04Computational and Histological Analyses for Investigating Mechanical Interaction of Thermally Drawn Fiber Implants with Brain Tissue윤경호; 김강현; 성창훈; 이정준; 원준희; 전우진; 서승범; 박성준
2020-03Continuum mechanics based beam elements for nonlinear analysis of multi-layered composite beams with interlayer slips윤경호; 김효진; 이필승
2020-12Deep learned finite elements윤경호; 정재호; 이필승
2019-10Effects of sonication parameters on transcranial focused ultrasound brain stimulation in an ovine model윤경호; 이원혜; 이지은; Linda Xu; Phillip Croce; Lori Foley; 유승식
2016-03Finite element modeling of concentric-tube continuum robots윤경호; 백창엽; 김도년
2018-06Focused ultrasound brain stimulation to anesthetized rats induces long-term changes in somatosensory evoked potentials윤경호; 유승식; Phillip Croce; Amanda Cammalleri; Ryan W. Margolin; 이원혜
2021-05Focused ultrasound enhances the anesthetic effects of topical lidocaine in rats윤경호; 김현철; 이원혜; Mark Bollke; 유승식
2015-11Geometrically nonlinear finite element analysis of 3D functionally graded beams with warping displacements윤경호; 이필승; 김도년
2012-11Improving the MITC3 shell finite element by using the Hellinger-Reissner principle윤경호; 이윤규; 이필승
2019-09Localized blood-brain barrier opening in ovine model using image-guided transcranial focused ultrasound윤경호; 이원혜; Emily Chen; 이지은; Phillip Croce; Amanda Cammalleri; Lori Foley; Allison L. Tsao; 유승식
2020-08Localized disruption of blood albumin-phenytoin binding using transcranial focused ultrasound윤경호; Linda Xu; 이원혜; Rotenberg, A; Bohlke, M; 유승식
2014-01Modeling the warping displacements for discontinuously varying arbitrary cross-section beams윤경호; 이필승
2018-05Multi-resolution simulation of focused ultrasound propagation through ovine skull from a single-element transducer윤경호; 이원혜; Phillip Croce; Amanda Cammalleri; 유승식
2014-11Nonlinear performance of continuum mechanics based beam elements focusing on large twisting behaviors윤경호; 이필승
2017-04Nonlinear torsional analysis of 3D composite beams using the extended St. Venant solutions윤경호; 김도년; 이필승
2018-03Recent Progress in Organic Electrodes for Li and Na Rechargeable Batteries임희대; 이세찬; 권기윤; 구교진; 윤경호; 정성균; 강기석
2018-08The MITC3+ shell element enriched in membrane displacements by interpolation covers윤경호; 전형민; 이필승; Klaus-Jurgen Bathe
2020-03Therapeutic potentials of localized blood-brain barrier disruption by noninvasive transcranial focused ultrasound: A technical review윤경호; Amanda Cammalleri; Phillip Croce; 이원혜; 유승식
2018-09Transcranial focused ultrasound stimulation of motor cortical area in freely-moving awake rats윤경호; 이원혜; Phillip Croce; Ryan W. Margolin; Amanda Cammalleri; 유승식
2021-03-11인공지능 기반 MRI-CT 영상 변환 방법 및 이를 이용한 초음파 치료 장치고희경; 김형민; 박태영; 윤경호
2021-03-31인공지능 기반 실시간 음향 시뮬레이션 방법 및 이를 이용한 초음파 치료 시스템고희경; 김형민; 박태영; 윤경호