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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004-08A Dielectric Biosensor using the Capacitance Change with AC Frequency Integrated on Glass Substrates홍종인; 윤대성; 박명일; 최종완; 김태송; 임근배; 김상효; 박유근; 노광수
2006-08A Mach-Zehnder interferometer based on silicon oxides for biosensor applications홍종인; 최정성; 김창민; 김태송; 윤대성
2006-02A microfluidic gel valve device using reversible sol-gel transition of methyl cellulose for biomedical application윤대성; 조윤경; 오광욱; 김선희; 김영아; 한정임; 임근배
2005-01AC Frequency Characteristics of Coplanar Impedance Sensors as Design Parameters홍종인; 윤대성; 김성관; 김태송; 김상효; 박유근; 노광수
2011-10Anomalous resonant frequency changes in piezoelectric microcantilevers by monolayer formation of AU films이정훈; 황교선; 윤대성; 김형석; 송승호; 강지윤; 김태송
2016-04Biaxial Dielectrophoresis Force Spectroscopy: A Stoichiometric Approach for Examining Intermolecular Weak Binding Interactions이상엽; 남기환; 최정우; 박인수; 곽태준; 이규도; 손명구; 최승엽; 이세영; 장우진; 엄길호; 윤대성; Rashid Bashir; 이상우
2006-05Biodetection and Quantitative Analysis of Myoglobin using Higher Mode Resonance of Nanomechanical Piezoelectric Cantilever황교선; 이정훈; 천동원; 한가영; 박정호; 윤대성; 김태송
2004-06Characterization of DNA immobilization and subsequent hybridization using in situ quartz crystal microbalance, fluorescence spectroscopy, and surface plasmon resonance조윤경; 김선희; 김영아; 임희균; 이규상; 윤대성; 임근배; 박유근; 하태환; 김관
2018-06Construction of neurospheroids via surface modified concave microwells김수현; 이건희; 임재호; 박지수; 이원석; 윤대성; 김명기; 이상훈; 김동휘
2007-04Detection of the Au thin-layer in the Hz per picogram regime based on the microcantilevers천동원; 황교선; 엄길호; 이정훈; 차병학; 이우영; 윤대성; 김태송
2007-03Development of a peptide inhibitor-based cantilever sensor assay for cyclic adenosine monophosphate-dependent protein kinase권혁성; 한기철; 황교선; 이정훈; 김태송; 윤대성; 양은경
2007-05Development of Micro/Nano Devices for Cancer Diagnosis윤대성; 강지윤; 김태송
2005-10Development of peptide inhibitor sensor assays for protein kinase action권혁성; 한기철; 황교선; 이정훈; 김태송; 윤대성; 양은경
2011-07Direct Electrical Measurement of Protein-Water interactions and Temperature Dependence Using Piezoelectric Microcantilevers이정훈; 황교선; 윤대성; 강지윤; 김상경; 김태송
2006-04Direct-Patterned PZT Microcantilever Using Photosensitive Sol-Gel Method강기윤; 박형호; 윤대성; 김태송
2003-09DNA hybridization electrochemical sensor using conducting polymer차준회; 한정임; 최영; 윤대성; 오광욱; 임근배
2006-10Dominant surface stress driven by biomolecular interactions in the dynamical response of nanomechanical microcantilevers황교선; 엄길호; 이정훈; 천동원; 차병학; 윤대성; 김태송; 박정호
2007-09Dynamical response of nanomechanical resonators to biomolecular interactions엄길호; 권태윤; 윤대성; 이홍림; 김태송
2004-05Effect of Atmospheric-Plasma Treatments for Enhancing Adhesion of Au on Parylene-c-Coated Protein Chips황교선; 박정호; 이정훈; 윤대성; 김태송; 한인호; 노주현
2007-02Effect of Silicon Carbide Passivation Film on the Resonance Characteristics of CantileverKi Yong Choi; 윤대성; 김태송; Duck Kyun Choi
2006-04Effect Of Silicon Carbide Passivation Films On The Resonance Characteristics Of Cantilever Sensor최기용; 최덕균; 최두진; 윤대성; 김태송
2004-04Effect of Sol Infiltration Method on electrical properties of PMW-PZT thick films prepared by screen printing김용범; 천채일; 유광수; 강지윤; 윤대성; 김태송; 손진호
2006-10Effect of the porosity of PZT thick films on mass sensitivity and resonance force for cantilever type bio sensors박재홍; 권태윤; 윤대성; 김태송; 김환
2004-04Effects of liquid viscosity and density on resonant behavior of nano-mechanical PZT (52/48) thin film cantilever황교선; 윤대성; 윤기현; 김태송; 이정훈
2010-08Effects of the material properties on piezoelectric PZT thick film micro cantilevers as sensors and self actuators박재홍; 김환; 윤대성; Soo Yoo Kwang; 이진형; 김태송
2004-07Electrical detection of label-free PSA using self-sensing piezoresistive microcantilevers위경욱; 강기윤; 박재범; 강지윤; 윤대성; 박정호; 김태송
2005-04Electrical properties of PZT-PCW thick film on Pt/SiC/Si, and structural stability of SiC최기용; 최덕균; 박지연; 윤대성; 김태송
2004-04Electrical properties of PZT-PCW thick film on Pt/SiC/Si, and structural stability of SiCas buffer layer최기용; 최덕균; 박지연; 윤대성; 김태송
2005-04Electrical Properties of Screen Printed PZT Thick Films Treated with Photo-sensitive And Diol Based Sols for Cantilever Based Biochip박재홍; 손진호; 윤대성; 김태송; 박형호; 김환
2004-04Electrical properties of screen printed PZT thick films treated with photo-sensitive and diol based sols for cantilever based biochip박재홍; 손진호; 윤대성; 김태송; 박형호; 김환