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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-094D cardiac motion modeling using pair-wise mesh registration이득희; 윤시엽; 백승엽
2018-094D Cardiac Motion Modeling Using Pair-Wise Mesh Registration이득희; 윤시엽; Stephen Baek
2018-054D dynamic cardiac modeling based robot motion compensation method for cardiac intervention이득희; 손진원; 윤시엽
2015-10A Method for Fluoroscopy Based Navigation System to Assist Needle Insertion Concerning Reduced Radiation Exposure for Endoscopic Disc Surgery박진곤; 윤현민; 윤시엽; 말린다 바니아; 이득희
2020-10A Patient-Specific 3D+t Coronary Artery Motion Modeling Method Using Hierarchical Deformation with Electrocardiogram이득희; 윤시엽; 윤창환; 전은주
2017-06A study for non-rigid 2x2D-3D registration of coronary artery images using bifurcation points matching with bi-plane x-ray fluoroscopy박세형; 이득희; 김영준; 손진원; 윤시엽
2020-10An anatomical neurovascular study for procedures targeting peri-articular nerves in patients with anterior knee pain이득희; 윤시엽; Mi Ran Park; Dasom Kim; Im Joo Rhyu; Joon Ho Yu; Jisu Hong; Jae Chul Koh
2016-08Automatic heart isolation and vascular structure detection algorithm for CTA with anatomical information이득희; 윤시엽
2018-10Beyond the Static :4D Deformable Shape Modeling of Cardiac Structures이득희; 윤시엽
2018-01Cardiac Mapping Software for Cardiac Intervention Guide이득희; 조현철; 손진원; 윤시엽
2020-07Cascaded Regression-Based Segmentation of Cardiac CT under Probabilistic Correspondences이득희; 배장표; 말린다 바니아; 천소정; 윤시엽; 윤창환
2017-10Coronary Artery Phase agreement of CT and X-ray angiogram images through Non-Rigid Registration이득희; 손진원; 윤시엽
2015-07Design and Evaluation of Markerless Neurosurgical Robotic Guidance System윤시엽; 신상균; 조현철; 이득희
2017-09Enhanced markerless surgical robotic guidance system for keyhole neurosurgery이득희; 김래현; 조현철; 김영준; 윤시엽; 신상균; 노건우
2016-10Enhanced Markerless Surgical Robotic Guidance System for Keyhole Neurosurgery이득희; 조현철; 김영준; 노건우; 윤시엽; 신상균
2016-10Expeditious Design Optimization of a Concentric Tube Robot with a Heat-shrink Plastic Tube강성철; 이득희; 이우섭; 김계리; 노건우; 윤시엽; 윤성
2015-08Markerless Surgical Robotic System for Intracerebral Hemorrhage Surgery신상균; 조현철; 윤시엽; 박규식; 김영준; 박세형; 김래현; 이득희
2017-02Preliminary Study for Designing a Novel Vein-Visualizing Device이득희; 김유진; 윤시엽; 김동훈
2016-06Robotic needle guidance in endoscopic discectomy using multi-oriented X-ray fluoroscopic images이득희; 황상철; 윤시엽
2021-01Spatiotemporal Free-Form Registration Method Assisted by a Minimum Spanning Tree During Discontinuous Transformations이득희; 배장표; 말린다 바니아; 윤시엽
2020-01Three Dimensional Microrobot Tracking Using Learning-based System이득희; 배장표; 말린다 바니아; 윤시엽
2021-03Topological recovery for non-rigid 2D/3D registration of coronary artery models이득희; 윤시엽; 윤창환
2019-11Vascular Graph Structure Extraction Method in 2D/ 3D Angiographic Images이득희; 배장표; 윤시엽