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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-09A study on FeCrAl foam as effective catalyst support under thermal and mechanical stresses김도형; 유병용; 차필령; 변지영; 윤우영; 김상훈
2014-01Arc plasma deposition of Pd seeding for Cu electroless deposition황주연; 윤우영; 변지영; 김상훈
2013-04Arc Plasma deposition of Pd seeding for Cu electroless deposition황주연; 윤우영; 변지영; 김상훈
2017-05Dendrite Suppression by Synergistic Combination of Solid Polymer Electrolyte Crosslinked with Natural Terpenes and Lithium­Powder Anode for Lithium­Metal Batteries심지민; 이재원; 배기윤; 김희중; 윤우영; 이종찬
2014-08Design of sustainable V-based hydrogen separation membranes based on grain boundary segregation고원석; 오주영; 심재혁; 서진유; 윤우영; 이병주
2006-12Electrolyte loss and dimensional change of the negative electrode in Li powder secondary cell정주호; 김우성; 윤우영; 민상원; 조병원
2016-04Enhanced high temperature hydrogen permeation characteristics of V-Ni alloy membranes containing a trace amount of yttrium오주영; 고원석; 서진유; 이영수; 이병주; 윤우영; 심재혁
2021-02Enveloping Fe?12%Al atomized powders in selectively-oxidized insulating films for soft magnetic composite (SMC) cores변지영; 김상훈; 최광덕; 장평우; 윤우영
1998-10Formation of oxide inclusions in the molten aluminium alloys임정호; 김기배; 윤우영; 윤의박
2004-10Growth behavior and microstructure of oxide scale formed on MoSi2 coating at 773 K이경환; 윤진국; 김긍호; 도정만; 홍경태; 윤우영
2004-09Growth kinetics of W5Si3 layer in WSi2/W system이경환; 윤진국; 이종권; 도정만; 홍경태; 윤우영
2017-12High temperature isothermal oxidation behavior of NbSi2 coating at 1000-1450 oC도정만; 홍경태; 윤진국; 김긍호; 최영준; 윤우영
2019-11Lead ruthenate nanocrystals on reduced graphene oxides as an efficient bifunctional catalyst for metal-air batteries오시형; 나수빈; 이보은; 윤우영; 임태은
2020-12NaFeSnO4: Tunnel structured anode material for rechargeable sodium-ion batteries정경윤; 김지영; 배지환; 박재호; 반지; 다니엘; 굴람 알리; 윤우영; 남경완
2019-12O3-type layer-structured Na0.8[Ni1/5Fe1/5Co1/5Mn1/5Ti1/5]O2 as long life and high power cathode material for sodium-ion batteries정경윤; 조민경; 박재호; 남경완; Daniel A. Anang; Deu S. Bhange; 윤우영
2018-05Quasi-Solid-State Rechargeable Li-O2 Batteries with High Safety and Long Cycle Life at Room Temperature이종찬; 심지민; 조성만; 조성호; 김지웅; 손병대; 윤우영
2015-12Solid Polymer Electrolytes Based on Functionalized Tannic Acids from Natural Resources for All­Solid­State Lithium­Ion Batteries심지민; 배기윤; 김희중; 이진홍; 김동균; 윤우영; 이종찬
1990-01Solidification of the aluminum with the forced liquid convection.홍경태; 김형규; 허성강; 윤우영
2007-02The dissolution and deposition behavior in lithium powder electrode김진석; 윤우영; 이건영; 김복기; 조병원
2005-01The Effect of Frequency of Electromagnetic Vibration on the Primary Silicon Size in Hypereutectic Al-Si Alloy윤의박; 최정평; 박준표; 김기배; 윤우영; 김명호; K.H. Kim; 남태운