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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998-093D-QSAR of angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors : functional group interaction energy descriptors for quantitative structure activity relationships study of ACE inhibitors김상욱; 지명환; 윤창노; Ha-Chin Sung
2013-12A Bioreactor for the Effective Removal of the Hydrogen Sulfide from Biogas남궁형규; 윤창노; 송지현
2009-06A Comparison of Qualitative Exposure Assessment Model with Quantitative Data on Occupational Exposure윤영희; 최상준; 윤창노
1995-01A comparison of the conformations of peptide-MHC complex and peptide free MHC glycoproteins.윤창노; T.K. Kim; J.H. Yoon; M.W. Chi
2017-12A Novel Computational Method for Biomedical Binary Data Analysis: Development of a Thyroid Disease Index Using a Brute-Force Search with MLR Analysis윤창노; 이준석; 한원석; 이진각
2004-12Ab initio protein folding한원석; 이진각; 이민경; 윤창노
2003-03Acetylcholinesterase(AChE)-catalyzed hydrolysis of long-chain thiocholine esters: shift to a new chemical mechanism.정대일; 신영주; 이은석; 문태성; 윤창노; 이봉호
2003-06An investigation of phosphopeptide binding to SH2 domain.이진각; 문태성; 지명환; 송진수; 최영상; 윤창노
2001-12Application of biomolecular simulation techniques in protein informatics윤창노
2017-10Application of quantitative structure activity relationships in environmental and health sciences윤창노
1999-06Application of quantitative structure-activity relationships to endocrine disrupting chemicals윤창노
2006-06Application of Structural Bioinformatics in Microbial Genome Research문태성; 윤창노
1996-09Applying virtual reality to molecular graphics system.윤창노; 지명환; 박종세; 고희동
2017-03beta 1,6-GlcNAc Linkage to the Core Glycan on TIMP-1 Affects Its Gelatinase Inhibitory Activities: Aberrantly Glycosylated TIMP-1MMP2 Complex Modeling Shows Weaker Interaction Compared to Bi-antennary Glycosylated TIMP-1윤창노; 이준석; 한원석; Jin Kak Lee; Yong-Sam Kim; Jeong-Heon Ko; Jong Shin Yoo
2003-06Biomolecular simulation techniques송진수; 윤창노
2015-08Characteristics of VOCs emissions from a chemical manufacturing process and the selection of best available technology남궁형규; 안해영; 조현지; 이관형; 이재우; 윤창노; 송지현
2015-04Chemical proteomic identification of T-plastin as a novel host cell response factor in HCV infection유영화; 윤지현; 윤창노; 이준석
2000-08Comparative molecular field analysis of SH2-binding phosphopeptides문태성; 이진각; 김현주; 지명환; 윤창노
2005-09Comparison of Protein Internal Motion by Inter-helical Motional Correlation and Hydrogen Bond Ratio김병국; 윤창노
1997-01Computational techniques for rational drug design윤창노
2002-03Computer approaches for protein folding윤창노
2002-04Computer simulation for protein informatics윤창노
1993-01Configuration-activity relationships study of angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor coptopril derivatives.윤창노
1986-01Conformational study of the trinucleotide CpGpCp-pentapeptide Gly5 complex : the important role of bridging water in the complex formation.윤창노; M.S. Jhon
1984-01Conformational study of trinucleotide tetraphosphate d(pCpGpCp) : transition of right-handed form to left-handed form.윤창노; Y.K. Kang; M.S. Jhon
2006-01Design and Evolution of New Catalytic Activity with an Existing Protein Scaffold박희성; 남성훈; 이진각; 윤창노; Bengt Mannervik; Stephen J. Benkovic; 김학성
1995-01Determinatin of nonbonded potential parameters for peptides.윤창노; K.T. No; O.Y. Kwon; S.Y. Kim; K.H. Cho; Y.K. Kang; K.D. Gibson; M.S. Jhon; H.A. Scheraga
2015-04Development of the Acid Treatment and Risk Assessment Protocol for the Stabilization of Fly Ash from a Waste Incinerator남궁형규; 이관형; 이재우; 윤창노; 유영화; 송지현
1990-01Drug testing at the 10th Asian Games and 24th Seoul Olympic Games.최명자; 박종세; 박송자; 노동석; 박혜영; 정봉철; 윤창노; 민홍기
2002-12Efficient macrocyclization for cyclicpeptide using solid-phase reaction김중협; 홍일기; 김효정; 정혜진; 최문정; 윤창노; 정진현