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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-09Anti-tumor drug-loaded oxygen nanobubbles for the degradation of HIF-1a and the upregulation of reactive oxygen species in tumor cells전호정; 서영민; 이경우; Muhammad Saad Khan; 황장선; 최용현; 홍종욱; 최종훈
2020-08Biodegradable Magnesium Alloys Promote Angio­Osteogenesis to Enhance Bone Repair석현광; 김유찬; 한형섭; 이경우; 전인동; 이강식; Frank Witte; Diego Mantovani; Sion Glyn-Jones; James R Edwards
2000-10Characteristics of inclusions and precipitates in low carbon steels이상윤; 양원오; 오영주; 조영환; 이경우
2019-03Current Immunotherapy Approaches for Malignant Melanoma전호정; 서영민; 이경우; 임재성; 조은진; 최용현; 최종훈
2007-10Dehydrogenation and hydrogenation characteristics of MgH2 with transition metal fluorides진선아; 심재혁; 조영환; 이경우
1995-10Development of a three dimensional numerical simulation program for the analysis of electromagnetic processing of metals using cold crucible.정순효; 오영주; 조영환; 이경우; 심재동
2019-11DNA aptamer immobilized hydroxyapatite for enhancing angiogenesis and bone regeneration전호정; 서영민; 이경우; 손재우; 김준형; 황장선; 최용현; 강호창; 우흥명; 강병재; 최종훈
2021-03Durable and Fatigue-Resistant Soft Peripheral Neuroprosthetics for In Vivo Bidirectional Signaling김유찬; 전호정; 한형섭; 이경우; 서현선; 한상인; 송강일; 성두환; 김선홍; 박태성; 구자훈; 신미경; 박형원; 박옥규; 오숭주; 김대형; 현택환; 손동희
2012-05EDS-EBSD 조합 분석을 이용한 강의 산화물층 분석김동익; 김주헌; 이경우; Gert Nolze
1990-09Effects of fluid flow on the chemical vapor deposition of Si in the system SiH//4-H//2.조성욱; 이경우; 조영환; 윤종규
2002-03Effects of titanium and oxygen content on microstructure in low carbon steels이상윤; 오영주; 이경우
2018-09Engineering copper nanoparticles synthesized on the surface of carbon nanotubes for anti-microbial and anti-biofilm applications전호정; 서영민; 황장선; 이은원; 김영진; 이경우; 박찬휘; 최용현; 최종훈
2020-10Femtosecond laser induced nano-textured micropatterning to regulate cell functions on implanted biomaterials석현광; 김유찬; 옥명렬; 전호정; 서현선; 서영민; 박재호; 김새로미; 이현수; 이경우; 전인동; 김영진; 유영식; 최병찬; 최종훈; 주천기
2013-12Galvanotactic behavior of Tetrahymena pyriformis under electric fieldsDal Hyung Kim; Paul Seung Soo Kim; 이경우; 김진석; Min Jun Kim
2012-05Grain-Size Effects on the High-Temperature Oxidation of Cu added Austenitic stainless steel김주헌; 김동익; Satyam Suwas; 에릭플러리; 이경우
2013-04Grain-Size Effects on the High-Temperature Oxidation of Modified 304 Austenitic Stainless Steel김주헌; 김동익; Satyam Suwas; 에릭플러리; 이경우
2018-10Highly conducting fibrous carbon-coated silicon alloy anode for lithium ion batteries조영환; 강인영; 장주영; 이경우
2019-11Identification of urban particulate matter-induced disruption of human respiratory mucosa integrity using whole transcriptome analysis and organ-on a chip옥명렬; 김상헌; 전호정; 오승자; 이경우; 황혜원; 변준형; 송보아; 김병재; 이기정; 백승국; 김태훈
2007-09Improvement in hydrogen sorption kinetics of MgH2 with Nb hydride catalyst진선아; 심재혁; 안재평; 조영환; 이경우
2012-08Investigation into the Cu addition effect in the 23Cr ferritic stainless steel for SOFC interconnect김병규; 김동익; 심재혁; 정우상; 이경우; 권숙인
2013-12Investigation into the high temperature oxidation of Cu-bearing austenitic stainless steel using simultaneous electron backscatter diffraction-energy dispersive spectroscopy analysis김주헌; 김동익; 심재혁; 이경우
2020-08Molecularly Tailored Lithium-Arene Complex Enables Chemical Prelithiation of High ­Capacity Lithium­Ion Battery Anodes정향수; 홍지현; 이민아; 강인영; 장주영; 최진관; 이경우
1996-01Numerical analysis of molten metal shape in cold crucibles by 3D FEM.정순효; 조영환; 오영주; 이경우; 심재동
2021-07On/off switchable physical stimuli regulate the future direction of adherent cellular fate석현광; 김유찬; 옥명렬; 전호정; 한형섭; 이경우; 김용준; 전인동; 이재원; 송인석; 신흥수; 제임스 에드워드; 이근용
2019-01Porous nanocomposite anodes of silicon/iron silicide/3D carbon network for lithium-ion batteries조영환; 강인영; 장주영; 이경우
2005-11Proportional Flow Control valve with PZT Actuator윤소남; 김찬용; 함영복; 윤석진; 이경우
2008-06Reversible hydrogen storage in LiBH4-Al-LiH composite powder진선아; 심재혁; 조영환; 이경우; Zabara, Oleg; Fichtner, Maximilian
2020-11Self-Assembling b-Glucan Nanomedicine for the Delivery of siRNA전호정; 이경우; 민대진; 최용현; 윤세미; 장재희; 황장선; 조용우; 최종훈
2017-05Si/iron silicide nanocomposite anodes with furfuryl-alcohol-derived carbon coating for Li-ion batteries조영환; 이영수; 강인영; 장주영; 김재헌; 김문수; 이경우
2020-12Study and evaluation of the potential of lipid nanocarriers for transdermal delivery of siRNA전호정; 이경우; 민대진; 최용현; 김지원; 윤세미; 장재희; 박수민; 타나카 마사요시; 조용우; 구형준; 최종훈