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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-09A microwave foaming method for fabricating glass fiber reinforced phenolic foam김민국; 최재헌; 김진환; 이대길
2013-02Bipolar plates made of carbon fabric/phenolic composite reinforced with carbon black for PEMFC김민국; 임준우; 김기현; 이대길
2012-03Bipolar plates made of plain weave carbon/epoxy composite for proton exchange membrane fuel cell김민국; 유하나; 임준우; 이대길
2016-07Bonding characteristics between carbonized copper and a glass/phenolic composite김민국; 오승진; 최재헌; 이대길
2015-12Composite structures for proton exchange membrane fuel cells (PEMFC) and energy storage systems (ESS): Review김민국; 임준우; 이동영; 최재헌; 남수현; 이대길
2014-02Conductive particles embedded carbon composite bipolar plates for proton exchange membrane fuel cells김민국; 임준우; 이대길
2013-04Development of carbon fabric/graphite hybrid bipolar plate for PEMFC김민국; 김기현; 임준우; 이대길
2014-12Development of carbon/PEEK composite bipolar plates with nano-conductive particles for High-Temperature PEM fuel cells (HT-PEMFCs)김민국; 임준우; Young Ho Yu; 이대길
2016-05Development of the anode bipolar plate/membrane assembly unit for air breathing PEMFC stack using silicone adhesive bonding김민국; 이대길
2016-07Development of the fire retardant glass fabric/carbonized phenolic composite김민국; 최재헌; 이대길
2016-12Development of the fire-retardant sandwich structure using an aramid/glass hybrid composite and a phenolic foam-filled honeycomb김민국; 최재헌; 이대길
2018-04Electrical contact resistance between anode and cathode bipolar plates with respect to surface conditions김민국; 임준우; 이대길
2012-12Innovative gasketless carbon composite bipolar plates for PEM fuel cells김민국; 임준우; 김기현; 이대길
2015-11Manufacturing of the carbon/phenol composite bipolar plates for PEMFC with continuous hot rolling process김민국; 최재헌; 임준우; 이대길
2016-04Optimum design of the carbon composite bipolar plate (BP) for the open cathode of an air breathing PEMFC김민국; 이대길
2012-04Plasma treatment of the carbon fiber bipolar plate for PEM fuel cell김민국; 임준우; 이대길; 유하나
2015-01Surface modification of carbon fiber phenolic bipolar plate for the HT-PEMFC with nano-carbon black and carbon felts김민국; 임준우; 이대길
2014-02Ultra high speed curing bipolar plates made of carbon fabric/phenolic composite using acid catalyst for proton exchange membrane fuel cell김민국; 임준우; 김기현; 이대길