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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998-01A facile synthesis of N-carbamoylmethyl-α-aminobutyrolactones by the ugi multicomponent condensation reaction박수정; 금교창; 강순방; 고훈영; 김유승; 이덕형
1998-04A new synthesis of α -aminobutyrolactone derivatives by ugi-five-component reaction김유승; 박수정; 채형선; 금교창; 이덕형
1999-04A new synthesis of α -aminovalerolactone derivatives by the ugi-five-component reaction김영배; 금교창; 강순방; 이덕형; 고훈형; 김유승
2000-04An efficient synthesis of morpholin-2-one derivatives by the Ugi five-center-three-component reaction on one-pot procedure최은희; 김영배; 금교창; 강순방; 이덕형; 김유승
2001-12An efficient synthesis of morpholin-2-one derivatives using glycolaldehyde dimer by the Ugi multicomponent reaction김영배; 최은희; 금교창; 강순방; 이덕형; 고훈영; 김유승
2002-11An efficient synthesis of α-amino-δ-valerolactones by the ugi five-center three-component reaction김영배; 박수정; 금교창; 장민석; 강순방; 이덕형; 김유승
2000-02An efficient synthesis of α-amino-δ-valerolactones by the Ugi five-center-three-component reaction김영배; 박수정; 금교창; 강순방; 이덕형; 고훈영; 김유승
1999-01Anti-thrombotic effects of YS-49 and YS-51, 1-naphthylmethyl analogs of higenamine윤혜숙; M. K. Pyo; K. M. Park; 장기철; 이덕형; 류재천
2000-04Chromosome aberration study of tetrahydroisoquinoline compounds, THI52 and THI53 as a drug candidate of the cardiovascular system김연정; H. J. Park; 윤혜숙; 장기철; 이덕형; 류재천
1998-06Comparison of inodilator effect of higenamine, YS49, YS51, tetrahydroisoquinoline analogs, and dobutamine in the rat정원석; 이용수; 강용진; 이덕형; 류재천; 윤혜숙; 장기철
2000-04Cytogenetic, DNA strand breakage and forward gene mutation studies of higenamine, a constituent of aconite sp., in mammalian cells김형태; 윤혜숙; 장기철; 이덕형; 류재천
1999-11Effects of higenamine and its analogues on the cardio-circulatory system윤혜숙; 장기철; 이덕형; 류재천
1999-01Effects of higenamine and its analogues on the cardio-circulatory system윤혜숙; 장기철; 이덕형; 류재천
2014-08Efficient synthesis of mibefradil analogues: an insight into in vitro stability이지은; 권태희; 구수진; 이덕형; 김병문; 이재열; 이재균; 서선희; 배애님; 금교창; 조용서; 민선준
2019-05Highly sensitive and selective biosensing using terahertz metamaterials서민아; 이상훈; 이덕형
1999-01Inhibition of activation of nuclear factor κ B is responsible for inhibition of inducible nitric oxide synthase expression by higenamine, an active component of aconite root강영진; 이용수; 이건우; 이덕형; 류재천; 윤혜숙; 장기철
2014-03Novel D-π-A Organic Dyes with Thieno[3,2-b]thiophene-3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene Unit as a π-Bridge for Highly Efficient Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells with Long-Term Stability이민우; 김재엽; 이덕형; 고민재
1998-08Pharmacological characterization of synthetic tetrahydroisoquinoline alkaloids, YS 51 and YS 55, on the cardiovascular system장기철; 강영진; 이용수; 정원석; 윤혜숙; 이덕형; 류재천
2009-10Synthesis of Organic Dyes with Linkers Between 9,9-Dimethylfluorenyl Terminal and α-Cyanoacrylic Acid Anchor, Effect of the Linkers on UV-Vis Absorption Spectra, and Photovoltaic Properties in Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells이민우; 차수봉; 양수진; 박세웅; 김경곤; 박남규; 이덕형
2001-10Synthesis of selective ligands as serotonergic agents toward 5-HT1A receptor subtype최현식; 설해남; 김동찬; 유경호; 김동진; 진창배; 이덕형
1990-01Synthetic beta-lactam antibiotics IV.이덕형; 김삼민; 박상우; 김유승
2015-01Tailoring of Energy Levels in D-p-A Organic Dyes via Fluorination of Acceptor Units for Efficient Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells이민우; 김재엽; 손해정; 김진영; 김봉수; 김홍곤; 이도권; 김경곤; 이덕형; 고민재
2000-04The effect of higenamine on endotoxin-induced experimental disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC) in ratsM. K. Pyo; K. M. Park; 장기철; 이덕형; 류재천; 윤혜숙
2010-09The efficient one-step chlorination of methylsulfanyl group on pyrimidine ring system with sulfuryl chloride함영진; 이덕형; 최환근; 하정미; 심태보
2011-08-17태양전지용 도너-브릿지-억셉터형 유기 반도체고민재; 김경곤; 김봉수; 김홍곤; 양수진; 이덕형; 이도권; 이민우; 이형근; 장수정
1999-09-22테트라하이드로이소퀴놀린계 화합물을 함유하는 약학적 조성물류재천; 윤혜숙; 장기철; 이덕형
2002-04-04테트라하이드로이소퀴놀린계 화합물을 함유하는 약학적조성물류재천; 윤혜숙; 장기철; 이덕형